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Watch: 6 Ways You Can Invest In Yourself (And Maximise Your Lifetime Earning Potential)

The median Singapore worker makes about $1.85 million dollars in the course of their careers. Here’s how you can enhance that income-earning potential.

While it is easy to be carried away with picking stocks or analysing market trends, the truly wise will not neglect to invest in their most valuable asset: themselves.

According to income statistics from the Ministry of Manpower, the median gross monthly income of employed residents in Singapore is $4,056. If we assume that a typical career begins at age 24 and concludes at the retirement age of 62, the average Singaporean can expect to earn about $1.85 million dollars throughout their career ($4,056 x 12 months x 38 years).

Investing in yourself to protect and increase your own income-earning potential will lead to great returns.

Here are 6 concrete ways you can do so:

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