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Upcoming Personal Finance Webinars and Events In Singapore You Should Attend In 2022

Start your personal finance journey with these webinars

2022 started with a lot of uncertainty amongst investors with the threat of war, inflation and the potential for interest rate hikes that would affect the investing world.

Market volatility comes in various forms each year. This year, we are blighted by the prolonged Ukraine-Russian war, which has fuelled inflation to soar due to higher food and energy prices. This has led to the Fed raising interest rates faster than expected. These events have caused global stock markets to sell off heavily in the last few weeks.

With this in mind, we have curated a list of upcoming personal finance events for the month of May 2022 to help investors make sense of these global events.

Given that the Safe Management Measures (SMM) restrictions on physical events (for less than 500 participants) were lifted last month, you can now attend some of these events physically too!

#1 [6 May to 31 July] MetaJam Asia By Invade, Kult and Chain Debrief – (Physical Event)

When: 6 May to 31 July

Time: 7.30 pm to 9 pm

Registration: $18 for Day Pass and $45 for Season Pass. Register here.

Move over alternate cryptocurrencies, it’s all about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2022. NFTs are digital assets that represents real world objects like arts, music, in-game items and videos.

If you are clueless as to what a NFT is and how it can be used in a physical setting, then the MetaJam Asia is the place to go. Organised by Invade, Kult, and Chain Debrief, MetaJam Asia 2022 promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience NFT exhibition in Singapore. You can attend it physically from 6 May to 31 July at Tekka Place, Annex Building, Experience Centre.

You will stand to not only learn and experience Web 3.0 from the multidisciplinary exhibits, but also enjoy an immersive experience of over 10,000 collections of NFTs. There will also be a 3-day summit in July, where industry leaders will share insights on blockchain, cryptocurrency and metaverse topics.

#2 [14 May] ETFestival 2022 By FSM – (Online Webinar)

When: 14 May 2022

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

The start of 2022 has brought about an increased level of uncertainty in the global markets. Events such as the prolonged war between Ukraine and Russia, increased rounds of interest rate hikes by the Fed and China’s growth risks due to the rising coronavirus cases are some of the reasons cited for the current downturn in the stock markets.

Investors seeking some guidance on how to navigate this uncertain environment can tune in to FSM’s ETFestival 2022. It is themed around “expand your horizon, engage the future” and will be covered in two parts.

In the first part, the presenters will share their market outlook for 2H2022 and how investors could use ETFs to build a global and profitable portfolio. In the second half of the event, the presenters will go through the sectors that has the best future potential including sharing their insights on the digital economy, electric vehicles, ESG investing and more.

#3 [18 May] Retire Smart With CPF By DBS – (Online Webinar)

When: 18 May 2022

Time: 12 pm to 1 pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

Our CPF savings should form the bedrock of our retirement planning. If you are unfamiliar with how to utilise your CPF savings well, then this short one-hour afternoon session on “Retire Smart with CPF” will give you the insights that you seek.

Lorna Tan, Head of DBS Financial Planning Literacy and Specialist Shawn Lee will share about the prevailing CPF retirement sums and how you can make the most of the various CPF schemes to optimise your nest egg.

#4 [19 May] Understanding Syfe’s Investment Philosophy By Syfe – (Physical Event)

When: 19 May 2022

Time: 7 pm to 8 pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

There is a growing number of robo advisors here in Singapore. One such robo advisor is Syfe, which allows investors to create customised portfolios based on their individual risk profiles and more recently, to trade in stocks and ETFs through their Syfe Trade account.

Learn more about how Syfe builds its Core portfolios and understand more about their investment philosophy in this physical event at Distrii Singapore, Auditorium. Attendees will also get to learn about the role that Gold plays in one’s portfolio including whether the 60/40 portfolio allocation still works in today’s market.


#5 [21 May] REITS Symposium By InvestingNote, ShareInvestor and REITAS – (Hybrid Event)

When: 21 May 2022

Time: 9 am to 6 pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

REITS are a popular asset class in Singapore due to the (generally) predictable returns they generate. However, with over 44 REITs and trusts listed in the Singapore Exchange, investors also have plenty to think about when deciding which REIT, they should invest in.

Investors interested in REITs would be interested to know that the annual REITs Symposium is happening this month. The event will have industry experts and the top management of over 14 REITs to share their thoughts and insights on the S-REITS outlook in this post pandemic and rising interest rate environment.

The REITs Symposium 2022 which is organised by InvestingNote, ShareInvestor and REITAS, will take place as a hybrid event this year. This means you can attend it physically at the Suntec Exhibition Hall or online, in the comfort of your home.

#6 [31 May] Family Planning 101: Raising Kids In Singapore By Moneyowl – (Online Webinar)

When: 31 May 2022

Time: 7.30 pm to 9 pm

Registration: Free. Register here.

Parenting can be both a joyous affair and tiring at the same time. As a parent and parent-to-be, you may have much to worry about including the financial considerations of raising your children and preparing for their future needs.

In this family planning webinar by MoneyOwl, “Raising kids in Singapore,” you can hear from the panel of parenting experts who will share their real-life experiences and practical strategies to tackle the financial, physical and mental challenges of raising kids in Singapore, including tips on how to give your child a head-start in life.

Attendees will also get a free ebook on the “Ultimate Financial Guide To Raising Children In Singapore” and exclusive MoneyOwl promotions.

This article was originally posted on 11 March 2022 and has been updated to provide the latest information.


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