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20 Budget-Friendly Teacher’s Day Gifts You Can Get At Daiso, Miniso, And Typo For Under $20

A day where teachers can stock up on their stationery supply.

Teachers play a key role in helping us become the person we are today. Beyond imparting us  academic knowledge, they have also patiently nurtured us into making the right choices through meaningful life lessons.

It’s the time of the year to give back to these heroes for the time and effort they have put in.

This year’s Teacher’s Day falls on September 11, 2023, instead of the usual September 1 due to Singapore’s Presidential Elections. For those who have yet to get their gifts, the good news is now you have more time to make your purchases. Here’s a tip though, don’t go over the top with your gifts and stick to more practical and personal gift options. Most of the time teachers need practical and every day-use items such as stationery and would feel uncomfortable if too much money is spent on gifts for them. Practical gifts are also the easiest to find and buy.

Personal gifts are more sentimental and meaningful, and you don’t need to break the bank for these. These kinds of gifts are somethings teachers can keep as a memento.

Meaningful and affordable gifts can be found in household and stationery stores such as Daiso, Miniso, and Typo.

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Daiso (From $2.16 To $4.16)

These gift ideas from Daiso are practical items for the everyday teacher. From comfort solutions for long standing and sitting hours to replenishing commonly used stationery. Besides practicality, Daiso’s products are extra budget-friendly with prices starting from as low as $2.16. 

#1 Colourful Ballpoint Pens Set ($2.16) 

Image Credit: Daiso

With the amount of marking teachers do, no number of pens is enough. Know a teacher who uses multicoloured pens for corrections? Daiso’s set of ten multicoloured ballpoint pens will be a favourite then. Not only will you be stocking up on their pen supply, buy you will only be spending $2.16 for them. That’s barely $0.20 for each pen.

#2 Envelope And Letter Set ($2.16)

Image Credit: Daiso

Heartfelt, handwritten letters are the way to your teacher’s hearts. Express your gratitude for your hardworking teachers with Daiso’s envelope and letter set. This botanical blue set contains eight sheets of paper, four envelopes and four stickers. Daiso also sells stickers and other craft decorations for you to spruce up your own personal Teacher’s Day letter.

#3 Whiteboard Markers Set ($2.16)

Image Credit: Daiso


Another stationery that teachers can never get enough – whiteboard markers. A practical gift for teachers that constantly use the whiteboard for their lessons. Daiso’s pack of five markers are priced at just $2.16. 


#4 Storage Baskets ($2.16 each)

Image Credit: Daiso


With the number of classes teachers teach, it is easy for them to get mixed up with the mountains and stacks of homework assignments. Lend your teachers a helping hand with Daiso’s storage baskets. Available in multiple colours, teachers will have an easier time differentiating between their classes or tasks such as finding out which students have not done their homework.

#5 Book-styled Gift Boxes ($2.16)

Image Credit: Daiso


Want to make a hand-made gift for your teachers? Here’s a creative idea, presenting your gift in a book shaped gift box. What better symbolises a teacher than books. With these hollowed out gift boxes, you can fill in whatever gifts you want from snacks to small knick knacks. Moreover, teachers can recycle these boxes for their own storage use afterwards.

#6 Sticky Notes ($2.16)


Image Credit: Daiso

Keeping track of all their tasks can be overwhelming especially with the number of classes teachers handle every year. These multi-purpose sticky notes can help teachers better keep track of their tasks and be used for marking assignments as indicators especially for text-heavy essays and more.

#7 Binder Clips Pack ($2.16 for 2)

Image Credit: Daiso

Another useful tool to help teachers with their stacks of assignments, forms and more are binder clips. It’s hard enough having to organise sheets upon sheets of homework assignments. These binder clips would be a handy tool for teachers to collect assignments or to organise their workload.

#8 Cushioned Mats ($4.10 each)

Image Credit: Daiso


Spending long hours sitting and standing while marking assignments are the main bulk of a teacher’s work. To provide teachers with the upmost comfort, you can consider purchasing Daiso’s cushioned mats. Teachers can use these on their office chairs while working.

MINISO (From $7.99 To $15.99)

Teachers have both physically and mentally demanding tasks when ensuring their students’ wellbeing. This sometimes causes them to forget to take care of their own health. Here are some wellness gifts from MINISO to remind teachers to take better care of their health.

#9 Back Massager ($7.99)

Image Credit: MINISO


Sitting hunched over marking for long hours puts a strain on the back. To offer some relief, Miniso’s cutely designed back massagers would be the gift to go for. These handheld back massagers are great for blood circulation when effectively hit on the back. Similar to how massage guns work, these massagers are both a cheaper and cuter alternative.

#10 Double Layer Bento Lunch Boxes ($9.99)

Image Credit: MINISO

With students coming in to ask questions during lunch times, teachers will have no choice but to sacrifice their break times and miss out on meals. With these bento boxes from MINISO, teachers will be reminded to take their meals on time. These bento boxes also allow for quick and easy meals and snacks that teachers can make before heading to school. Equipped with double layers, Miniso’s one litre bento boxes can store a variety of wet and dry food options.

#11 We Bare Bears Tote Bag ($9.99)

Image Credit: MINISO


In collaboration with Cartoon Network’s animated series, We Bare Bears, Miniso has released a series of products from adorable plushies to tumblers, water bottles, accessories and of course tote bags. If you are in the know of a teacher that is a fan of cute and adorable items, this gift is for them. Featuring Grizzly bear, this tote bag is convenient for teachers to store their assignments that they need to continue working on at home or as a day pack during class learning journeys.

#12 Ceramic Mug With Spoon And Saucer ($11.99)

Image Credit: MINISO


Know a teacher that is a big coffee or tea lover? Consider gifting them Miniso’s tastefully designed mugs. Equipped with a saucer and teaspoon, this mug set is the complete gift for beverage-lovers. Its aesthetic also spruces up one’s office desk. Moreover, its unique handle, makes it easier to grip especially when teachers are juggling multiple items at once.

#13 Water Bottle With Timing (1L) ($14.99)

Image Credit: MINISO


Another gift that will help teachers to keep track of their hydration levels is Miniso’s water bottles with a timing tracker. These water bottles come with pre marked water levels to indicate the amount of water teachers should drink at each hour. It’s large capacity of one litre also ensures ample hydration for the whole school day. 


#14 Tumblers ($15.99)

Image Credit: MINISO

This is something for teachers to carry around and keep in their offices. Tumblers are useful in retaining heat and cold. Teachers can store any type of beverages they want in these tumblers from hot coffees, tea to ice cold water. It also serves as a reminder for them to drink up and hydrate themselves when they get to engrossed in their work.

(From $7.99 To $17.99)


A little on the pricier side, Typo’s stationery offers both quality and practicality. For the teachers who are young at heart, warm up their hearts at little more with Typo’s eccentric and vibrant stationery.

#15 Notebooks ($7.99)

Image Credit: Typo


These notebook designs are enough to brighten one’s day. Notebooks are always useful for teachers when it comes to taking down notes and listing tasks for the day. With the lesson plans and students to care for, these A4 notebooks are more than needed for a teacher’s busy schedule.

#16 Waterproof Urban Storage Wash Bag (3 for $20 or $10 individually)

Image Credit: Typo


Typo’s waterproof washer bags doubles up as both a washer bag and a potential pencil case where teachers can store their much-needed stationery. What’s more is that these bags are on for a three for $20 bargain on selected Typo products. It also comes with a useful handle for easy portability.


#17 DIY Charm Kit ($11.99)

Image Credit: Typo


Have a talent at making handicrafts? Well, you can put your talents to use for a meaningful teacher’s day gift. With Typo’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) charm kit, you can unleash your creativity and create a relatable and unique charm for your teachers. Perhaps some ideas could be including an iconic catchphrase they always use or their favourite subjects and more.

#18 Pen Holder ($14.99)

Image Credit: Typo


Eccentrically designed and taking on unique shapes, these pen holders make for stylish and cute office desk pieces for teachers as well. With the number of pens teachers have, one is simply not enough. Go all out and buy your teachers the craziest designs available at Typo.


#19 2023/24 Planner ($14.99)

Image Credit: Typo


Typo’s planners are a great gift to give as it comes pre-printed with useful header such as, ”goals”, ”steps to get it done” and a progress meter. This makes it extra useful for busy teachers to scribble in notes in between classes to track their progress and tasks for the day. These planners are also available in other motivational designs and colours to brighten up the day.


#20 Mini Mood Candle ($17.99)

Image Credit: Typo


Evoking the aroma of soy, Typo’s mini mood candle is the gift for teachers to use when winding down and relaxing after a long day at work. With a 15-hour burn time, teachers can use this candle overnight or when working long hours at the office after dark. Besides black, illuminating gradient colours are also sold.

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