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4 Fun Things To Do On The Train To Save Money

5 minutes is all it takes.

Surrounded by fellow sardines on the train, with some focused on using their smartphones, and others trying to rest before work. We mind our own business, only looking up and creating a narrow path for others to exit when needed.

What else can we do on a crowded train that has just enough space for you to lift your hand to peek at your phone?

Time is money. We look at 4 fun things you can do on your smartphone to make the most of your uneventful, morning train ride. (Which will take no more than 5 minutes)

#1 Daily Deals

Check out daily deals at websites such as and They share the latest deals for dining, entertainment, shopping, travel and more.

Source for the hottest eating spots in your area for lunch or dinner venues. Websites such as is great for a scroll through in the morning.

#2 Budget Calculator

Spend 30 seconds to key in your expenses from yesterday. Cultivate a good habit of recording where your money goes each day. You’d be surprised at how much you spend each month on small things.

Phone apps you can consider using: (does not require sign-in)

Money Journal Lite
Spending 2
Spending Tracker
Live Expenses (good for those that frequently travel overseas)

It is good to set a budget for yourself each month, to control unnecessary spending and also to reward yourself at times if your budget permits. Setting a budget allows you to set aside a specific amount each month for saving or investing.

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#3 McDonald’s Surprise Alarm

Mornings are difficult for many of us. Download the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm application on your phone for a pleasant surprise every morning. Free hash brown? Corn cup? McCafe Coffee? A 1-for-1 McFlurry deal gives you a sweet treat with a colleague after lunch.

Check if McDonald’s has a deal for you today. Before reaching your office, you can head to the nearest McDonald’s to collect that deal. You might just save some breakfast money.

(Remember to turn down the volume when you’re in the train, or plug in your earpiece when opening the app.)

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#4 Beef Up Your Finance Knowledge

Spend some time reading insightful articles from top financial websites. These websites touch on important issues we should know about and what we could be doing about it. Some hold talks and events for you to attend after work. These websites can help you with your investment strategies, savings plans and finance in general.

As boring as this might sound, these articles can be interesting, relatable and definitely useful. Here Are 5 Financial Blogs You Need To Read.

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