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How Much Does It Cost to Live Healthier Each Month in Singapore?

It is actually more costly to neglect your health over the long-term.

This article was written in collaboration with BRAND’S Home Delivery. Views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of

Health and wealth. These are the two important areas in life that most people in Singapore centre our dreams, goals and even new year’s resolution around.

Often, we face a crossroads when one comes at the expense of the other. In Singapore, tight deadlines and long hours sets up stressful working environments for many. Data from the Ministry of Manpower reveals that Singaporeans work an average of about 45.6 hours per week, or more than 9 hours a day, making local employees one of the most overworked groups of people around the world.

In the long-term, being overworked can cause stress, fatigue and weakened immune system. But what we can do in the midst of our hectic lifestyle in order to live healthier each month?

Healthy Living Over The Long-Term

Healthy living encompasses a holistic approach towards how we work, play and rest. It includes regular exercising, sufficient sleep and of course, a balanced diet that provides sufficient nutrients.

To achieve this, we need to prioritise our well-being. This takes time, effort, determination and knowledge to succeed. If we want to keep fit and active, we have to set aside time to work out and get enough sleep each night. This also helps us make better decisions in the office, prevent burnout and help us make fewer mistakes, all of which could even lead to better career prospects.

Similarly, eating healthy requires us to pick nutritious dishes when eating out or ingredients if we’re cooking. We also need to avoid unhealthy snacking or sugar-laden food.

However, because of our hectic schedules, we often make it difficult for ourselves to consume sufficient nutrients and vitamins, even though we may already be trying our best to make healthier choices. Let’s face it, most working professionals simply do not have the time to prepare three meals a day for an entire month, even if we want to.

Health Supplements

Technically, while you may be able to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need just from eating, it’s very difficult to sustain a perfectly balanced diet all the time. That’s where supplements come into play. For most people, there are benefits to consume certain health supplements.

As its name suggests, supplements are meant to be consumed with a balanced diet. Supplements are not meant to be consumed only after eating unhealthily.

How Much Does It Cost To Consume Health Supplements Regularly?

The kind of lifestyle we lead may also impact the type of supplements we consume. For example, a fitness focused individual may have a slightly different requirement from a busy working adult.

With a history of 180 years, BRAND’S is a company that understands what it takes to help its customers live healthier lives. It’s most popularly known for its flagship product, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken. However, the company also provides a wide range of other supplements for its customers.

For The Busy Working Adult: Essence Of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex + Iron

Suitable for adults, this convenient tablet provides important Vitamin B and Vitamin E for adults, in addition to the natural benefits provided by Essence of Chicken. It helps to reduce tiredness and improve concentration. It’s recommended to consume two tablets every day.

At $29 a bottle (60 tablets), each bottle would last about a month. You can find out more about the benefits of Essence Of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex + Iron on the BRAND’S website.

Monthly Cost: $29

For Fitness Focused Adults: ActivMove

Designed for those who live active lifestyles, or those who participate in high impact sports such as marathons and weightlifting, ActivMove helps users to reduce joint discomfort and pain arising from such activities. It’s recommended that users consume one tablet every day (after meal).

At $64 a bottle (30 tablets), each bottle would last about a month. You can find out more about this popular product on the BRAND’s website.

Monthly Cost: $64

Monthly Cost: Health Supplement

* Do note that monthly cost is based on the products consumed that we have listed. Your exact cost may vary, depending on the type of products intend to consume.

Living A Healthier Life Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Contrary to what some may think, living a healthier life doesn’t require one to spend a lot of money.

In our opinion, the key to living a healthier life is to be able to cultivate good habits without necessarily having to spend a lot of money. You can get your weekly exercise done without needing to go to an expensive gym. Sleeping is free. And as shown above, consuming quality health supplements costs between $29 and $64 each month.

BRAND’S Smart Shopper Scheme Brings You Convenience & Helps You To Save

To help bring convenience to customers who may have busy schedules, BRAND’s has a Smart Shopper Scheme programme. The Smart Shopper Scheme allows BRAND’S members to place an order which is automatically processed based on how frequent you would like the products to be delivered to you.

Unlike most regular subscription package, the Smart Shopper Scheme has 1) no minimum commitment period, 2) provides you the flexibility of changing your order whenever you want and 3) allows you to decide how often you want your delivery to be made (delivery can be made once every 1/2/3/4 months).

On top of that, the Smart Shopper Scheme rewards you with a rebate of up to 25% from your 4th order onwards. This rebate given is based on the value of your last order. For the first three orders made through the Smart Shopper Scheme, the rebate is at 11% (1st order) and 18% (2nd and 3rd order).

Here’s an example of how the rebate works.

This rebate further reduces the cost of any health supplements that you buy from BRAND’S. Do note that there is a minimum amount of $140 per order, before rebate. However, as mentioned above, this is not a monthly minimum spending, but rather, a minimum amount for each order. If you want, you could opt to make one order every two, three or even four months to ensure that your order hits the minimum of $140.

Live Healthier As A Family

In order to sustain a healthy lifestyle, we think it’s best to make your healthier living objectives a family affair. This way, you and your family members can encourage and keep one another accountable for the choices that you make each day.

If you wish to get started today, you can also use our exclusive DollarsAndSense promo code, SSS18DS, to receive an additional $18 off their first Smart Shopper Scheme order. So do not forget to include the promotion code if you intend to make an order today.

Have a question about the Smart Shopper Scheme? Or not convinced (yet) on how it could help you improve your health and save you money at the same time? You can leave your details with the friendly Customer Care officers from BRAND’s and they will get in touch with you to answer your queries.