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2020 SGX Orb Awards: The Best Financial Content You Should Be Reading In 2020

For a second year running, we are proud to be nominated as one of the three best financial websites for the SGX Orb Awards.

This article was originally published on 18 September 2020 and has been updated to include the winners for each category. 

Launched in 2018 by SGX, the SGX Orb Awards aim to recognise excellence in financial news and content in an evolving media landscape. For 2020, the focus is on the resilience of financial markets amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Submissions offered a range of opinions of what a financial marketplace of the future may look like and what it means for Singapore.

If you have some time over the weekend and would like to read some quality content, here are the best articles and websites that have been nominated for the SGX Orb Awards. Winners and shortlisted entries are chosen by a panel of judges. The full list of judges can be found here.

Story Of The Year

Winner: Shiwen Yap – 2020 an inflection point for Singapore’s equity markets & economy? (Shiwen Yap, Medium)

Other nominations

Singapore’s state sector needs to synchronize economic and capital equity market development strategies (Shiwen Yap, Medium)

Rise of the digital redback (Ng Qi Siang, The Edge Singapore)

For the Story Of The Year category, Shiwen Yap has two out of the three nominations. While that is impressive on its own, what makes it interesting is that Shiwen publishes his content through Medium. On Medium, Shiwen runs a page call Venture Views, which provides Indo-APAC perspective on entrepreneurship & finance. One of his ‘article’ – Singapore’s state sector needs to synchronize economic and capital equity market development strategies is a 46-minute (according to Medium) 10,000 + words read, so you want to make sure you have some time before reading it!

The third entry is by Nq Qi Siang from The Edge Singapore, who wrote about how China’s pilot of the e-Renminbi can spur the adoption of digital currency across the world.

The Hidden Gem

This award recognises the best feature or analysis of an under-covered stock listed on SGX, whether on Mainboard or Catalist.

Winner: Samantha Chiew (The Edge Singapore) – Food Empire records robust growth; declares higher dividend on better outlook

Other nominations

IPS Securex resumes earnings growth, eyes new contracts from new markets (Samantha Chiew, The Edge Singapore)

Food Manufacturer QAF is Flying Under The Radar (James Yeo, Investor-One)

In this category, we see three articles featuring small-cap companies list in Singapore – Food Empire, IPS Securex and QAF being. Samantha Chiew from The Edge Singapore wrote two of the three nominations while James Yeo (who used to write with us at DollarsAndSense!) from Investor-One got the final nomination for his article on QAF.


For the Resilience category, entries are on how financial communities are bolstering their resilience amid COVID-19, and how the financial landscape could look like after COVID-19.

Winner: Ben Paul (The Business Times) – Brooks Brothers bankruptcy offers lessons on corporate resilience in the face of Covid-19 

Other nominations

Developing Countries – Coming Out Of A Crisis | Money Mind | Emerging Economies (Chor Khieng Yuit, CNA)

How five travel startups are navigating through COVID-19 turbulence (Leslie Shaffer, DealStreetAsia)

Ben Paul, who won Story of the Year – Securities in 2019, won once again, this time for an article covering the lessons we can learn from Brooks Brothers bankruptcy. The CNA Money Mind team also produces a 6-minute video on how developing countries are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Leslie Shaffer from DealStreetAsia covers how 5 travel startups (including YouTrip) have pivoted their business during this period.

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The Visual Treat

For those of you who prefer watching rather than reading, The Visual Treat promotes creativity when it comes to producing finance-related content.

Winner: Pamela On (CNA) Why Is The Yuan Going Digital? | Money Mind | Digital Currency

Other nominations

Why real estate investors are flocking to Singapore (Nessa Anwar, CNBC)

Banking amid a pandemic (Kelly Ng & Natalie Choy, The Business Times)

Both CNA and CNBC have short videos worth watching if you are starved for time and don’t like reading. The Business Times also produces an infographic on how the three local banks in Singapore have been impacted in the business due to COVID-19.

This category looks to award a financial blogger or independent investment-related website that most empowers investors to make educated decisions with their money.

Winner: The Fifth Person 

Other nominations



For the second year running, DollarsAndSense is proud to be nominated as one of the three shortlisted websites for the SGX Orb Awards (we won it in 2019!). In 2020, we have not only continued producing more articles, videos and infographics, but have also started another finance website – DollarsAndSense Business, a site that aims to provide timely financial information for business owners and self-employed individuals in Singapore.

Like most other digital teams, we have transited to working-from-home since earlier this year and will continue doing so in the future. Despite the challenging media landscape, DollarsAndSense continues to remain as an independent media that is able to offer subscription-free content. On behalf of the team, we thank you, our readers, for your constant support.

The Fifth Person is one of the best stock investment websites in Singapore. If you are looking to select which Singapore stocks to invest in, you should be reading their content. The  DollarsAndSense team is extremely close to The Fifth Person team and we play futsal regularly (put on hold due to COVID-19).

Investor-One is a website that is launched by Shareinvestor. It’s also Singapore’s first Catalist-focused portal. I have tons of respect for Christopher, the co-founder and CEO of Shareinvestor as one of the pioneers of the digital finance media space in Singapore. I am glad that their latest initiative, Investor-One, is getting recognised and they certainly provide excellent value to Singapore’s financial media space.

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