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How Much Does Netflix Subscription Costs Around The World?

In Malaysia, Netflix’s premium plan costs RM55 or about SGD SGD 18.12.

In this era of online video streaming, we can assume almost everyone and their grandmother knows about Netflix and even more so when we consider that Netflix is available in over 190 countries around the world.

Have you ever wondered how much a Netflix subscription costs elsewhere? Are our Malaysian neighbours paying more or less for their subscription? Well, you will find out in this article as we investigate how much a Netflix subscription costs around the world.

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Netflix Is Slightly Different For Every Country

Functionally, Netflix is the same everywhere – it is a video streaming service.  However, the content in every country is different and the prices and packages available are different as well. While we are familiar with the basic, standard and premium plans, Netflix also offers mobile-only plans in some countries.

The content difference means that the shows you can watch in Singapore are different from what you can watch elsewhere. It is unlikely that you can watch Phua Chu Kang on Netflix anywhere except for Singapore. That said, some regional content may be exported out, thus we can binge-watch Terrace House and various K-dramas in Singapore.

United Kingdom (U.K.) And Ireland Can Watch Over 6,000 Netflix Titles

The catalogue of titles (shows, documentaries, animations, and movies) or Netflix library size also differs from country to country.

Netflix users in U.K., Ireland and Canada have access to the top three largest Netflix libraries at 6122, 6112 and 5998 titles, respectively.

For comparison, Singapore has access to 5436 titles while our neighbour, Malaysia, has access to 5679 titles.

Switzerland And Denmark Has The Most Expensive Basic And Premium Plans

For the basic plan, the Swiss have to pay CHF 11.90 (about SGD 17.70) and the Danes have to pay DKK 79 (about SGD 17). Not only do they have to pay more, but they also pay more for less. The Swiss Netflix library only has 4326 titles while the Danes can only access 3808 titles.

In comparison, a basic plan in Singapore is only SGD 11.98.

But realistically, a basic plan with 480p quality and only one device use isn’t going to cut it for most of us. So, let’s have a look at the premium plan which streams 4K quality to 4 devices.

Again, Switzerland has the short end of the stick when it comes to Netflix as they are paying CHF 21.90 (about SGD 32.55). This is followed by Denmark at 129 DKK (about SGD 27.80).

In comparison, a premium plan cost SGD19.98 in Singapore.

Brazil Has The Cheapest Basic and Premium Plans

On the other end of the spectrum, Brazil has the cheapest basic and premium plans at BRL 21.90 (around SGD 5.32) and BRL 45.90 (around SGD11.16), respectively.

However, did you know that some of the countries which we have close ties with, such as Malaysia and Australia, are also very competitively priced?

  Basic Plan Premium Plan
Australia AUD 9.99 (SGD 9.74) AUD 17.99 (SGD 17.53)
Malaysia RM 35 (SGD 11.53) RM 55 (SGD 18.12)
Singapore SGD 9.99 SGD 19.98


You Can Login To Your Netflix Account Overseas But You Can Only Access Local Content

Due to Netflix’s global presence, it is also possible for you to login to your account while you are overseas. However, you would only be able to access the local content there. If you ever watch a show on Netflix while travelling and think you can save it for later, think again because it may not be available back home.

That said, it is possible to circumvent the region restrictions by using VPN, which is not something we will discuss nor endorse here.

You Are Billed In The Country You Are Signed Up In

Another interesting fact about Netflix subscription is that if you have relocated to a new country, you will continue to be billed in the currency of the country you signed up in.

To change currency, you will have to cancel your account, wait until the remainder of your month is over, and restart your account in your new country.

Presumably, if you signed up for Netflix in Malaysia and you move to Singapore, you can continue to enjoy your cheaper subscription, but you are locked to Singapore’s library content. Hope that you enjoy Phua Chua Kang and Ah Boys to Men!

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