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From Risk Management to Health Management: How AIA is Partnering Medix To Redefine What It Means To Be An Insurer in S’pore

Better healthcare outcome equals better customers? AIA certainly believes so.

Last week, AIA Singapore announced that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Medix to provide Personal Medical Case Management for policyholders who are covered under its private integrated shield plans – AIA Max Essential A and A Saver.

This add-on service is available at no additional cost, and will provide policyholders with access to Medix’s suite of medical services. This includes access to leading specialists listed on the Medix platform, review and re-evaluation of a patient’s medical condition, medical recommendations and other ongoing healthcare support, including a 24/7 hotline for emergencies.

What Is Personal Medical Case Management?

While new in Singapore, Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) is not uncommon around the world. Medix’s unique value proposition is that it accompanies with patients on each step of the recovery phase.

To understand the kind of support Medix offers, it’s important to first understand the kind of emotions and challenges that patients face when they are diagnosed with an illness.

Very often, the diagnosis of an illness leads quickly to an unprecedented level of anxiety, uncertainty and stress for a patient, and his or her immediate family.

Let’s face it, none of us, or our families, are ever prepared to be told that we have a major illness. Immediate questions that spring to mind include what the diagnosis actually means, the treatment options available, where do we receive treatment from and of course, what are our chances for a successful recovery?

Medix is able to help patients through this difficult journey step-by-step.

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# 1 Initiation Of Service

Patient who are diagnosed with an illness can register with Medix. Medix will appoint a personal medical team including a specialist and a medical coordinator nurse for the patient. The team retrieves the medical documents, reviews and re-evaluates the medical condition and make referrals for further tests, if required.

# 2 Review, Consultations & Recommendations

Through its panel of specialists, a review of the diagnosis will be done. This leads to the formulation of recommendations for an optimised treatment plan for the patient. Medix will also refer the patient to a medical team to administer agreed treatment, if required.

# 3 Guidance, Supervision & Support

Medix provides coordination and support throughout the treatment programme. This includes monitoring the quality and efficiency of care and any other personalised support required, guidance through rehabilitation and hopefully in time to come, a successful return to everyday life.

The key brand promise here is that with PMCM, the patient is never alone as they will have a personal medical team on-hand throughout the journey of diagnosis, treatment and the route to recovery.

Do note that Medix is only meant for serious medical conditions such as cancer and major diseases. You can find the list of eligible medical conditions here.

The Medix Impact

Besides the role that Medix plays by being there on each step of the patient’s journey, the company has also been successful in making a tangible difference in medical outcomes.

Here are some interesting facts that Medix provides on its website.

Source: Medix

  1. 20% change of diagnosis –That means that for 1 in 5 cases, the original diagnosis given to patients were incorrect.
  2. 43% change of treatment– That means that for close to 1 in 2 cases, the original treatment prescribed patients wasn’t the most suitable.
  3. 55% prevention of unnecessary medical procedures, medications, consultations and surgery.

As of the announcement last week, AIA poliyholders who are under the AIA Max Essential A and A Saver will have access to Medix.

We want to stress that the information provided by Medix is based on worldwide cases that the company has seen. Obviously, the company is new in Singapore and the statistics above shouldn’t be seen as a representative or a prediction of the kind outcome it will see in Singapore.

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Medix Is An Add-On Optional Service

It’s important to note that Medix is an optional, add-on service that AIA is offering for qualified policyholders, and not a compulsory service. What this means is that policyholders have a choice on whether or not they wish to use Medix service.

Equally important to also note is that regardless of Medix’s recommendation to a patient, the patient has the full discretion to choose whether or not they wish to proceed with the recommended course of action.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to clarify that Medix is an independent third-party company and that the recommendations it make are not based on whether AIA covers the cost of treatment.

This means additional charges may apply if any tests, treatments, procedures, devices or medication recommended by Medix is beyond the overall benefit limits covered by AIA HealthShield Gold Max A and AIA Max Essential A/A Saver policies.

The addition of Medix does not in any way change the scope of coverage offered to AIA policyholders. Medix is a value-added service that eligible policyholders can choose whether or not they wish to use.

Insurer Going Beyond Just Insurance

This partnership that AIA is forging with Medix is an example of how insurers in Singapore are going beyond just providing insurance in order to stay relevant in the fast-changing technology world that we live in today.

In the past, insurers were seen as operating in a risk management space, contented with insuring their customers, but keeping a distance from healthcare management.

Moving forward, they may want to, or even have to, be more involved in the eco-system of healthcare, which they are already a part of anyway, in order to effect tangible and relevant changes in the lives of their customers.

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