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Pursuing Your Dream Job? Here Are 4 Careers That Don’t Last A Lifetime

We are happy for you! But it is always good to be prudent about the risks and plan ahead.

Let’s face it: every job has its risks but not all careers are designed to last until the retirement age of 62. Although some might get rich and retire early, there are many others who are left with no choice but to leave their career after they are past their prime.

Before embarking on your career, it is always important to evaluate the risks and start making plans for your future. Not all careers are designed to last us for a lifetime; here are some careers that end young.

1. Actors



Acting can be a glamorous career. They can start really young and will be at their peak before 30. The demand usually dips as they age, you don’t often see many fatherly or motherly roles in one drama.

So unless you are an A-lister like Zoe Tay, otherwise you will face challenges to fight for the limited roles with the other veteran actors.

We know that the big screen isn’t kind to wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make future plans for your career. We see local actors venturing into F&B and boutique businesses. To name a few, there’s Pornsak with his PORN’s Thai food restaurant, Michelle Chong with her Mischief American Street Food and Bar as well as Li Teng’s recent launch of the PHANTACi fashion boutique.

2. Flight Attendants



The salary package is extremely attractive. Upon graduation and the commencement of duties for SQ Cabin Crews, you will be given a monthly allowance of approximately S$4,500- S$5,000, depending on flight patterns and flying hours.  You also get to travel around the world without having to spend money on air tickets and accommodations. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old and that explains why it is so well sought after by diploma graduates. It is no doubt one of the most well-paid jobs for an 18-year old diploma graduate.

However, the long distance flying affects the health of these young cabin crews. We are not saying flying harms our health, but flying frequently back and fro for 10-12 hours actually does deteriorate our health.  Unfortunately, there is an invisible age limit for air stewardess. Your health will probably not be able to take the long haul flights when you are at your 40s, and that also shows signs that it’s time to exit the cabin crew career and explore other administrative work within the corporation.

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3. National Athletes



Our national athletes spend most of their youth training and participating in national leagues or even the Olympics. They train hard and most are well paid at their prime. A good example is our Gold medalist swimmer, Joseph Schooling, he is indeed in his prime right now with more to be expected for the next Olympic Games.

So what happens after their prime?

Most athletes would retire early if they suffer from injuries and focus on coaching the younger generation. An example would be Lionel Lewis, the then-29-year-old national footballer retired back in 2012, with his persistent ankle injury as one of his contributing factor for retirement. Alternatively, they just retire when their body does not perform at optimum. When your winning portfolio dips, you decide to move on to doing something else.

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4. Models


Similarly, for models, the unfortunate nature of this career is heavily relying on beauty and well-maintained hourglass figure. The demand is clear, you seldom see models in their 40s or 50s walking down the Singapore Fashion Week walkway.

Just modelling alone might not give you a stable income as well. Top local model, Sheila Sim, 32, has discovered new acting talent and that broadens her career with the expanded portfolio.

Every job has its pros and cons, we are not saying that the above careers aren’t great. It is okay to pursue your dream job but most importantly, proper financial planning needs to be done at the beginning of your career. You need to plan for the different stages in life and what are the plans that can be carried out to prepare for the worst. Are you saving enough to retire at the age of 62 for instance? Will your current job be able to sustain your married life till retirement?

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