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Truth about Travel Insurance and how to enjoy your winter holiday

Insurance Market shares six essential areas to look into for travel insurance when you’re planning a winter holiday. Different insurers usually have varying definitions for the coverage you receive – so it’s important to look into the fine print.

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It is Vacation Time! Winter is coming and a great time to enjoy the cool weather and pick up those winter sports. The anticipation of the cool wind on your face and the rush of adrenaline as you enjoy your exhilarating ride of your favourite sport on the mountain slopes are the well-earned reward from a year of hard work.

Preparing for your winter holiday

Winter can be challenging and dangerous, besides sun and fun it brings cold, snow and ice too. So you need to prepare for your winter vacation. There are the essential items to take care of before you head out. Of course, suitable warm clothing, ski wear, ski goggles, shades, lip balm, sunscreen are important items for an enjoyable trip. More important in our view is Travel insurance. It is absolute essential for any holiday, especially for a winter sporting trip. We have all heard the stories of people breaking a limb and other injuries during skiing.

Our top 6 to watch out for in a winter holiday policy

Pay attention when you make your choice. There are a few things you need to get right. Here is what to look out for in a Travel Insurance which covers winter holiday:

  1. Destination – Whether it is Deogyusan Resort in Korea, Niseko in Japan, Zermatt in the Swiss Alps or Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the USA, it is important that the insurance cover extends to the location. We all know that for instance that USA is sometimes excluded.
  2. Sports – Alpine skiing , snowboarding, skating – is your sport included in the coverage? Are there exclusions to any particular sport? No off-piste skiing? Some insurance plans only cover skiing or snowboarding within the approved areas of a ski resort.
  3. Sports equipment – owned or rented? is the cover available for both or either or neither? Some travel plans cover death and injury due to the sports but there is no cover for damage or loss of the sports equipment.
  4. Pre-existing condition – cover for medical expenses due to accidents maybe covered but medical expenses for any pre-existing condition may not be covered. An International Medical Insurance may be necessary for such expenses.
  5. Rental Car Excess – the insurer will reimburse the excess or deductible or similar condition that the traveller may need to pay if there is accident with the rented vehicle. Always good to take into account the country where you are travelling to. Don’t forget to bring your international driver’s license as well.
  6. Collapse of the travel agency – the cost of a trip to a winter vacation will set any traveller back, whether alone or with a few family members – this benefit in the insurance will protect your investment.

Before you start planning your winter holiday

Choose the plan that suits you and your family in terms of your needs. If there are differing activities, there may be a need to have separate plans for different family members. Now you are ready for that exciting trip. We hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation!

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