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How Much Do Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Cost Around The World

People’s wallets are looking like a “Blank Space”.

Pop star sensation Taylor Swift’s, The Eras Tour has been the talk of the town. The thirty-three-year-old superstar will be performing a total of 131 concerts across Asia, US, South America, Australia, UK and Europe. Swift kicked off her tour on March 17, 2023, in Glendale Arizona and will be concluding the almost year and a half long tour on August 17, 2024,

 July 5 to 7, 2023, was when Singapore experienced its wave of the ‘The Great War’ which is what fellow Swifties described the stressful and anxiety-filled ticket purchasing experience to be. Especially since Singapore is Swift’s only pitstop in Southeast Asia. You have also probably heard and witnessed the clamouring of fans at SingPost outlets camping overnight or more than 24 hours to secure their chances at getting a ticket during the general sales period.

Resellers are jumping on this golden opportunity, putting up outrageous prices for the Eras Tours tickets. On Carousell, Singapore tickets were selling for more than S$800 for CAT 1 categories, more than double the original price of S$348.

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Ticket Prices Around The World…‘Ready For It?


The Eras Tour spans across six days in Singapore on March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9, 2024 at the National Stadium. UOB cardmembers were eligible for the presale which was held from July 5 to 7, 2023. General sales then commenced at 12pm on July 7, 2023. Ticket prices ranged from S$88 to S$1,228 including VIP packages. Here is a breakdown of the ticket prices with their relevant categories.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Singapore

Categories Cost
CAT 1 S$348
CAT 2 S$328
CAT 3 S$288
CAT 4 S$248
CAT 5 S$168
CAT 6 S$108
CAT 7 (Side View) S$108
CAT 8 (Side View) S$108
CAT 9 (Restricted View) S$88
VIP Package 1 S$1,228
VIP Package 2 S$728
VIP Package 3 S$628
VIP Package 4 S$528
VIP Package 5 S$428
VIP Package 6 S$328

These prices exclude booking fees which are as follows:

  • Ticket prices above S$500: S$20
  • Ticket prices between S$301 and S$500: S$10
  • Ticket prices up to S$300: S$6

Klook as the official experience partner of the Eras tour in Singapore had also offered two packages with prices starting from S$542 and S$712 during the general sales. To purchase the packages, fans had to have a Ticketmaster account beforehand before being able to select their preferred hotel and dates.

Packages Price Inclusions
4-Star Klook Experience Package From S$542 ·       2 tickets (VIP Packages to CAT 6)

·       1 night at a fixed dated standard hotel room

·       Get to choose from 29 4-star hotels.

5-Star Klook Experience Package From S$716 ·       2 tickets (VIP Packages to CAT 6)

·       1 night at a fixed dated standard hotel room

·       Get to choose from 20 5-star hotels

Hotels in the packages include, Furama Riverfront, Orchard Hotel Singapore, Fullerton Hotel, Pan Pacific Singapore and more.

Japan (Tokyo) 

Other than Singapore, Tokyo, Japan is the only other country in Asia that is part of the Eras Tour. The tour spans across four days from February 7 to February 10, 2024 at the Tokyo Dome.

American Express Card (AMEX) customers were eligible to the presale lottery which was held earlier in June from June 23, 2023 to June 26, 2023 while general sales were held from June 27 to July 10, 2023. Ticket prices ranged from JP¥8,800 to JP¥122,800 including VIP Packages. This roughly translates to about S$84.50 to S$1,179 which is about 4% cheaper than Singapore’s offerings.

This has definitely put Swifties in Singapore and across Asia in a dilemma on whether they should catch the show at Tokyo instead with the cheaper prices. However, the price difference might not be able to offset the flight tickets and accommodation prices, so Swifties will choose their ideal location according to geographical proximity, unless if they want to go on a holiday as a bonus.

Here is a breakdown of the ticket prices with their relevant categories:

Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Japan

Categories Cost
SS Seat JP¥30,000 (S$288)
S Seat JP¥22,800 (S$219)
A Seat JP¥18,800 (S$180.50)
U-20 Seat JP¥8,800 (S$84.50)
VIP 1 Package JP¥122,800 (S$1,179)
VIP 2 Package JP¥72,800 (S$699)
VIP 3 Package JP¥52,800 (S$507)

(Ticket rates are converted at a rate S$1: JP¥104.15)

Out of the six, there are three VIP Packages offered in Tokyo’s show. Taxes are also included into the listed ticket prices as well. For better visualisation, here is the Tokyo Dome seat map layout:

Image Credit: Taylor Swift Eras Tours, Japan

Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) 

The Eras Tour will commence in Melbourne and last three days from February 16 to 18, 2024 at Melbourne Cricket Grounds and continue for four days from February 23 to 26, 2024 at Accor Stadium in Sydney.

AMEX card members were eligible to the AMEX VIP Package presale which was held last month on June 26, 2023 for both locations while members of the tour promoter, Frontier, were eligible to another presale held on June 28, 2023. General sales were then held on June 30, 2023. Ticket prices ranged from AU$349.90 (S$316) to AU$1,249.90 (S$1,128.60) including VIP packages. The official ticket seller for the Eras Tour in Australia is Ticketek.

Here is a breakdown of ticket prices with their relevant categories in both locations:

Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Australia 

Categories Cost
A Reserve AU$379.90 (S$343)
B Reserve AU$309.90 (S$279.80)
C Reserve AU$239.90 (S$216.60)
D Reserve AU$199.90 (S$180.50)
E Reserve AU$159.90 (S$144.40)
F Reserve AU$119.90 (S$108.30)
G Reserve AU$79.90 (S$72.14)
VIP 1 Package AU$1,249.90 (S$1,128.60)
VIP 2 Package AU$899.90 (S$813.60)
VIP 3 Package AU$749.90 (S$677.10)
VIP 4 Package AU$599.90 (S$541.70)
VIP 5 Package AU$399.90 (S$361.10)
VIP 6 Package AU$349.90 (S$316)

(Ticket rates are converted at a rate of S$1: AU$1.11)

For better visualisation here are the seat maps in Accor Stadium, Sydney and Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

Image Credit: Frontier Touring

Image Credit: Frontier Touring

Hotel and ticket packages were also available for the Australia leg of the tour during the Frontier presale and general sales.


Spanning across 20 cities and with 52 dates, the US is the Eras Tour’s biggest region, rightfully so given that it is where it is the homeground of the US superstar. Kicking off the tour at Glendale Arizona on March 17 and 18, 2023, Swift has performed across 15 cities.

The pop star now has 10 more shows as of July 11 in cities such as Denver, Seattle, Santa Clara and Los Angeles which will commence back on July 14 and run till August 9, 2023.Presales and general sales were held back in November 2022. Each city will have two shows. This then marks the end of the Eras tour in the US and the beginning of the international tour.

According to Business Insider, general ticket prices ranged from US$49 to US$449 while VIP packages ranged from US$199  to US$899 on Ticketmaster. This roughly translates to a starting price of S$65.20 to S$1,196 including VIP package prices. (Ticket Rates are converted at a rate of S$1: US$0.75)

UK (London, Edinburgh)

In the UK, Swift will be performing across London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Edinburgh starting from June 7, 2024 in Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium and concluding in London on August 17, 2023 which is also the official end date of the Eras tour. Three shows will be performed in Edinburgh and Liverpool, one show will be held in Cardiff and six shows will be held in London.

Presale tickets went on sale on July 10, 2023 for shows in Edinburgh and London. According to Birmingham Mail, ticket prices ranged from £58.65  to £172.25 while VIP packages are priced from £196 to £662.40. This roughly translates to a starting price of S$101.37 to S$1,145 including VIP package prices. (Ticket Rates are converted at a rate of S$1: £0.58)

Remaining UK, Ireland, Mexico, South America And Europe Ticket Prices

As of now ticket sales will continue to open in the later parts of July to UK, Europe, Mexico and South America Regions. To find out when each region’s tickets go on sale and the relevant prices you can visit the official Eras Tour page here.

Some regions may not release their pricing information before sales. According to Ticketmaster, in some cases, the event organiser will set the price of tickets based on current market value.

‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’ VIP Package And More

Besides pre-sale and general on sale tickets, The Eras Tour also offers six VIP Packages for all its tour stops. In Singapore, the packages are priced from S$328 to S$1,228.

Here are the varying exclusive seated tickets each package offers:

VIP Packages Exclusive Reserved Seating Tickets 
VIP 1: It’s Been A Long Time Coming Unforgettable Top Price Reserved Seated Floor Ticket
VIP 2: Karma Is My Boyfriend Phenomenal Top Price Reserved Seated Ticket in the Lower Level
VIP 3: I Remember It All Too Well Incredible Second Price Reserved Seated Ticket
VIP 4: Ready For It Amazing Third Price Reserved Seated Ticket
VIP 5: It’s A Love Story Excellent Fourth Price Reserved Seated Ticket
VIP 6: We Never Go Out Of Style Awesome Fifth Price Reserved Seated Ticket

Each package offers fans with varying exclusive seated reserved tickets, a set of four Taylor Swift prints, exclusive VIP merchandise, The Eras Tours VIP Tote Bag, a collectible pin, sticker, postcard set, souvenir concert ticket, special VIP Tour laminate and a matching lanyard.

‘Bad Blood’ With Ticketmaster 

Ticketmaster is the official ticketing platform for Eras Tours ticket sales in Singapore, US, Mexico, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. While ticket sales in Poland, Austria, Germany, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Argentina, Japan and Brazil are sold on their respective websites.

Due to the overwhelming demand of tickets, Ticketmaster had experienced multiple technical issues making it the “Anti-Hero” of Swifties across the two ticketing sale periods.

According to Ticketmaster’s help centre, it helps to change your browser preferences to one that accepts cookies so that it does not block Ticketmaster from placing any seating information.

Other tips shared by the provider include accessing Ticketmaster through a direct internet connection, enabling JavaScript and using a desktop PC or laptop over a mobile phone.

Featured Image Credit: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

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