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Complete Guide To Booking Concert Tickets At Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

Are you having concert fever yet?

In July alone, there are more than fifteen upcoming concerts happening in Singapore with K-POP, Western and Cantopop stars making their rounds. It seems that concert goers are returning to these events in full force, in light of the easing pandemic measures.

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is one such location to be hosting these concerts. From its iconic hotel to casinos to shopping mall, the luxury landmark has a little of everything, including a three-tiered concert hall.

To prepare yourself to fight for the best seats in the house, here’s a guide to booking concert tickets at MBS.

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Step 1: Visit MBS’ Official Website To Look For Your Desired Concert Or Event

Once you have received the exciting news and have confirmed that your desired concert is happening at MBS, the next step is to visit its official website. It is recommended to purchase your tickets online to prevent waiting in long queues at the venue.

Amongst the plethora of other things you can do at MBS, the tab ‘See and Do’ is what you need to be looking for. Under it you’ll find the ‘Shows and Events’ subsection tab.

Image Credit: MBS

Besides concerts, MBS also hosts musicals, festivals, magic shows, plays and more. Narrow down your search by inputting the date of your concert via the calendar function provided. 

Image Credit: MBS

Step 2: Know Where Is The Correct Concert Venue 

After clicking on the listing, you can scroll down to find out which is your selected concert’s venue.

MBS has two main concert venues: The Sands Theatre and Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The expansive shopping mall might be a little difficult to navigate for new visitors so be sure to check out the venue maps provided.

In particular, for concerts happening at the Convention Centre, be sure to take down the right level and location of your event. For example, exhibition halls are located at B2 and ballrooms are located at level 5.

Image Credit: MBS

Some concerts held at the exhibition halls of the Convention Centre are designed free-standing events. Be sure to come in extra early to secure the best area.

Step 3: Viewing The Seating Plan And Ticket Prices

This probably the most crucial step if you want to ensure the best concert experience.

Here’s a booking tip: It is better to view the seating plan before tickets go on sale so that you can spend less time choosing and miss out on the best seats available when the slots are open.

There are varying seating plans and layouts for each concert and location. For example, for Andy Hui’s performance at the Sands Convention Centre ballroom, there are seven segregated areas.

Image Credit: MBS

Meanwhile, at Sands Theatre there is a 3-level seating plan spanning from the ground floor to the second level. The seats vary slightly depending on the concert genre. For example, Ricky Hsiao’s concert has 11 segregated areas while Cai Xiao Hu and Long Qian Yu’s concert has seven.

Ideal seating categories in this venue would be A or B Reserve (202 to 204) which would be far enough that you would not have to strain your necks to see the stage but close enough to have a clear view and sound.

Image Credit: MBS

According to reviews from concert goers, seats located in the Dress Circle on the first level of the Sands Theatre is an ideal seating category. This applies to children concerts as well. Compared to ground level seats, where they may be restricted viewing and possibly a strain in your neck from looking up at the stage, a higher seating venue would be more ideal. Similarly, the Grand Circle may be too far away to provide a clear view of the stage.

MBS allows the use of and provides child booster seats on a first-come first-served basis to allow children elevated seating to enjoy performances without restricted viewing.

The number of seats available are also indicated in the colour coding of the ticket prices shown in the price table. Do note that the prices reflected are not inclusive of the booking fees. Booking fees vary according to ticket prices and are inclusive of GST, here is a brief breakdown:

  • $4 (For tickets above $40)
  • $3 (For tickets between $20.01 to $40)
  • $1 (For tickets $20 and below)

After selecting your desired category, you will then be asked to select your seats within the selected area. This is similar to selecting your seats at a cinema.

Image Credit: MBS

Step 4: Search For Any Deals Before Making Your Purchase

Before confirming your purchase, do make sure to check if your selected seating category is eligible for any exclusive discounts.

This information can be found under your concert’s details. For instance, Ricky Hsiao’s concert offers Maybank Card holders a 10% discount for VIP, A Reserve and B Reserve seat categories (excluding box seats). Similarly, for selected shows, a 15% discount is given to Maybank Premium card holders for all seat categories on the ground level.

Image Credit: MBS 

MBS’ Sands Lifestyle members are also eligible to discounts and savings on selected shows. Members have to log into their accounts to access this. Mastercard World or World Elite holders from overseas can also enjoy an 8% discount for selected shows. This will be reflected in the price table shown in the seating plan.

Step 5: Finally, Make Your Purchase

Congrats! You have made it to the last stage. All you have to do now is to purchase your tickets. Fortunately, this can be done straight from MBS’ website without any redirecting.

It’s a race against the clock as you’ll be given a time limit of 15 minutes to complete your purchase. Here are some tips you can follow so that you’ll be able to secure your tickets:

  • Camp on the website at least 10 to 15 minutes earlier before tickets go on sale to maximise your chance of securing popular seat categories
  • Sign up or log into your account beforehand.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is fast to avoid page crashes and refreshes.
  • Have your credit or debit cards ready in hand so that you can enter your card details in swiftly.

It might take a few tries for your tickets to be purchased especially if there is an overwhelming number of people visiting the website. However, once you’ve made through the stressful process, an email containing the e-ticket will be sent after your purchase has been processed.

Some Other Important Information To Know Before Your Concert

All concert venues have certain rules and regulations concert-goers have to follow.

To prevent any mishaps, there are some of MBS’ “Conditions of Entry” that you should abide by.

For events with an age rating, authorised staff will seek your compliance to provide a valid identification document such as your NRIC or driver’s license.

Other rules include ensure that you are seated minimally 15 minutes before your show begins to prevent non-admittance to the show until a break commences.

Featured Image Credit: DollarsAndSense

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