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4 Stocks This Week (Healthcare) [20 Apr 2018] – OLHL; CHL; SMGL; HMCL

As Singapore’s population grows (in age and size), so does the Healthcare sector.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate starting out in the work force or retiree in your golden years, access to healthcare service is an area of evergreen importance. Singapore’s position as a leader in medical tourism has always been able to attract companies and investors to cater to the needs of the country and the region.

The life expectancy of the average Singaporean, based on World Health Organisation data, is expected to reach 83 years of age. The demand for comprehensive healthcare services will also increase correspondingly. Government spending on healthcare is expected to reach $13 billion by 2020, and more will be expected from the sector to help cope with Singapore’s aging population issue.

Here are 4 stocks from the Healthcare sector that investors might want to take a closer look at.

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# 1 OUE Lippo Healthcare Limited (SGX: 5WA)

Formerly known as International Healthway Corporation Limited till October 2017, the Singapore based company develops and manages healthcare facilities in Japan, Malaysia, and China, with a market capitalisation of S$273 Million.

The company announced a strategic partnership with ITOCHU Corporation in January, where a wholly-own subsidiary would subscribe for 562.5 million new shares in the group, representing 25.3% of the enlarged share capital.

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# 2 Clearbridge Health Limited (SGX: 1H3)

With a market capitalisation of S$268 Million, the company based in Singapore, operates two clinics with a potential acquisition of a clinic in the Philippines.

The company raised S$21.4 Million through an initial public offering, which it plans to use $14 Million to expand its clinic facilities and laboratory testing services business.

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# 3 Singapore Medical Group Limited (SGX: 5OT)

Operating 29 clinics in at areas such as Paragon Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Gleneagles, the company provides general medical services in Singapore.

Its market capitalisation is currently at S$229 Million.

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# 4 Healthway Medical Corporation Limited (SGX: 5NG)

With approximately 100 medical centres and clinics primarily in Singapore and China, the company provides healthcare in two sectors, Primary (general) healthcare and Specialist and Wellness Healthcare.

It is a subsidiary of Lippo China Resource Limited with a market capitalisation of $226 Million.

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