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Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Honestbee: We Find Out Which Delivery Services In Singapore Provides You The Most Bang For The Buck

All three apps have their own strengths but some have more “strength” than others.

Ordering food via mobile apps has become a norm for our busy lives. You can now get your favorite food within a few simple taps on your mobile screen and it will reach you within the hour.

With Honestbee jumping on the (over) crowded bandwagon, it got us curious to find out which food delivery services truly give us the best value in terms of restaurant options, food quality, delivery charges and locations.

For this article, we compare three industry player, namely Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Honestbee. Our office is situated at Tanjong Pagar right within the Central Business Distract (CBD) at Tanjong Pagar so we want to make it clear that this analysis would be somewhat biased, due to location setting. That said, this is part and parcel of these food delivery apps where your precise location matters on the kind of restaurants and food outlets that will be accessible to you.

Number of Restaurants Listed

When it comes to food delivery, the available food options are important since more restaurants and outlets mean having more choices. We did a quick comparison to find out which apps has the most number of partnering restaurants in the Central Business District (CBD) area.

Foodpanda surprised us with their efficiency, sweeping almost every restaurant we could think of around the area

Number of Restaurant Options Available In The CBD Area
Deliveroo Foodpanda Honestbee
82 restaurants 282 restaurants 214 restaurants

 Delivery Locations

As we dwell deeper into the delivery zones provided for each app, both Foodpanda and Deliveroo showed its strength, as they are able to cover most parts of Singapore. Honestbee, being a new entrant to the market, have lesser reach and is only available in the CBD, parts of the North, North East, North West and South West areas.

Delivery Fee

We were thrilled however by the ‘free delivery’ that Honestbee currently provides to its app users, though it’s resonable to expect that this will not last indefinitely.

Delivery Fee
Deliveroo Foodpanda Honestbee
Flat fee of $3.50 for orders above $18 Flat fee of $3 with minimum order of $15 Free Delivery

Our Verdict:

After taking some time to review the apps based on the above factors, our analysis is that Foodpanda is exceptionally useful given its wide coverage and restaurant options.

Despite the strong competition in this space, it seems that each app has its own strengths. Honestbee is known for the food quality and recommendations – they select restaurants that have been tried and tested by their team.

As an end consumer, any of these three apps will work fine as long as the restaurant we want is listed on it. So the smartest to do as a savvy consumer will be to simply download all three apps and to enjoy as much promotions as you can with it, similar to how we have both Uber and Grab. However if for any reason you want to restrict yourself to downloading just one app (though we don’t see why), then Foodpanda should be the one you go for. aims to provide interesting, bite-sized and relevant financial articles.

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