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How Much Are Singaporeans Paying For Ed Sheeren Tickets Compared To The Rest Of The World?

Are we paying more for the “same” concert?

Many of us have heard of friends attending concerts during their overseas trips. Although some artists cap the maximum price their tickets can be sold at in the interests of their fans, some cities ultimately sell their tickets at a relatively cheaper price compared to Singapore.

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Singapore (Cheapest ticket: SGD108)

Cat 1 248
Cat 2 208
Cat 3 188
Cat 4 148
Cat 5 108
Cat 6 108

*All prices reflected include GST and exclude booking fee


The highly sought after tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert saw hundreds of fans queuing outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium Box office. In just 40 minutes, all tickets were sold out.

Australia (Cheapest ticket: SGD78 – Perth; SGD73 – Melbourne)

Australia is one of the countries in this region many artists go to perform. Given the size of the country, multiple shows are held at cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Australia is also a popular travel destination for Singaporeans given its relatively close distance and budget prices we can get taking Scoot.

Ticket Type

City: Perth

Front Standing (General Admission) 166.34 173
Rear Standing (General Admission) 105.20 110
A-Reserved Seating 166.34 173
B-Reserved Seating 105.20 110
C-Reserved Seating 74.64 78

*Additional transaction fees and credit/debit card processing fees may apply) Source

Ticket Type

City: Melbourne

Front Standing (General Admission) 161.90 169
Rear Standing (General Admission) 100.74 105
A-Reserved Seating 161.90 169
B-Reserved Seating 100.74 105
C-Reserved Seating 70.16 73

*Additional transaction fees and credit/debit card processing fees may apply) Source

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Cheapest ticket: SGD65)

Many Singaporeans travel to Malaysia frequently to bank on the lower Malaysian Ringgit rate that makes some things relatively cheaper than what can be found in Singapore. In KL, prices are cheaper than the price you would pay in Singapore (as you would expect).

  RM* SGD*  
Cat 1 458 149
Cat 2 358 116
Cat 3 298 97
Cat 4 198 65

*These prices are excluding GST and ticket fee. Source

If you happen to be taking a short trip to KL for various reasons such as a business trip or to visit friends and family, it might be worthwhile to time it to overlap concerts that you want to attend.

London, UK (Lowest ticket: SGD93)

There are many Singaporeans in London, be it for work or for studies. London is also one of the most popular concert destinations.

  Pounds* SGD*  
Level 1 84.25 onwards 153 onwards
Level 4 51.25-84.25 93-153

*All prices exclude a per transaction delivery fee, which will be added to the total amount due. Source

Hong Kong

Ticket information for Ed Sheeran’s Asia Tour in Bangkok has yet to be released. Ticket prices in Macau, Hong Kong often the range from SG141 to SGD249. For concerts in the main Hong Kong venue, AsiaWorld Expo, prices range from SGD106 to SGD287.

Bangkok, Thailand

Ticket information for Ed Sheeran’s Asia Tour in Bangkok has yet to be released. However, ticket prices are often in the range of 1,800 to 5,800 baht, equivalent to SGD73 to SGD236.

Osaka, Japan

In Osaka, tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concert starts from SGD72.

Prices In Other Countries Tend To Be Slightly Cheaper

The ticket prices in other countries tend to be slightly cheaper than what Singaporeans have to pay for. However, besides the price of tickets itself, we also have to consider factors such as distance from stage, seat availability, stadium capacity and more. Paying to watch your favourite artists overseas only makes sense if you are already planning a trip to that country and the concert date overlaps.

Country Cheapest Ticket (SGD) Most Expensive Ticket
Singapore 108 248
Australia (Perth, Melbourne) 78/73 169/173
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 65 149
London, UK 93 153 Onwards


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