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Upcoming Personal Finance Webinars and Events In Singapore You Should Attend In 2023

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2022 was a significant year for investors and non-investors alike. After more than 2 years of pandemic shutdowns, the reopening economies fuelled a recovery surge. Increasing inflation and rising interest rates became a concern for the man on the street. The war in Ukraine added to the increased economic uncertainty, as global food and fuel supplies were disrupted.

Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, personal finance is even more important in 2023. Learn how to manage your finances (and mortgages) in a rising interest rate environment or how to make your money stay ahead of inflation.

Start your financial goals on the right track. Whether you are planning to save for a house, building an emergency fund in case of a recession or planning for retirement, there is a wealth of knowledge available through free webinars, seminars and events. All you have to do is take the first step to attend them.

[8 November] Build A Portfolio That Withstands Market Volatility By Tiger Brokers And UOB Asset Management Dynamic Income Fund

Date and Time: 8 November, Wednesday, 7pm
Registration: Free, Online Webinar

The Singapore stock market has exhibited a mixed bag of results so far in 2023, with the financial sector like banks churning out strong returns while REITs experiencing muted results. This highlights the importance of building a portfolio that can withstand different market conditions, particularly in this persistently high interest rate environment.

Attend this evening webinar, where UOB Asset Management will share with investors how they can build a portfolio that can be more dynamic to market changes. The webinar will showcase UOB Asset Management’s groundbreaking fund—a first of its kind—that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unearth dynamic opportunities across five asset classes in the Singapore market.

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[9 November] Higher For Longer: Latest Enhancements To Endowus Cash Smart By Endowus

Date and Time: 9 November, Thursday, 12.30pm
Registration: Free, Online Webinar

Cash is now king again in this current hawkish interest rate environment, especially for risk-averse investors who wish to stay out of the increasingly volatile markets. This has led to increased interest in more liquid investment options such as money market and short-duration fixed income funds.

If you are new to Endowus’s Cash Smart portfolios, you can attend this lunch hour webinar hosted by Endowus’s Samuel Rhee (Chairman and Chief Investment Officer) and So Sin Ting (Chief Client Officer), where they will share more about the enhancements to their Cash Smart Enhanced and Cash Smart Ultra Portfolios that have no minimum lockup periods and investment limits. Learn how you can diversify your investments into these portfolios to earn stable returns with low risk.

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[9 November] Dynamic Investing In A Higher-For-Longer Regime: United SG Dynamic Income Fund By FsmOne

Date and Time: 9 November, Thursday, 7pm – 8pm
Registration: Free, Online Webinar

“Never depend on a single income,” said Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time. For most investors keen on building an additional source of income, this can be done by investing in dividend-yielding assets.

However, given the high-interest rate environment and geopolitical uncertainties, navigating the volatile market as a lone investor might be challenging. Attend this evening webinar by FSMOne and UOB Asset Management, where they will introduce a new United SG Dynamic Income Fund that uses the AI+Analyst dynamic asset allocation approach. It is specially tailored for the “higher-for-longer” regime to seek out new growth and income opportunities in the Singapore market and optimise potential returns.

[15 – 17 November] Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF)

Date and Time: 15 – 17 November, Wednesday – Friday, starting 9.15am
Registration: Festival Pass
Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 1

For all finance and tech geeks professionals, the Singapore FinTech Festival is an event not to be missed that is happening from 15 to 17 November at the Singapore Expo 1. Designed as a platform to foster impactful collaborations among the policy, finance, and technology communities, the three-day event will feature insightful sessions, roundtables, workshops, exhibitions, and many more.

This year’s Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 will focus on the growth and adoption of technologies such as AI and Web3 and how they can be used in financial services, including for digital public goods. There will be opportunities to forge new partnerships and explore new products and services in financial services from over 500 exhibitors from 134 countries/regions.

Similar to previous years, expect a heavy line of over 850 expert speakers, including Tharman Shanmugaratam (President of Singapore), Ravi Menon (Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore), Kistalina Georgieva (Managing Director, International Monetary Fund), and Thomas Dohmke (Chief Executive Officer, GitHub), who will be sharing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities at the event.

[15 November] Singapore REITs VS Dividends: How To Invest For Rising Interest Rates By Sfye

Date and Time: 15 November, Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm
Registration: Free, Online Webinar

Income investors who have been positioning themselves in S-REITs may be reeling from the recent drawdown due to the hawkish interest rate environment. Yet, REITs are not the only option when it comes to collecting regular dividends in the stock market.

Attend this live webinar organised by Syfe in partnership with SGX and learn about the distinction between REITs and dividend stocks. The expert panellists from Syfe and SGX will share their outlook on interest rates and the impact they have on yield asset classes. Alongside them, finance blogger Gerald Wong from Beansprout will also be sharing his insights and thoughts on whether now is a good time to relook at S-REITs.

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[23 November] Introduction To Exchange Traded Funds By SIAS

Date and Time: 23 November, Thursday, 7pm to 8pm
Registration: Free, Online Webinar

Many of us may start our investment journey by buying individual stocks. While it may offer the best potential to reap large returns, it also has equal potential for large drawdowns. One way to reduce our concentration risk is to diversify our holdings into Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Learn more about what an ETF is and how you can choose the right ETF to invest in including understanding the risk factors of investing in ETFs, in this one-hour evening webinar by SIAS.

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This article was first published on 13 January 2023 and updated with the latest information.

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