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May 2017 BTO Review – An Early Peek Into The Different Locations And Flats Offered

Woodlands, Geylang, Bidadari and….Yishun! Where would you apply for?

Another three months have passed in 2017 and that means another Build-To-Order (BTO) launch is just around the corner. Scheduled for launch in May 2017, Singapore families looking to own or upgrade to a new HDB flat will have a choice of 4 different locations to choose from.

Here’s an early peek into the different locations and flat types you can expect for the upcoming launch.

North-Siders Delight

If you happen to be looking for a flat in the northern part of Singapore, this will be a BTO launch to look out for because there are two locations are on offer. The increasingly busy and important estate of Woodlands and *hold your breath*…Yishun.

For those who prefer mature towns nearer to the city centre, there are also two locations on offer, Bidadari and Geylang.

# 1 Woodlands – 1,250 Units, Location: Beside Marsiling Secondary (2-Room, 3-Room, 4-Room, 5-Room. 3Gen)


Though it says Woodlands, the estate is actually nearer to Marsiling MRT station and situated right beside Marsiling Secondary School. It’s going to be a huge estate with 1,250 units on offer across different types of HDB flats (from 2-room to 3Gen)

Our Analysis:

The map above may suggest that the MRT station is walking distance away but don’t let that fool you. Unless you are someone who enjoys 20-minute walk under the sun each morning in your office attire, chances are that you would need to wait and take the feeder bus to Marsiling MRT station.

Location wise, it isn’t that great unless you happen to love the Marsiling/Woodlands area. Cost wise, we don’t expect flats to be expensive and you can get a good deal as long as you are prepared to compromise on location.

# 2 Yishun – 750 Units, Location: Hard To Describe (2-Room, 3-Room, 4-Room, 5-Room)


It’s hard for us to describe the location and we think even Yishunites themselves may not be familiar with the location. Instead, we tried to get a screengrab from Google Street to help us describe the location.

Our Analysis:

As it is, Yishun is not exactly a preferred location in Singapore thanks to the never-ending jokes about it from the likes of Mothership and SGAG. Unfortunately, the location on offer here fits what is called “ulu”, even within Yishun.

Expect at least a 15-minute daily commute by bus to Yishun MRT station and Northpoint Shopping Centre. Aside from Northview Primary School, there isn’t really any other school nearby. For the time being, amenities are also lacking.

There is no other way for us to put it if we want to be honest. You really have to enjoy staying in Yishun for the location to appeal to you.

# 3 Bidadari – 1,340 Units, Location: Near Maris Stella High School (2-Room, 3-Room, 4-Room, 5-Room. 3Gen)

Though it’s parked under Toa Payoh, the estate is actually walking distance from Woodleigh MRT and not at all near to Toa Payoh. It’s near schools such as Maris Stella High, Cedar Primary and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School.

Our Analysis:

There is no mega mall nearby but being walking distance away from Woodleigh MRT is the main sell here, along with its relatively centralised location. We expect demand for the BTO to be high, especially among second-timers who are looking to upgrade to a bigger flat in a more central location.

# 4 Geylang – 1,260 Units, Location: Beside Mountbatten Community Club


Situated at about a 10 to 15 minutes walk away from Aljunied MRT and about 5 minutes walk away from Dakota MRT makes this BTO one of the rare gem that is walking distance away from two separate MRT lines. Nearby amenities include as well the famous Old Airport Hawker Centre.

Our Analysis:

This BTO launch has hit the jackpot as far as location goes. Demand is going to be highly intense, especially among people staying in the east. It’s near to the city and has many amenities. The only question left to be answered is how much flats will cost and how oversubscribed it would be.

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Different Flats For Various Needs

 It’s easy to think that all HDB flats are built equal, which leads to comparison over which location is better than the other. A better to way to think about it is how different BTO flats are built to cater to different needs. A flat in a more central location will cost much more. One that is further away from the city center will cost less.

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