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4 Stocks This Week (MOG) [27 May 2018] – KrisEnergy; Rex International; Interra Resources; CWX

Light at the end of the tunnel for oil and gas stocks?

The SGX MOG index has seven component companies categorised in the sub-categories of oil & gas exploration & production, and oil and gas equipment & services. Crude oil prices has risen to US$68 a barrel, the highest rate it has been in more than three years, and escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, supplies could be further reduced.

This may result in an increasing crude oil market in the near-term.

# 1 KrisEnergy (SGX: SK3)

KrisEnergy is an Asian-focused upstream oil & gas company with a portfolio of producing assets in Thailand and Bangladesh, and near-term development and exploration assets in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

In the year-to-date 2018, its stock price has risen 5.0%, and in the month of April, it has risen 24.7%. In the past 52-weeks, its stock price has rallied 30.9% from its lowest point. This is despite experiencing a 34.2% decrease in its stock price in the past 52-weeks.

KrisEnergy has a market capitalisation of $159.3 million, making up 12.2% of the SGX MOG Index.

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# 2 Rex International (SGX: 5WH)

Rex international is an oil exploration and production company, focused on Norway and Oman. Rex International uses its Rex Virtual Drilling technology to improve its chances of finding oil, without traditional methods.

Rex International’s stock price has decreased 7.1% in the year-to-date 2018, while it has risen by 4.0% in the month of April. It has also rebounded strongly, by close to 18.2%, from its 52-week low prices.

The company’s market capitalisation is close to $66.7 million, accounting for 10.8% of the SGX MOG Index.

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# 3 Interra Resources (SGX: 5GI)

Interra Resources is in the business of petroleum exploration and production. Its five petroleum contracts are in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Interra Resources’ stock price has decreased 4.8% in the year-to-date 2018, while it has risen 1.7% in the month of April. Similarly, its stock price has rebounded 31.1% since its lows in the past 52 weeks.

With a market capitalisation of 34.6%, it comprises 1.7% of the SGX MOG Index.

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 # 4 CWX Global (SGX: 594)

CWX is involved in

CWX’s stock price has declined 11.1% in the year-to-date 2018, but did not change in the month of April. Like the three previous stocks, its share price has also rebounded strongly, by 14.3%, from its 52-week lows.

It has a market capitalisation of $31.2 million.

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