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HardwareZone, Reddit, Seedly, And More: 5 Online Communities You Should Join To Learn More About Personal Finance

Online communities connect like-minded individuals and provide a way to harness the collective wisdom of the masses.

From digital dashboards for businesses, to robo-advisors that can automatically rebalance your investment portfolios, there is no doubt that technology has changed the world of finance and business.

Technology has enabled us to connect with like-minded individuals, giving us the opportunity to exchange ideas, insights and real-life experiences about financial products, companies and concepts.

In the past, learning more about personal finance and getting information was pretty much a one-way affair. If you wanted more information about certain terms and conditions or product features, you only had a bank’s FAQ page to go by. Hearing about someone’s real-life experiences with a company was only possible if you happen to know someone.

Today, there are online communities centered around Singapore that contain treasure troves of information, and enable you to benefit from the collective wisdom of thousands of like-minded individuals.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid some of the common pitfalls of the online space and 5 great online communities you can visit and participate constructively in to learn more about personal finance.

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Community Etiquette 101

For both online and offline communities, newcomers should regard themselves like a guest in someone else’s home. Take the time to understand the existing culture, norms, and rules.

You should be respectful of the space that you wish to join, and not feel like you’re entitled to receive help, especially if you do not yet have a track record of participation in the community or your own efforts to do preliminary research on your own.

Before asking a question, use the search tools to find out if your query was already discussed previously, and make it clear that you’ve taken time to read the previous responses, and why you still don’t have the answers you’re seeking.

Be respectful of other community members’ time by ensuring you communicate your thoughts or questions with clarity and brevity, as well as editing your post for typos. It is also a good practice to express appreciation to everyone who has taken time to reply, and stick around to participate in the thread you started and help others in the community.

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# 1 HardwareZone – Money Mind

Nestled within HardwareZone Forums, Singapore’s largest and most active online community, the Money Mind sub-forum is a gathering of personal finance enthusiasts.

What sets Money Mind apart is the breath and depth of discussions, which span from money saving techniques (more than 1,000 replies), Singapore Savings Bonds (more than 3,800 replies), and popular consumer products like the OCBC 360 account (more than 4,800 replies).

Whether it is a newly launched financial product or an obscure company, chances are, you’ll find a thread on Money Mind discussing it.

# 2 Reddit  r/singapore

The r/singapore subreddit is one of the go-to places to find out what’s happening and trending in Singapore – both offline and online. The subreddit has about 147,000 subscribers and at any one time, you can find thousands of r/singapore redittors (Reddit users) online.

As one of the most tech-savvy and connected online communities, r/singapore is consistently the first place to break news about the latest happenings in Singapore, including announcements by financial institutions and the government and personal anecdotes about scams.

# 3 Seedly Personal Finance SG

ShopBack subsidiary Seedly’s claim to fame is their immensely popular and active Seedly Personal Finance SG Facebook Group, which is currently creeping up towards 14,000 members. To keep things fresh, the team pro-actively encourages regular participation from the community by sharing interesting questions and soliciting replies.

The group provides interesting insights into the thoughts of fellow Singaporeans on a wide range of topics, such as financial advisers, cryptocurrencies, and everything in between.

# 4 Insurance Discussion SG

With more than 4,300 members, Insurance Discussion SG is Singapore’s largest insurance-focused online community.

The group is a valuable repository of viewpoints on policies like CareShield Life, integrated shield plans changes, as well as detailed discussions about individual products and how they work. A unique feature of this community is that many members are in the insurance industry.

Given the fact many insurance products incorporate an investment components and are positioned to help you prepare for retirement, topics like investing and retirement planning also feature regularly on Insurance Discussion SG.

# 5 Personal Finance Discussion SG

Personal Finance Discussion SG is a small but growing online community that aims to be an encouraging, positive space for discussing personal finance topics.

Whether you want to share, learn or ask something relating to making better financial decisions, you would find yourself right at home on Personal Finance Discussion SG.

Moderated by the DollarsAndSense team, you’ll find a good mix of news, articles, questions and discussion threads on the group that won’t overwhelm you. We look forward to seeing you there and hope you will find the group to be a useful part of your personal finance toolkit!

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