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3 Unconventional Ways To Save and Earn Money

Would you be delighted if you found opportunities to end up with more cash than you expected? lets you in on 3 ways to do just that!

As we look ahead to 2015, it’s right about time for most of you to draw up a meaningful New Year’s resolution list. While there may be many other pressing issues to focus on like shedding off that 2 inches of belly you nursed in 2014 or upgrading your skillsets with enrichment or educational courses, financial planning is an area you should not neglect.

Whenever people hear “saving money”, their first instinct is to think about scrimping on daily lunches or not buying that $500 bag or shopping at online stores and group buying websites like and Those are all worthy causes that will benefit your long-term financial situation, but additionally, we have 3 unconventional ways you may not have used before.


Carousell is a leading marketplace app for mostly consumer-to-consumer buying and selling on Smartphones. Besides being able to grab many bargains at up to 80% off retail prices, selling is also pretty easy and straightforward.

You can just snap a photo and list your new and secondhand product easily. Did I also mention that it is totally free to use? Furthermore, you can hone your negotiation skills while you’re at it as you chat and haggle with buyers and sellers on the go!

Flea Markets

Flea markets are another avenue where you can buy or sell products at affordable prices. One of the more popular ones is held at the Scape with many youths frequenting the area. The good thing about purchasing items at one of these flea markets, as opposed to an online store, is that you can see and feel the items before making the purchase at almost the same price.


We chanced upon looking to try out some electronic devices before decided whether to make the purchase. We were pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. Essentially, it is a platform for people to either rent out items (like a leaser) or rent items from other owners (like a leasee) for varying length of periods (like a day, week or even month).

Being able to rent items is economically beneficial for people who are just looking to “own” the item for a short period of time, especially for birthday parties or a wedding (think wedding decorations). On the flipside, it also acts as a convenient way to earn side income through rental of your items when you are not using them.

There you have it, 3 alternative ways to save and earn money! Do share with us if you know of other unconventional ways people can save and earn money by commenting below!