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Watch: Is It Possible To Live Cashlessly In Singapore?

For the sake of research (and fun), we forced DollarsAndSense Co-Founder Dinesh Dayani to live without physical cash for a week – and filmed it so you can watch.


With a repertoire of mobile apps, credit cards and other cashless solutions, is it possible to live for an entire week without touching any physical money?

For your benefit (and for the fun of it), we challenged our Co-Founder Dinesh Dayani to try living without cash in Singapore. Watch how he did – from buying food at the hawker centre, to buying groceries, and buying drinks for colleagues.

As he experiments with living the cashless lifestyle, he also ruminates about whether cashless is all that great. Singapore is striving to be a leading global financial hub, there are still areas for improvement when it comes to day-to-day life in the Lion City.

If we got you interested in the topic, you can meet the Singaporean family who are living almost entirely cashlessly or read our discussion on why the next generation will learn about the value of money differently, and why that’s okay.


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