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5 Fun Board Games To Help Kids (And Adults) Learn About Personal Finance And Investing

Fun-sized finances

As you stay home and stay safe, you might be looking for wholesome and interactive activities you can do with your kids and family, besides watching the television and video games.

Board games might be up your alley, especially these ones we picked out, since they are not only a great way to spend the day with your loved ones, but can also be valuable tools to teach financial frameworks and concepts to both adults and kids.

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#1 Debtzilla

Source: Capital Gains Studio

Created by local board games publisher Capital Gains Studio, Debtzilla is as deep as it is beautifully-designed. Each set contains dozens of colourful cards with cute illustrations, as well as dice and other game pieces.

Unlike many board games, which pits players against each other, Debtzilla is a co-operative game for 2 to 4 players in which everyone works together against one of the many bosses characters. Concepts such as mortgages, cashflow, refinancing, and credit also feature heavily in this finance-themed game.

Through the game, one can learn about the importance of conserving (and spending) resources for a strategic purpose, and how the efficacy of our efforts can be multiplied when we work in concert with others.

You can learn more about Debtzilla, and other interesting board games by Capital Gain Studio, such as Wongamania, Cryptocurrency, and Dirty Money.

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#2 Rockstar PM

Source: Rockstar PM

Created by a group of first-time game designers, Rockstar PM (Portfolio Manager) puts you in the shoes of a Chief Investment Officer whose job is to maximise returns of your fund, while managing risks amid an ever-changing economic climate.

The game mechanics are elegantly designed allowing beginners to jump in with no hassle while supporting sophisticated strategies that promise a fun game whether it is your first or hundredth playthrough. Suitable for players age 18 and up, the game can be played with 2 to 5 players.

Players can learn concepts such as the impact that specific market cycles have on asset class (for example, recession is good for gold and bad for stock investment returns) and how investment jargons, such as quantitative easing, affects asset classes (it is good for all asset class except for cash, so it is best not to be in cash in a quantitative easing environment!)

You can learn more about Rockstar PM and order it for yourself at their website. The creators of Rockstar PM have a special offer for DollarsAndSense readers: Use the promo code DNS10 at checkout to enjoy 10% off your purchase! Offer is valid till 30 November 2020.

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#3 Pay Day

Source: Amazon

Published by Hasbro, Pay Day is a game about cashflow management, and your aim is not to become broke before your next pay day, buying things at a bargain (and selling them for profit), using credit wisely, and maybe being a little lucky.

The game is suitable for ages 8 and up and can be played with 2 to 4 players. The game can be used to teach the importance of budgeting, fiscal discipline, and the value of being an entrepreneur to complement a stable (but fixed) income.

You can buy Pay Day from stores like Amazon, or play it at board game cafes like The Mind Cafe.

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#4 Rats To Riches

Source: Rats to Riches

As its name suggests, Rats to Riches is a game about the Rat Race. You play as a rat aiming to upgrade his/her lifestyle to a better class of sewer. Suitable for ages 8 and up, each game has 2 to 5 players playing against each other (it’s a race, after all) to accumulate $100.

To get there, you need to invest your money in assets, take advantage of opportunities, while sabotaging others. The game is perfect for a quick session since each one would take just 30 minutes to play on average.

You can buy Rats to Riches from their website or stores like Amazon. The game is also available for play at The Mind Cafe.

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#5 Monopoly

Source: Amazon

We’ve saved the most famous and popular for last. Published by Hasbro, the Monopoly game has been localised in 103 countries and 37 languages, as well as having more than a thousand themed editions that range from Singapore to Star Wars to The Simpsons.

The basic premise of the game is well-known: you buy/trade as many parcels of land as you can, and build hotels and houses on them. You collect rent from other players who land on your properties, and aim to drive them into bankruptcy, to be the last real estate monopolist standing. A game can last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Monopoly is suitable for ages 8 and up, and can be played with 2 to 10 persons. It is available at stores like Toys’R’Us and Amazon.

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