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5 Ways Being Fit Can Help You Save Money

Staying fit can be financially rewarding

Would you rather be fit or save more money? While it might be difficult to choose one over the other, these two goals are not mutually exclusive.

You do not need to have an expensive gym membership or indulge in $10 lunch salad each day to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. In fact, being fit can help you save more in the long run.

Here are some ways that your fitness can help you save money.

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# 1 Being Fit Helps You Earn More

A study from the US Journal of Labour Research reported that workers who exercise regularly earn an average of 9% more than those who don’t exercise. It’s also reported in other studies that exercising has been found to boost productivity and mental focus.

Many companies encourage their employees to do regular exercising for this very reason – to improve overall employee performance.

# 2 Prepare Home-Cooked Meals

Home cooked meals are a big part of what it takes to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle. The best part about them is that they are usually cheaper to prepare compared to eating out.

In the long run, not only would your culinary skills improve but you would also get to enjoy healthier food while saving money at the same time.

# 3 Lower Medical Cost

Whenever you are ill, you visit the doctor and that equates to spending money on consultation and medicine.

When you are fit, you are less likely to fall ill. That translates into savings.

# 4 Spend Less Money On Vices Such As Cigarettes And Alcohol

Keeping fit also means giving up on some of the common vices such as smoking and drinking. In Singapore, both cigarettes and alcohol are expensive due to the “sin” tax imposed on both these products.

By not spending so much money on these products, you will enjoy both savings as well as improved health.

# 5 More Energy To Upgrade Yourself

Last but not least, keeping yourself fit also means having more energy to pursue other interests of your own. This could include part-time or evening classes that would help you in your current job, or be part of a mid-career change in the future. In the interim period, you might also be able to get a freelance job as well.

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