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Want an iPhone 6S? Here Are The Various Telco Plans Which Would Give You The Best Value For Money

Before you rush to get the iPhone 6S, here are some things to know about first.


The iPhone 6S is finally here! You know what it means: it’s time to upgrade your beloved iPhone. The latest phone model from Apple is set to introduce 3D Touch, the next-generation multi-touch, and live photos, which is a unique take in capturing moments. In other words, it’s poised to be awesome, just like all iPhone versions before it.

The telcos in Singapore have published their iPhone 6S plans recently. Which one should you pick? More importantly, which one of them can give you the best value for money?

Tiered Plan Prices

Similar to many other countries, telco plans are offered in tiers. Higher up on the tier are more expensive plans, but these come with extra add-ons or value-added services as well.

In its highest tiers, M1 seems to have the advantage by offering unlimited video and voice calls as well as 13GB data for only $228. It doesn’t do so well in terms of local SMS and MMS, which is unlimited in both SingTel and Starhub. But then, who really cares about SMS still?

What if you prefer not to be tied to a two-year contract? You can consider the SingTel’s no-contract SIM-only plan, which comes with 5GB data (inclusive of a 2GB SingTel WiFi) and add-ons you can customise, although each comes with a price. It also looks more attractive compared to M1’s version based on price and bundle inclusions. But this means you have to secure the iPhone 6S yourself, which starts at $1,048 for 16GB. Pretty steep for an upfront payment.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can use best credit cards to purchase iPhone plans. It’s still a steal since many credit card programs give you attractive rebates or rewards points when you buy the phone. Some online shops offer the iPhone to you at a discount if you use a credit card. If you already have the phone, you can take advantage of a tariff rebate over the life of your postpaid contract.

Just remember to pay off your bill in full at the end of each month!

Data Plans

Mobile phones these days are still used for texting and calling, but more people are surfing the web with them as well. Data plans therefore have never been this important.

M1 is more generous than SingTel by giving you a 300MB data for only $28. The good news is when you choose SingTel’s combo 2, valued at $42.90, you can already include 2GB free WiFi.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that once you have consumed your maximum data bundled in the plan, you have to pay for the extra. This is where the overuse charge comes in. So far, M1 charges the most based on the billable cap.

Best value for money isn’t just about, which one is the cheapest. It’s about finding the one that meets your needs. Make sure you weigh in your options using some of the information above.

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