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How Much Does A Yacht Party In Singapore Really Cost?

Depends on how Insta-worthy you want it to be.

A 2016 UBS study found that most Singaporean millennials prioritised experiences over material possessions. As millennials look to spend their money on lifechanging experiences, business is booming among yacht charter companies in Singapore.

Where ordinary parties have failed to impress, yacht parties succeed in delivering an unforgettable experience for party-goers.

Once thought to be exclusively the domain of the rich and famous, yacht parties have become more accessible to ordinary Singaporeans, who can bask in the sun, enjoy the sea breeze and smell the fresh air.

Given the wide variety of options available, the actual cost of a yacht party can vary depending on how simple or lavish you want the event to be.

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For those organising a small gathering, you can consider a budget yacht package.


Sevens Yacht (Source: Sgyacht)

For 4 hours during Mondays to Thursdays, the Sevens Yacht has a maximum capacity of 12 people and goes for $399 for the 8am-12pm slot. A $50 surcharge per person applies beyond the 8th person.

This includes simple kitchen amenities including a microwave oven and fridge. For entertainment options, there is also a DVD and CD player, coupled with an-board stereo system.

This promotion price is the same as the price listed on Fave, where you may stretch your dollar even further with promo codes.

Island Yacht Charters

For 4 hours Mondays to Thursdays, $400 for a 4-hour dock-side charter, with a capacity for 18 guests. The catch is that the yacht does not go out to sea and stays docked at Keppel Marina. This may be ideal if your guests may be seasick.

For this, you get free use of the BBQ grill, galley equipment and the karaoke system onboard.


For 4-hours Mondays to Thursdays, $560 for a 4-hour charter, with a maximum capacity of 18 people. This includes a round-trip cruise to Lazarus Island, together with kayaking, snorkelling and fishing gear. There is an optional $200 Surcharge for BBQ Pit Rental and Grill Service.


If you’re looking for some additional perks beyond the bare minimum, you can consider getting additional services and rent jet-skis for the fun of it. This may be an option when you want to spend a little extra for a special occasion, like celebrating your 21st Birthday.

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The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club currently has an Amethyst Weekday Package, which costs $1800 for 15 pax for 4 hours of fun on board The Amethyst and includes BBQ and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Amethyst (Source: The Yacht Club) 

The Yacht Club has a whole list of add-ons available to enhance your charter experience. This can range from the ordinary to the outrageous, from Jet Surfs costing $400 for 2 hours to The Fun Pack, which costs $2500 for 4 hours of fun with the Blob and Tower.

Marine Bookings

The Mikanna Yacht can hold up to 33 guests and starts from $1605 for 5 hours. There’s a large sunbed and a spacious interior, with facilities like BBQ grill, kayak, floats and music system provided for. Their website provides a 360-degree tour, to get a sense of how it is like on the actual boat. Add-ons are available upon request.


If you’re looking to organise a wedding or have deep pockets to celebrate in style, there is always the option of going all-out to leave an indelible impression on your guests.

Lloyd Marine

The Jyohana (Source: Llyod Marine)

For a full day (12-hour) charter of the luxurious Lagoon 620 ‘Jyohana’, the price starts from $5,900. It hosts a large open-plan saloon with an expansive fly bridge area and has modern audio-visual systems and water toys. You can accommodate over 37 guests in this yacht.


The price starts from $4,200 for a 4-hour charter of Sunreef Supreme 68, with a capacity of up to 50 people. For every additional person beyond 30 people, a $40 surcharge applies.

Royal Albatross

The Royal Albatross (Source: Tall Ship Adventures)

We saved the fanciest for last. The Royal Albatross is the only luxury tall ship in Singapore available for private charter. Its glamourous vintage interior is equipped with cutting-edge technological marvels and can hold up to 200 people. Quotations are unavailable on the website, but you should expect that all this luxury has a price tag to match.


When done right, a yacht party can provide an unforgettable experience that can “wow” everyone who comes. And contrary to common perception, it isn’t necessarily more expensive when compared with a staycation or a buffet at a fine-dining restaurant.

If you do the math, larger yachts may turn out to be less expensive than smaller yachts per head, because the fixed costs (including fuel, crew, equipment) are divided amongst a larger group.

This is good news if you’re intending to split the costs for such an event. However, as with all big-ticket items, you should read the fine print before booking a yacht, to avoid any unpleasant surprises that would spoil the fun.

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