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Guide To Genting Dream Cruise: Cabin Types, Activities, Food And Destinations

Genting Dream sails from Singapore with stops at Kuala Lumpur, Penang in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand.

Singapore ports are some of the busiest in the world thanks to its strategic location, with ships zipping through its seawaters from China and India as well as beyond. Among some of the popular travel cruise ships that call Singapore’s port is the Genting Dream cruise.  

Genting Dream is one of two luxury cruise ships operated by Resorts World Cruises, a company currently based in Singapore and led by Malaysian entrepreneur Lim Kok Thay, who also owns Genting Group – the company that manages the only casino in Malaysia. 

Genting Dream offers regular sails to nowhere on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departing from homeport Singapore. The cruise also has itineraries that travel to popular destinations such as Malaysia and Thailand. Passengers can choose to embark from either Singapore or Malaysia at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre or Port Klang respectively. 

International passengers of nationalities outside of the two countries will need to have travel insurance and valid visa to board the Genting Dream cruise.  

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Cabin Categories: Nine Types Of Staterooms To Choose From 

The Genting Dream cruise has a total of 18 decks and can serve up to 3,352 passengers. There are a total of nine types of rooms on the cruise ranging from rooms with a balcony facing the open ocean to penthouses and villas.  

Room  Size  Capacity  Levels  Price 
Interior Stateroom  13 to 14 sq m  2 to 4 persons  5, 8, 9, 10,11,12, 13, 15  From S$566 
Oceanview Stateroom  16 to 35 sq m  2 to 4 persons  5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13  From S$666 

Balcony Deluxe State Room 

22 to 28 sq m  2 to 4 persons  8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15  From S$766 
Palace Suite  37 to 40 sq m  4 persons  13, 15, 16, 17  From S$1,466 
Palace Deluxe Suite  41 sq m  4 persons  15   
Palace Deluxe Premium  41 to 61 sq m  4 persons  9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15   
Palace Penthouse  56 to 115.4 sq m  4 to 6 persons  13, 16   
Palace Villa   224 sqm  6  17   

The Interior Staterooms with no windows are the most affordable rooms on the Genting Dream cruise at S$566. For an additional S$100, you will get Oceanview Staterooms that are fitted with a medium-sized window.  


Meanwhile, the Balcony Staterooms, priced from S$766, provide sea views through a floor-to-ceiling glass door that opens to a spacious balcony overlooking the waters with sea breeze. The Palace Suites are fitted with more luxurious furnishings at a starting price of S$1,466. 


Activities: From Waterslide Park To 35-Metre Zipline 

There are myriad facilities on the Genting Dream cruise that spans 335 metres in length. The ship is fitted with spas, pools, a jacuzzi, casino, studio, bar with live bands, salon, barber, jogging track, gymnasium, fitness room, arcade center and shopping boutiques. 

In addition, passengers can partake in exciting experiences at the Waterslide Park that has six twisting and turning slides. Otherwise, pick up new skills at the rock-climbing wall, mini golf area and zipline and rope course. These activities are all free of charge. 

Some of the activities may require extra fees such as bowling, billiards and karaoke. Parents can also send their children of ages two to 12 to kids play area Little Dreamers Club for a fee. 

For nighttime activities, there are live performances showcasing acrobatics at the Zodiac Theatre for free. There will also be dance parties at the Zouk and Zouk Beach Club with free entrance, where you can show off your moves along with the DJ’s beats. The Genting Dream cruise is known for its lively foam parties where the entire outdoor beach club will be filled with bubble foam as passengers dance and revel. 

Many activities onboard the cruise are complimentary to passengers. In fact, some of the best experiences on the cruise require no extra pay such as ziplining and sliding down water slides above open waters or just admiring the sea and feeling the breeze within the comforts of your room.  

There is Wi-Fi available on the cruise for an extra fee. The standard package costs from S$9 to S$45 for a period of one to five nights for one device. The packages that support up to five devices are priced from S$27 to S$135. 

Food Options: Asian And Western Cuisines For All-Day Dining 

Given that there are a total of 17 restaurants on board the ship, passengers of the Genting Dream cruise are spoiled with choices when it comes to variety of food and cuisines. Typically, the standard cruise package comes with several complimentary meals per day.  

Dining at halal buffet restaurant The Lido and the two-tiered Dream Dining, which serves Chinese and Western dishes is free.  

However, if you choose to dine at specialty restaurants like Silk Road Chinese Restaurant, Hot Pot and Japanese restaurant Umi Uma, you will have to pay for your meals just as you do when dining out. Passengers can also refresh during coffee or teatime at the Lobby Café. 

Destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Penang Or Phuket 

From October 2023 to April 2024, there are two- to three-night cruises that have stopovers at Port Klang, Penang in Malaysia and Phuket in Thailand.  

For instance, the Port Klang – Penang itinerary has passengers aboard the Genting Dream cruise from Singapore at 7pm on a Sunday for a three-night journey. The cruise will then stop at Port Klang in Kuala Lumpur on the following Monday morning at 8am till 4pm. You can disembark here and spend a day at Kuala Lumpur city and return to the ship before 4pm. 

On the next Tuesday morning, the ship will arrive in Penang at 7am till 4pm. You can once again get off the cruise to explore the city of Penang. 

The Phuket three-night cruise takes passengers to Phuket similarly, whereby passengers can drop off the cruise for a few hours and visit places in Phuket island. 

Day  Destination  ETA  ETD 
Sunday  Singapore    7 PM 
Monday  Port Klang  8 AM  4 PM 
Tuesday  Penang  7 AM  4 PM 
Wednesday  Singapore  1 PM   


Day  Destination  ETA  ETD 
Sunday  Singapore    7 PM 
Monday  High Seas (Port Klang)  7 AM  11 AM 
Tuesday  Phuket (Deep Sea Port/Patong Bay)  7 AM  3 PM 
Wednesday  Singapore  6 PM   

Day Trip Land Tour Packages During The Cruise  

Travellers will have the option to sign up for short-and-sweet tour packages with Genting Dream cruise for your travels in Penang and Phuket. Otherwise, you could also travel free and easy by yourself. 

If you’re travelling in a bigger group with elderlies and young children, it might make more sense to sign up for a land tour package with the cruise ship. This way, you don’t have to do too much pre-planning when it comes to arranging transportation and itinerary in a place you might not be familiar with. Plus, some tours come with transfer vans that are more comfortable for larger groups with elderly and you get to have your privacy. 

Alternatively, if you’re traveling solo, as a couple or in a smaller group, you can be more impromptu with your planning. It also depends on how familiar you’re with the destination. If you feel confident about going around the city and you want to have more flexibility in planning your trip, you may use e-hailing apps to book a ride to the place you want to visit. As the itinerary would be entirely up to you, you can have more control on the place to visit, things to do and the costs.   

Tour In Phuket  Price 
Custom-made itinerary  S$350 for up to nine persons 
Savour street food and cultural sites  S$95 per adult  
Stroll Phuket beaches and Central Phuket mall  S$45 per adult 
Michelin breakfast, shrine visiting and Central Departmental Store  S$70 per adult 
Central Departmental Store and gift shops  S$40 per adult 
Swim and snorkel at Coral Island  S$110 per adult 
Visit Wat Chalong, cashew nut factory and Central Phuket Mall  S$55 per adult 


Tour In Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur  Price 
Custom-made itinerary   
City sites  S$70 per adult  
Petronas Twin Towers And Batu Caves  S$60 per adult 
Street food and shopping at Pavilion Mall  S$50 per adult 
Putrajaya tour  S$60 per adult 
Pulau Ketam tour  S$115 per adult 
Klang heritage and food tour   S$45 per adult 
Bus transfer to and fro Bukit Bintang, heart of Kuala Lumpur  S$35 per adult 


Tour In Malaysia – Penang 


Custom-made itinerary   
Popular tourist sites – Gurney Drive, Pennag Hill and Kek Lok Si Temple  S$95 per adult  
City fun at Georgetown  S$95 per adult 
Street food tour  S$75 per adult 
Bird’s eye view of Penang  S$85 per adult 
Food and shopping tour  S$50 per adult 
An authentic local’s tour  S$85 per adult 
Food and mural tour  S$65 per adult 
Bus transfer to and fro Gurney Paragon Mall  S$30 per adult 

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 Featured Image Credit: Resorts World Cruises 

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