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6 Alternatives To Online Supermarkets: Online Wet Markets, Gourmet Markets, Organic Marketplaces, Butcheries, Seafood Mongers, and Speciality Stores

There are more options other than supermarkets to get your online groceries.

It has been over a year since we adopted a new way of living: mask-on commutes, social distancing and working from home. The pandemic has also accelerated our adoption of digital platforms across all aspects of our lives, including grocery shopping.

You may already have your go-to online supermarkets for daily necessities, but this doesn’t stop you from broadening your options to get the best for your buck.

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Here are 6 alternatives to zest up your online grocery shopping:

Wet Markets: Groceries at Affordable Prices

You can skip the early morning routine and busy crowd with online wet markets, offering a similar range of groceries at value-for-money prices.

Shopee Wet Market

Being one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Singapore, you are probably familiar with Shopee. It is no surprise that you can find almost everything under the sun, including groceries. Shopee Wet Market carries household names like Quan Shui Wet Market, Lian Huat Seafood and 9S Seafood. You can buy selected produce with daily slashed prices as low as 9 cents and frozen food with up to 50% discount.

Highlights: Selected food items below $1

Shipping: Free Shipping with min. spend of $20

Delivery: 2 days

Tada Fresh Market

The first zero-commission ride-hailing service, Tada Fresh Market has evolved to provide fresh food delivery service by working directly with wet market stall owners. Online orders are consolidated daily and delivered by Tada drivers. You can fulfil your daily grocery needs while enjoying $1 weekly deals that can be found on site.

Highlights: $1 weekly deals

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $50

Delivery: Daily 2-6pm


Gourmet Markets: Quality Produce

Targeted at customers with a more refined palette, gourmet supermarkets specialize in providing fresh and quality produce, albeit at higher-end prices. You are likely to discover niche brands and specialty products that are not commonly found in typical supermarkets.


A more atas edition of your regular supermarket, Taste delivers an epicurean experience with a wide selection of fresh produce from various gourmet brands including Swiss Butchery, Frisch Seafood and Black Marble by Otto. It has a tiered loyalty program for members to earn cashback, starting at 1 point for every $1 spent.

Highlights: Earn 1 rebate point for every $1 spent (entry-tier)

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $150

Delivery: Subject to availability, 1-4pm or 4-7pm

The New Grocer

Started by the founder of a kids’ lunchbox service, The New Grocer is a gourmet grocer that stocks premium food ingredients used by chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants. It also offers a curation of foodstuff for diverse dietary needs including adolescents, gluten-free and plant-based eaters.

Highlights: Plant-based products from $2.50+

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $89

Delivery: 2 business days, 4-5.30pm or 5.30-7pm


Organic Marketplaces: Sustainable Foods

As we adopt a healthier lifestyle, we become more conscious of what goes into our mouths. An organic marketplace believes in a farm-to-table concept, bringing freshly harvested produce directly to you.

Open Taste

Open Taste is an all-in-one online marketplace for freshly harvested produce and wild-farmed seafood from over 200 farms across 6 countries. It is the ultimate combination of supermarket, convenience store, bakery, confectionery and wine shop – you can pretty much find anything you need.

Highlights: 3-piece Norwegian salmon at $14.99, 1kg Hokkaido scallop at $25.99

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $49 (no bulk order) and $150 (bulk order)

Delivery: Within 36 hours


ZenXin is Malaysia’s leading producer and distributor of organic produce that promotes sustainable agricultural practices. From staples to frozen foods, condiments to supplements, grains to nuts – you can find all things organic.

Highlights: 125g organic blueberries at 2 for $9.90, Cage-free half chicken at $10.90

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $80

Delivery: Daily 12-6pm


Premium Butcheries: Meat Lovers’ Haven

Meat lovers can rejoice. If you need to satisfy your meat cravings, check out online butcheries that provide quality poultry and beef.

Huber’s Butchery

Founded by a renowned former chef and hotelier, Huber’s Butchery is a European-style butchery that provides premium meat products including grass-fed beef, pasture-fed lamb and free-range veal. Some items you can’t miss are Australian lamb at $4.20/100g New Zealand Wagyu beef at $14.80/100g and US Prime Angus beef at $12.10/100g.

Highlights: Pasture-fed lamb, veal, beef from $4.20/100g

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $100

Delivery: Next business day (order before 12pm)


With over 40 years of history, QBFood is one of Singapore’s leading food distribution companies representing many international brands. The highlights of its offerings are fine meat and cheeses, sourced directly from renowned producers in US, Australia, Denmark, Italy and the UK.

Highlights: 2-piece beef patty at $2.90, smoked bacon pack at $11.60

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $95

Delivery: Within 3 to 5 business days


Wholesale Seafood Mongers: Value-for-money Seafood

With wholesale seafood chains, you can buy different types of frozen seafood without feeling a pinch on your wallet.


Fassler is the only seafood smokehouse in Singapore for over 20 years. It offers a wide range of seafood, sashimi (fresh or cured) and soups that come in chunky packs at wholesale prices. You can enjoy a generous sashimi platter (about 20 slices) at only $14.90, one-third of the price you pay at a mid-range restaurant.

Highlights: 5-piece salmon pack at $39.30, 250g sashimi platter at $14.90

Shipping: Free with min. spend $80

Delivery: Within 2 days (except Sunday)

Song Fish

A leading supplier of priced frozen seafood and poultry with over 40 years of establishment, Song Fish now has expanded its product categories to include fruits and vegetables, convenience food, condiments and kids-friendly packs.  Some best-seller items include grilled unagi at $10 and frozen seabass at $8.80, comparable to the prices at regular supermarkets but with bigger portions.

Highlights: Grilled unagi at $10, whole seabass $8.80, 6-piece abalone at $10.90

Shipping: Free with min. spend of $100

Delivery: Daily 10am-5pm (except Sunday)


Speciality Stores: Bakers’ Delight

Besides the daily essentials, you can dish up more creative meals by getting some inspiration from speciality stores.

The Cheese Shop

Apart from authentic European restaurants, it is not easy to find quality cheeses and cold cuts in Singapore. At The Cheese Shop, you can find an extensive range of artisanal cheeses imported from France and other parts of Europe – including vegetarian options – to complement your bakes for a hearty breakfast. The cheeses come in petite packs from $5 to selection packs from $100.

Highlights: Unpasteurized French cheese from $5+

Shipping: Free with min. spend $100

Delivery: Daily 10am-2pm, 1-5pm, 5-9pm

RedMan by Phoon Huat

One of the oldest and leading suppliers of quality baking ingredients in Singapore, RedMan by Phoon Huat is a haven for home bakers. It has partnered with Redman to fulfil online orders, giving you access to baking essentials for diverse dietary needs including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegan and halal.

Highlights: Baking ingredients from $1.80+

Shipping: Free with min. spend $88

Delivery: Subject to availability

With so many alternatives to online supermarkets, you can order a wide range of groceries at your fingertips and whip up delightful meals for your family without leaving home. Since we can’t dine in at our favourite restaurants right now, it is a good time for us to put our cooking skills to practice.

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