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[Cheatsheet] Stock Brokerage Fees in Singapore

Know how much commission fees you’re paying before you start investing.

As a new investor, the first of many decisions in your journey to financial freedom is which stock broker to choose. The stock brokerage fees is something important to lookout for because it will affect your investment returns if you are paying more than you hope.

The table below shows only online trading without broker assistance in the SGX market. Here is the breakdown of the fees of various brokerage firms in Singapore:

Stock Brokerage Min Fees (S$) Trading Fees
<S$50K S50K – S$100K >S$100K
PhillipCapital 25 0.28% 0.22% 0.18%
DBS Vickers 25 0.28% 0.22% 0.18%
AmFraser Securities 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.18%
CIMB Securities 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.18%
Citibank Brokerage 28 0.25% 0.20% 0.18%
RHB Securities 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.18%
Maybank Kim Eng Securities 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.18%
Lim & Tan Securities 25 0.28% 0.22% 0.18%
OCBC Securities 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.18%
SAXO Capital Markets 25 0.15% 0.15% 0.15%
Standard Chartered 10 0.20% 0.20% 0.20%
UOB Kay Hian 25 0.275% 0.22% 0.20%

Do note that while commission fees are quite similar, the services offered by your brokerage firm will differ. This includes things like investor education, variety of technical indicators available on their online trading platform, quality of their mobile app, and how often your broker will contact you with market insights.

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