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5 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter During Your Daily Commute

Listen up.

In our busy and stressful life, we tend to get annoyed at anything that slows us down, and that includes getting stuck in the MRT train or waiting a long time for the bus after each long day at work.

In this article, we hope to encourage you to make full use of these ‘downtime’ by listening to some useful podcasts. All of these five recommended podcasts that we have selected can be heard in less than 50 minutes, making them suitable for your daily commute.

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1. I Hate My Boss

This podcast shares common workplace drama in a lighthearted way. Podcast hosts, Liz Dolan, an ex-CMO at Nike, NatGeo Channels, and Larry Seal, an executive coach, cover the essentials of surviving in today’s workplace in a street smart way.

This show not only gives real life insights, it also take a spin on the common awkward mistakes that many people make at work, turning these into something interesting to laugh at and even more importantly, to learn from.

Average episode duration: 30-45 minutes

2. Part-Time Genius

If you are someone who enjoys listening to people answering ridiculous questions, you will probably enjoy listening to Part-Time Genius.  Silly questions that the hosts of this show will discuss include “Is exercising to lose weight a myth?”, “Do personality tests work?” and “How do con artists keep fooling us?”

Average episode duration: 45-50 minutes

3. The Payoff

The Payoff covers all the simple hacks in life that one can think of in order to save money and get wealthy. It includes housing hacks, guide to investing and even shopping secrets.

Average episode duration: 35-40 minutes

4. Philosophize This!

Broaden your general knowledge by listening to this podcast on philosophy. Episodes in this podcast will address topics such as moral issues, mathematics and logic, societies or religion or the nature of reality.  Philosophize This! allows you to understand yourself better, as well as to better relate to different perspective of life in a more meaningful way.

Average episode duration: 25-30 minutes

5. Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio is an award-winning weekly podcast. Stephen J. Dubner, the radio host, covers the riddles of everyday life and the weird encounters of human nature. You can enjoy episodes such as, ‘Why don’t we all speak the same language?’, ‘Are the rich really less generous than the poor’ and ‘Is income inequality inevitable?’.

Average episode duration: 40-50 minutes

Podcasts Are A Simple Way To Gain More Knowledge

Unlike watching videos which may take a good part of your attention while you are on-the-go, Podcasts are a simple way for you to rely on to gain more knowledge in the topic of your interest. For those who are on Spotify, you can now check out their Podcast category to find the right Podcast for yourself.

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