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IPPT; Marksmanship; NS HOME Award & Other Benefits: Guide To Financial Benefits For NSmen

To our NSmen (i.e. our son, father, husband, brother), thank you and train safe.

National Service is an important part of the lives of many Singaporean males. Unless there are exempted due to health reasons, Singaporean males are required to serve two years as National Service Full-Timers (NSFs), after which we become NSmen who will need to complete 10 Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) training cycle, 7 of which needs to be high-key.

Instead of thinking about why we need to serve, it’s also good for us to take a step back from our training (if you are reading this during ICT), and to understand the financial incentives that we also receive as NSmen.

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IPPT Incentives – $500/$300/$200 (Cash)

Passing your IPPT isn’t just about making sure you avoid Remedial Training (RT) – though that by itself is a great reason to pass it. As an added incentive, you also get monetary benefits when you do well for your IPPT. You may attempt your IPPT multiple times and if you get a higher score in your subsequent attempts, your incentive will be topped up to the corresponding amount of that award.

Gold $500
Silver $300
Pass With Incentive $200
Pass Nil

Since you have to take your IPPT once a year, this is cash that you can earn for yourself every year. You can refer to the IPPT calculator here to understand for yourself what are the requirements needed to score well base on your current age.

You are required to attempt your IPPT until you complete your Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) and are phased into MINDEF Reserve (MR). So ironically, for those who are fit and don’t mind taking IPPT every year and achieve Gold, till they reach age 40 (for non-officers) and 50 (for officers), you could potentially earn quite a lot of money just getting Gold every year. For example, a 21-year old may take up to 19 IPPT till age 40. At $500 per IPPT, he can earn up to $9,500 just from IPPT.

Not a bad reason to stay fit if you ask us.

Marksmanship Award – $200 (Cash)

With most NSMen units using the modern SAR 21 today, as opposed to the older M16, getting your Marksmanship Award is a lot easier these days. Getting a Marksmanship Award will earn you $200.

NS HOME Award – $15,000 (CPF Contributions) + $2,000 (LifeSG Credits)

The NS HOME (National Service Housing, Medical, and Education) Awards were launched in 2014 as an enhanced replacement to the National Service Recognition Award. NSmen from all branches of the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team are eligible. This is done through deposits into the NSman’s Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) as well as their CPF Accounts (Ordinary Account and Medisave Account).

From 1 April 2022, NSmen will receive an additional $2,000 across the three NS Home milestones. The disbursed credits can be accessed via the LifeSG mobile application for use at any physical stores and e-commerce platforms accepting payment via PayNow UEN QR or NETS QR.

Completion of full-time NS Completion of 3 High-Key ICT or Completion of 5 ORNS years, of which 2 are high keys Completion of ORNS Training Cycle – fulfilled 10 ORNS years of which 7 are High Key ICTs
+ $3,000 into PSEA
+ $2,000 into CPF-MA
+ $1,000 LifeSG credits
+ $3,000 into CPF-OA
+ $2,000 into CPF-MA
+ $500 LifeSG credits
+ $3,000 into CPF-OA
+ $2,000 into CPF-MA
+ $500 LifeSG credits
Accumulated Total: $6,000 Accumulated Total: $11,500 Accumulated Total: $17,000

*To help full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) cover their MediShield Life premiums during their full-time NS, $200 from their NS HOME Awards will be credited into their CPF Medisave Account upon enlistment. An additional $200 will be credited after completion of their first year of full-time NS. The remainder of the NS HOME Medisave grant (i.e. $2,000 minus the total amount of MediShield Life premiums received during full-time NS) will be credited when they complete their full-time NS.

**National Servicemen with ranks of Third Sergeant and above for SAF servicemen and Sergeant and above for Home Team servicemen receive $500 more at each milestone.

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NSMan Relief – Tax Relief from $1,500 to $5,000 (Tax relief)

All eligible NSmen will be entitled to NSman tax relief. This starts from a base tax relief of $1,500. However, you can also enjoy more depending on your active status and appointment.

+ If you were called up for NS activities in the previous work year (1 April to 31 March), you will receive an additional $1,500 in tax relief.

+ Key appointment holders will receive an additional quantum of $2,000.

+ Parents and spouses (who are Singapore citizens) of NSmen will enjoy a personal tax relief of $750.

You can find out more about NSMan tax relief on IRAS.

National Service Excellence Award – $200/$100 (Vouchers)

NSmen who performed well during their In-Camp Training or courses will be presented with up to $200 worth of cash credits, which they can spend with their families. These credits can be redeemed for vouchers for NSmen which can be used on a range of experiences.

NS Excellence Award
Top 10% of performers during ICT and NS Course $200 worth of NSEA cash credits
Next 20% of performers during ICT and NS Course $100 worth of NSEA cash credits
National Day Award recipient $200 worth of NSEA cash credits
SAF/SPF/SCDF NSmen of the Year
SAF Formation NSmen of the Year
Letter of Commendation recipient (for SPF and SCDF NSmen)


Celebratory Gift For Nsmen – $100 (Cash Credits)

If you don’t already know, from 1 January 2016, eligible NSmen who solemnise their marriage or each time you welcome a newborn or adopt a child will receive $100 worth of cash credits. These credits can be redeemed for vouchers for NSmen

– Get married
– Have a newborn child
– Adopt a child

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How Much Can A Typical NSman Receive In Total?

Let’s assume an NSman achieves the following results during his ORNS training cycle.

IPPT– Pass with Incentive X 10 years ($2,000)

Marksmanship Award – Scores Marksmanship award X 2 ($400)

NS Home Award – Complete his ORNS training cycle ($15,000)

National Service Excellence Award – Achieve top 10% X 1 ($200)

Celebratory Gift – Get married and have two children ($300)

In total, the individual will receive $17,900, excluding tax relief benefits.

Appreciating The Sacrifices Of NSmen

The financial incentives received should in no way be seen as the equivalent value for which NSmen bring to Singapore. NSmen are citizens, not mercenaries, and as sons of Singapore, we have an obligation to serve.

At the same time, it’s always good to know that there are initiatives in place, including financial incentives, to thank us for our services.

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This article was first written on 28 May 2019 and has been updated with new information.

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