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Guide To The Great Rewards Programme: All The Perks When You Shop And Dine At Great World And Tanglin Mall

Not using mall reward programmes just means leaving money on the table.

Great Rewards Tanglin Mall and Great Rewards

This article is sponsored by Great Rewards loyalty app by Allgreen Properties Limited. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

The best part about being in a mall in Singapore is…the aircon obviously; the heat outside is unbearable. The next best thing is shopping at our favourite stores and dining at our favourite restaurants. And, if there’s one thing that beats this, it’s getting a great deal when we shop and dine at our favourite places.

To attract and retain shoppers, many malls in Singapore operate a mall rewards programme. Participating in such programmes is usually free and stacked with perks. While not doing so just means we’re leaving cold hard cash (and other goodies) on the table.

In this article, we look at the recently enhanced Great Rewards programme, to see exactly how we can benefit from such a mall rewards programme.

What Is The Great Rewards Programme?

The Great Rewards programme is a free-to-join mall rewards programme that gives us attractive rewards when we shop and dine at Great World and Tanglin Mall. Collectively, these two malls – owned by Allgreen Properties Limited – are within the Orchard Road vicinity and have nearly 300 shopping, dining, entertainment and services retailers.

We can download the Great Rewards app on Google Play or App Store to start enjoying exclusive perks when we shop at Great World or Tanglin Mall. The sign-up process is super straightforward and it took me just a few minutes. For more details, we can head to the Great Rewards website.

 Great Rewards programme

As a member of Great Rewards, there are three main benefits we can enjoy.

#1 Earn 1 Great Rewards Point For Every Dollar Spent

For every dollar we spend at either malls, we earn 1 Great Rewards point, while 1 Great Rewards point is awarded for every $2 spent in supermarkets. This is similar to many other mall rewards programme, and likely because supermarket spends are typically a necessity.

Great Rewards points award

Source: Great Rewards

Depending on the number of points we collect, we can redeem Great Rewards Gift Vouchers and Parking Dollars. All points that we earn and Parking Dollars that we redeem in a calendar year expires on 30 June the following year. We can check the expiry dates for our e-Vouchers within the app.

Great Rewards redemption

Source: Great Rewards

While these sums may not seem like a huge amount, it can add up if we are regular shoppers within the mall. We can also think of it as an additional form of cashback we get on top of any existing cashback or miles we earn on our credit card and other in-store incentives we may be entitled to.

As a member to any exclusive rewards programme, there’s always more joy in our birthday month. More precisely, we can earn up to double the points for each dollar spent during our birthday month.

We can redeem e-Vouchers and Parking Dollars within the app itself. Note that we need to redeem Parking Dollars at least 15 minutes before we leave for a stress-free exit.

For individuals who typically do not have bright ideas for birthdays and anniversaries, we can’t go wrong with e-Vouchers. Great Rewards e-Vouchers can be either purchased or redeemed in-app, and e-gifted with a personalised e-greeting message.

#2 Keep Up-To-Date With Ongoing Shopping And Dining Promotions

Besides points, we can also enjoy exclusive deals with participating retailers. To keep track of these deals, we can browse our Great Rewards app.

For example, we can see that ZARA is having up to 50% discount off selected products from 23 June to 31 August 2022 at its Great World outlet. If we happen to be in the “mall” for a new pair of pants, this could be just the opportunity for a steal. If you’re wondering why I specifically chose this example, that’s easy – many of my pants look worn out or aren’t fitting nicely after working from home for more than two years!

Ongoing promotions within Great Rewards

Browsing further down the current promotions, I also found a potential date night idea at Tanglin Mall – Tanglin Cookhouse is having a 1-for-1 Happy Hour promo for its Gin & Tonic from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The wife and I had seen its Singapore-inspired western menu serving a few interesting dishes, such as the Crispy Hainanese Kurobuta Porkchop and Smoked Haddock Kadgeree.

Tanglin Mall Cookhouse

There’s something for everyone. In addition to shopping and dining, there are also promotions for entertainment, fitness and experiences. Some other examples of promos on the Great Rewards app include introductory classes at Ambience Yoga (#02-125, Tanglin Mall) or Hot Yoga Studio LAVA (#02-102, Great World), end of season sale for household products at Bed, Bath N’ Table (#02-125, Great World) or a children’s art camp with Abrakadoodle Art Studio (#03-104, Great World)!
Great Rewards promosAs the majority of these promos expire at some point in June or July – we can look forward to a refreshed line-up of promotions every month.

#3 Get Even More Savings When You Pay With The Right Card

We’ve already touched on the fact that any rewards that we earn through our credit cards or other payment options stack on top of Great Rewards points we get.

From time-to-time, we can earn even more rewards within the Great Rewards ecosystem by using the right cards. From now till 30 June 2022, by simply using a Standard Chartered credit card to pay for a $60 purchase at Great World, we can redeem 400 Great Rewards Points (worth 2 Parking Dollars), and another $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher (worth 1,000 Great Points). If we think about this in dollar terms, it’s about 12% rebate on a $60 purchase.

Standard Chartered promo Great Rewards

Alternatively, if we want to use our DBS/POSB card, we can get $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher (worth 1,000 Great Rewards points), when we simply spend another $20 at an F&B retailer or supermarket after 8pm.

DBS-POSB promo Great Rewards

We can also keep updated with promos that can be used with other cards and/or memberships. For example, Passion Card Members can redeem $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher with $20 spent at Tanglin Mall from 5pm to 10pm, till 30 Jun 2022. Another example is Baker’s Brew (#B1-K103 Great World), which is offering 10% off in July and August (in commemoration of We Support NS) when we present a valid NS card.

Tanglin Mall Passion Card promo

Baker's Brew

How To Start Earning Great Rewards Points?

There’s a simple 3-step process to start earning our Great Rewards points.

Step 1: Shop at a participating retailer in either Great World or Tanglin Mall.

Step 2: Upload our receipt (min $20) as proof of our spend. We can do this either through the cashiers or upload it on our own via the mobile app.

Step 3: Not even another step actually –  log-in to our Great Rewards app to see our new points total in 1 working day.

Earn Great Rewards points

Source: Great Rewards

Even Great(er) Rewards In June 2022

The Great Rewards loyalty programme has been enhanced in June. From now till end of the month, members can enjoy a bonanza of exclusive in-app perks.

That’s a proper way to be welcomed into any exclusive setting (think your last holiday resort getaway). That’s with a refreshing welcome drink. When we visit either Great World or Tanglin Mall, we can choose one of the following welcome drinks:

  • Sea Salt Chendol (#03-116 Food Junction, Great World)
  • Hot Kopi or Teh for TAKEAWAY only (#B1-104 Toast Box, Great World)
  • Espresso, Long Black or Latte (#01-118 PAUL, Tanglin Mall)
  • Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White (#02-130 Tanamera Coffee, Tanglin Mall)

In today’s context, no app is complete without a gamification feature. Great Rewards brings this to us with a free daily spin, giving us a chance to win up to 3,000 Great Rewards points in June.

Playing on the theme of days in the week, we also earn double the Great Rewards points when we shop on Wednesdays in the month of June. So, they’ve pretty much decided my date night with the wife.

Great Rewards is running a bid-to-win lucky draw as well. For 200 Great Rewards points, we can redeem a chance to win one of eight prizes worth between $150 to $1,599. I can only imagine the top prize – the OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair worth $1,599 – is going to be hottest, so we can also strategise which prize we want to bid for.

With all these perks, there’s really no reason not to download the Great Rewards app to start earning rewards when we shop or dine at Great World or Tanglin Mall. Moreover, when we refer a friend to this reward programme, both of us earn an extra 500 Great Rewards points. This will immediately put us at the halfway mark to redeeming our first $5 Great Rewards gift voucher. The more friends we refer, the more points we accumulate.

Exclusively for the first 100 DollarsAndSense readers, you will get a $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher when you key in the promo code GRXDNS2022 when you download the Great Rewards app. Valid till 31 July 2022.

 Great Rewards deals

Source: Great Rewards