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4 Types Of 21st Birthday Parties In Singapore And What They Will Cost You

You’ve been waiting 21 years for this moment.

Your 21st birthday is probably going to be an unforgettable one with all your close friends and family gathered to celebrate your first step into adulthood. However, there are many aspects to a 21st party ranging from venue to guest list and deciding on these can be overwhelming.

Behind the glamourous Instagram photos you see are actually a lot of time, effort and money being put into the party.

Here is a round up of the 4 types of 21st birthday parties in Singapore that you can consider for a night to remember and how much they will cost you.

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#1 Friends Night Out

For those of you who do not fancy a big crowd, what’s a better way than to have a night out with some close friends chilling over beers and reminiscing over the silly times you had together. Gather some of your friends and treat yourselves to a good meal at your favourite restaurant followed by drinks at a bar for a chill 21st.

Cost: Having around 10 pax will cost you about $300 – $400 in total.

#2 NSRCC/Condo function room

A popular option amongst many, holding your party at NSRCC or a function room at a condominium helps minimize the damage while still enabling you to have a nice private space to accommodate your friends.

Most people would either order catering or have a BBQ, together with a backdrop for the typical 21st photo shoot, which comprises of a fancy birthday cake, a dessert table and huge foiled “21” balloons.


If there are more than 20 people on your guest list, you might be better off having catering than BBQ. You certainly don’t want to keep your guests waiting.

Cost: Catering services impose a minimum pax of about 40. If you spend about $15 per pax, that would amount to a cost of about $600. Add in a night at NSRCC at $200 and your total cost would be about $800.

#3 Booking A Café/Bar

For those who are not fond of catering, consider having it at your favourite café or bar. These locations can usually hold around 25 to 35 pax, and offers a small space for you to decorate your backdrop for your mini ‘photo shoot’. This option offers both good food and a cozy space for a mid scale party.


There are a variety of party games available at Hopheads ranging from beer pong to card against humanity. If you and your friends love drinking games, this is the place for you! For a more chill party, consider it having at a café instead. Popular cafés you can consider includes On the Table and Café Melba.

Cost: Booking of the location typically costs minimally $1000 for 30 pax.

#4 Hotels

We all have that one rich friend who is willing to spend a hefty sum on their birthday.

These birthday parties are usually held at the suites at either Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa with over 50 guests.

If you have the budget and feel like spending, go for it! After all, it’s a once in a lifetime celebration. Do remember to bring along alcohol and some table games. You wouldn’t want your friends to feel bored while waiting for you to take a photo with them!

Cost: One night will set you back by slightly more than $1000, excluding the 2-tiered birthday cake, dessert table and the decorations. Unless you are willing to spend more than $2000 on your birthday, this option may not be for you.

This is an estimate about how much you can expect to spend depending on the type of birthday party you would want to hold. No matter which party you decide to have in the end, make sure to have a great time before you officially enter adulthood!

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