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4 Smart Home Devices That Give You Greater Control And Convenience (And Possibly Astound Your Family And Friends)

Automate your smart home routines with a smart broadband.

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It’s impossible to imagine a world without our smartphones today. Since 2007, smartphones have altered the way we live, work, and play.

A comparable revolution is taking place in our homes right now as they become “smarter” as technology improves and integrates deeply into our everyday lives. A smart home makes most of our routine chores easier and faster to do by enabling the monitoring and control of the various systems and devices in our home – all with a single system or voice command.

It may also allow our homes to be safer and more energy efficient, adding automation features, and giving us the ability to remotely access our homes, wherever we are.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that many of us might also be looking to make our current homes smarter. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to do to enjoy smart living in Singapore.

Choose A Reliable Broadband Service Network To Power Your Smart Home

When setting up your smart home, the most important consideration is having a fast and reliable broadband service network.

A smart home would naturally have multiple devices connected to your home broadband simultaneously. You need a strong WiFi network throughout your home if you and your family members are to enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity for all other activities such as telecommuting, streaming videos, and online gaming.

One such internet service provider (ISP) that offers both reliable and unrivalled internet performance is StarHub’s Smart Broadband. Users can select one of three different Smart WiFi (WiFi 6) mesh routers that give faster speed, wider coverage, and a stronger signal than most standard WiFi 6 routers.

StarHub’s broadband is smart as the signals go around the thick walls instead of through them, achieving faster connection speeds. Additionally, as these routers have double the band size at 160 MHz, they are able to perform well in large areas or at a longer distance from the router.

These routers also run on a better software that is able to manage interference and allocate a higher bandwidth accordingly. For instance, rather than queuing on a congested frequency, the technology is able to find a less crowded frequency to give users a stronger signal.

All this simply means you get a top-of-the-line WiFi connection for up to 40 compatible devices connected to the network while enjoying equally high-speed internet connectivity for your other streaming and gaming needs.

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Decide On A Smart Home Hub Ecosystem To Integrate Your Devices 

Home hubs serve as the central system that controls all other smart home devices through a single user interface or app.

Factors to consider when selecting a smart home hub includes its compatibility with your currently owned smart devices, different features available like voice commands and motion sensors, the cost of the device with any other subscriptions needed, and how easy the ecosystem is to set up.

Lastly, it’s important to prioritise the safety of the device and its content, as it will contain all the information about your home. Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have been registered with Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency will indicate one of four progressive security rating labels to rely on for a more informed choice.

Common Smart Homes Devices That Suit Your Needs

Here are 4 smart home devices to consider for a smarter home. These devices should complement your needs (i.e. save you time and/or provide convenience).

#1 Digital Door Lock

The door to your home not only serves as the entrance to your “castle,” but it also provides visitors with their first impression of your home. Having a digital door lock will make you immediately stand out from your neighbours, who use traditional keys and locks.

These digital door locks may come with various authentication methods such as RFID card entry, biometric fingerprint recognition, and pin codes. You could also consider digital door locks with video capabilities that have motion sensors and allow you to have two-way communication remotely without having to physically open your door.

#2 Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the must-have features in a smart home, it allows you to control the dimness or colour through a smartphone app on your phone.

You can also programme scene controls to turn the lights on and off at specific intervals. Another advantage is that you can even switch off your lighting remotely in the event that your family members forget and leave home, thus reduces the waste of energy consumption and save on your energy bills.

#3 Smart Home Entertainment System

Undoubtedly, your home entertainment system, which consists of your smart television and sound system, will take centre stage and easily allow you to show off your smart home.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to smart televisions, but they may support different platforms, so it’s important to consider ones that pair well with your hub and sound system. Once paired, you can use your voice or an app to control your entire home entertainment system from a single point.

You can also set your television as the brain of your smart home and monitor the different systems from there.

#4 Smart Home Cleaning Appliances

Cleaning the house is a dreaded chore for many. However, with a smart home, you can delegate this task to robot vacuum cleaners, which will meticulously map out your home and clean without a sigh. Once done, it can even give you a report, which you can then double-check and clean up the missed spots.

You can programme the robot vacuum cleaner to routinely clean the house at a specific time when no one’s home, so that it minimises inconvenience to those at home.

Similarly, you can automate and remotely control other smart home appliances, like a smart washing machine, refrigerator, and heater. These appliances, together with the other smart devices, can be gradually added on as you get comfortable with the smart ecosystem.

Experience Zero Deadspots And Fast Home Internet Connection Speed With StarHub’s Smart Broadband

To enjoy the full comforts and conveniences of a smart home, it’s a must to have strong and total internet connectivity throughout your home. Depending on the size of your house and the usage needs of household members, you can opt for the 1Gbps broadband plan from $43.30 per month, which might be enough for smaller households.

However, for households with heavier internet usage or bigger homes, including multi-storey houses, StarHub’s 2Gbps Fibre broadband plan from $67.52 per month is more suitable. It allows you to enjoy fast surfing speeds without any WiFi deadspots, as one fibre connection can be connected to a router and another directly to another internet-enabled device for dedicated internet access for a wider WiFi coverage.

Check out StarHub’s Smart Broadband for your home internet connection needs.

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