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How Much Does Organic Food Cost? We Compare Across Different Online Supermarkets

If you’re a fan of organic food, you have plenty of choices for your grocery shopping these days.

With increasing affluence and active campaigning for Singaporeans to adopt a healthier diet by the Health Promotion Board, Singaporeans have become more conscious about their food choices and organic food is no longer the niche market it once was.

In the past, organic foods were only carried by specialty mini-marts. Today, major supermarkets now carry a selection of organic products, with some even launching their own line of organic foods in line with increased demand for organic food.

With the ubiquity of online grocery shopping, you might wonder if it is possible to enjoy the extensive selection of organic products online at competitive prices.

To find out, we take a look at organic food selection and prices across the different online grocery platforms.

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How Much Does Organic Food Cost?

To get a more representative picture of organic food purchases that a typical Singaporean might make, we choose products that are listed in the basket of groceries in the SingStat Consumer Price Index. For comparison, we tried to include similar products if the same ones are not available. Prices are accurate at the time of writing, before discounts.

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Overview of Online Grocery Platforms

As you can see, some online grocery platforms are more limited in their offerings of common organic food items. Here is what we found after further examination of the catalogue of Singapore online grocery platforms.

FairPrice Online

FairPrice Online offers a wide range of organic products, with fresh produce mainly from Pasar Organic (FairPrice’s house brand).

Cold Storage Online

Given its target audience of the higher income group, it is a common perception that Cold Storage Online would offer a greater selection of organic products which might come at a lower price.

However, the range offered is similar to that of FairPrice Online and most of the products are still priced slightly higher than other online platforms.

Giant Online

There is very limited organic fresh produce available on Giant Online. The prices are generally competitive, with the exception of some items being priced higher than average.

Sheng Siong Online

Sheng Siong Online offers competitive prices for their organic products. However, the downside would be the limited selection of organic products (mainly vegetables and rice) available, with most of its organic fresh vegetables coming from Quan Fa Organic Farm.


As an online-first marketplace targeting the savvy consumer, it is no wonder you can find one of the most extensive selections of organic products on RedMart. In the fresh organic fruits and vegetables section alone, there are more than 36 different products available.

By not having a physical store presence, it is not surprising that RedMart’s prices are quite competitive for you to get the best bang for your buck.

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Organic Food Choices Are Here To Stay

Organic food is one way that supermarkets demonstrate their willingness and ability to cater to consumer tastes – others being Japanese and Korean selections, and vegan alternatives.

While availability isn’t uniform across all the online grocers, Singaporeans seeking organic food choices for health or lifestyle reasons do have ample options to choose from – both in the supermarket and online.

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