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3 Youtube Channels You Can Watch To Learn About Finance Effortlessly

“It is so boring” is not an excuse anymore.

Learning financial concepts can be an arduous task. Many would prefer to spend their time watching Game of Thrones than to read a finance book. The reason is simple: It is too boring.

Unlike our elders, we are blessed with the internet and YouTube to make learning easier. There are some YouTube channels you can check out that will make your finance journey so much easier.

#1 SGXChannel

SGXChannel creates nicely animated videos with good analogies that are especially helpful from those starting at ground zero.

They feature great videos such as:

Business and Market Cycles

What Moves The Markets

Identifying Market Trends

If you are only interested in their videos for investing, check out the TradeHero channel.

They explain basic concepts for you to get the big picture. There is not much given on investing strategies. The onus is on you to look for more advanced information on other resources, such as books by esteemed authors.

#2 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organisation. Their founder Salman Khan believes in “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. Khan himself was an ex-hedge fund manager, which makes his accounting and finance videos worth a watch. Khan Academy’s videos are taught in the style of stylus-written concepts, and simple math. They are easy to follow. With every video, you would have made significant progress in your financial learning.

They video playlists include:

Banking and Money


If you’re a finance major in university, Khan Academy’s videos will help you tremendously in some of your modules.

Valuation and Investing

Personal Finance

For those who are not finance majors, the Valuation and Investing, as well the the Personal Finance playlists will be useful to provide you with basic financial literacy. Also, do check out their beautiful website.

Each playlist contains a wide range of videos, so there’s plenty to learn. The only challenge is to stay disciplined to complete almost all of them. Their videos are more beneficial for those with basic understanding of financial concepts. If you’re an absolute beginner, you may want to start with SGX’s videos first.

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Mint specializes in personal finance, especially budgeting. Their videos offer solutions to budgeting problems, and give you practical tips on how to manage your money.

Their video collection includes:

Everyday Savings Tips

Three Basic Principles of Personal Finance

Setting A Realistic Budget You’ll Stick To

If you’re constantly complaining about being broke, perhaps Mint is what you need. While their video collection is not as extensive as the SGX Channel or Khan Academy, Mint has a very useful app to track your budget. However, this app is not available on mobile platform in Singapore, so this can only be used on your laptop.

Here’s a preview of their app:

After Thought

Videos are a lot more visual than the illustrations in books. They are excellent resources for beginners who procrastinate learning about finance. Nonetheless, they are merely a springboard to more advanced concepts, because they let you spend less time getting the basics covered. Financial mastery takes effort, and videos make learning more convenient. Besides, they are nice to watch, and absolutely free. No more excuses to say “I’m too busy to learn about investing”. The time is NOW.

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