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Planning To Stay In Hall? Here’s What You Need To Furnish Your Room

Attention all incoming freshmen. Here’s what you need for a cosy room in hall.


Preparing to move into hall soon? Congratulations! You will be embarking on an exciting and fulfilling new chapter of your life as a young adult. In the near future, you will probably spend more time there than at your own home. There are a list of things you can prepare to make your hall a home a livable home away from home.

Before we get started, its important to adopt a frugal mindset. As students, you do not have a huge stable income, if at all. So, rather than buying the latest, greatest and cutest items from Taobao, hold off and see if you can bring these items from home. If you can borrow or get items secondhand, that’s a win as well.

Also, you do not need to buy everything from the outset. Other than some essential items, you really do not need a lot of things. Try living with less, and prioritise what you need to get based on your actual day-to-day living.

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Room Furniture

Find out what exactly is provided by your university hall dormitory. When you take over your room, inspect the room immediately for defects and missing items. Report any irregularities are to be reported to the Hall Office immediately, otherwise you might be liable for damages when you hand over the rooms at the end of your stay.

Bed Stuff

Bedsheets and pillowcases (get at least two sets, for when they’re in the wash. you do wash your bedsheets, right?). Have blankets and/or comforters for those cold, rainy nights.


In dorms with air-conditioning, there are hefty charges levied on their usage. Fans are definitely more economical most of the time.


In dorms with a shared pantry, the common fridge might have dubious hygiene and serviceability. Not to mention inconsiderate roommates appropriating whatever they find inside. You could check out online classifieds to see if your hall seniors who are moving out have a good condition fridge to sell you. A big plus since you don’t have to worry about transporting it! Win-win. Just be sure you check and meet any size restrictions.

Induction stove

Used for steamboat or maggie-mee parties. There are quite alot of recipes you can follow with just this handy appliance!

Storage Boxes

Before you start on decorating your room, these are the essentials you will need to clean up your room and create space.

Storage boxes are a great way for you to organize your items. Purchase this to categorize your items so that you do not end up with a big pile of mess a few weeks into your university life.

Moms tend to have the hidden ability to find things you cannot find within seconds. Too bad that staying on campus comes with additional responsibility over your belongings. Do yourself a favour by using storage boxes so that you do not have to flip your room upside own.

Tip: Place storage boxes under your bed to save space.

Other Room Furnishings

  • LED desk lamp
  • Ethernet cable
  • Extension cord/Power strip
  • Coffee machine
  • Chargers/adapters

Cleaning Stuff


After the weekend home, you wouldn’t want to return to your room with an unpleasant stench. You can get a diffuser, charcoal or air fresheners. Charcoal is all-natural, do not require electricity and can be bought for as cheap as $2 at Daiso!


Hands down, the best way to clean your room. Magiclean is a mainstay of hall dwellers and National Servicemen alike. You can either just use the wiper sheets, or buy the broom too.

Other Cleaning Stuff

  • Hangers
  • Clothes pegs
  • Laundry basket

Comfort Items

Your happiness and productivity is crucial in having a good hall life. That’s kind of the point of staying in hall right?

Photos of Family and Friends


Decorate your room with photos of your family and friends to create a homely feel. Freshmen can feel homesick after staying in hall for awhile. It feels comforting to look at familiar faces of your family and old friends once in a while.

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Having rugs or a doormat makes your room more vibrant and cosy. A cute cartoon doormat makes your friends go “aww” when they enter your room and can be a good conversation starter.  It also makes your door easier to find along a long hallway for new visitors or when you’re groggy after a late night out.

Board/Card Games

These are great for bonding with hall mates and making new friends. Plus, you can kill hours with these and not spend a single cent!

Other Comfort Items

  • Wall art or posters
  • Ear plugs
  • Speakers
  • First-aid kit

All The Best!

Your time in hall will be one of the highlights of your university life. We hope this guide would help make it the best possible hall experience for the least amount of money! If you have more to add, let us know in the comments!


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