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Your Investments Will Survive Donald Trump

The world didn’t end with Lehman Brothers, it didn’t end with Brexit either.

This article was first published by Cheerfulegg

I’m not going to talk about Trump.

You’ve heard enough from the news, Facebook, the Simpsons, and all your friends who transformed into political analysts overnight. If you’re still disappointed / worried / depressed like many of my friends are, read this excellent post from Wait But Why. It’ll help put things in perspective.

Also, it reminds us that life goes on. The world didn’t end with Lehman Brothers, it didn’t end with Brexit, and it sure isn’t going to end with Trump. Your investments will be fine. Compared to last month, the STI today is like 2% lower. Pffftttt. That’s nothing. I make and lose more than that on normal days.

I hope you stayed invested – like I did – because though all this ruckus might be interesting/scary from a political standpoint, but it doesn’t make a difference to your investments. I had the same stance with Brexit, and I’ll have the same stance with the next “crisis”.

That’s also why I’m not writing a post like “10 Things The Singapore Economy Has To Worry About Trump” or “10 Stocks That Will Be Amazeballs Because Of Trump”.

People with these viewpoints are thinking extremely short-term: 4-8 years at best. When you invest for the long-term (everyone says they do, but few actually do), 4-8 years is like a bite of otah on a plate of nasi lemak. It hardly affects the rest of the meal.

By the way, remember all those articles about “10 Stocks That Will Do Well Because Of Pokemon Go”? Anyone tracked how those investments turned out?

I’m not belittling the fact that lots of people are hurt and confused. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, and my prayers are with those who’re feeling afraid about their future.

But I do know that the world – the economy, everyone – will get through this.

And when it comes to your investments, understand that this is what it means to be invested for the long-term.

Take a chill pill, enjoy your weekend (insert mandatory sunglass emoji) and continue investing.

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