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How To Maximise Savings On Your Fuel Expenses Through Shell GO+

Save on your fuel top-up without crossing the border.

This article is sponsored by Shell Singapore. All views expressed in this article are the independent opinion of based on our research. is not liable for any financial losses that may arise from any transactions and readers are encouraged to do their own due diligence. You can view our full editorial policy here.

You may have seen a viral video or photo of local motorists going to extreme lengths to pump as much fuel into their cars as possible at a petrol kiosk in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This could be tilting one side of the car with a car jack or even getting the passengers to rock the car up and down in order to squeeze more petrol so that they can save more money.

While it’s easy to laugh at these social media posts, the reality is that the cost of car ownership in Singapore is high. A major component of this is the cost of fuel.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to save on fuel—and one that doesn’t require you to spend three hours to cross the causeway! Motorists can use Shell GO+ to maximise their fuel savings, which gives new users up to 30.65% discount on Shell Fuels.

What Is Shell GO+

Shell GO+ is the new loyalty programme by Shell that replaces the existing Shell Escape loyalty programme. It’s the only motorist loyalty programme that lets you earn points on all your spend at any Shell station, including Shell Fuels, Shell Select, Shell Autoserv, and Shell Car Wash on the Shell Asia mobile app.

As a registered user, you would no longer need to carry any physical cards or vouchers and could transact and see your purchase history conveniently through the app. You would also get additional discounts, receive real-time notification of transactions, and enjoy personalised rewards.

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Key Dates For Existing Shell Escape Users To Take Note

The existing Shell Escape programme will be phased out from 1 May 2023. It also means any remaining Shell Escape points from that day will expire and not be transferred to your Shell Go+ account.

While you can still earn Shell Escape points via your physical card until 28 February 2023, it is best to redeem these points by 30 April 2023. You can look out for Shell’s on-site ambassadors in March or approach any cashier at Shell to help you with the points redemption and at the same time sign up for the Shell GO+.

Here’s a quick reference on the rewards that you can still redeem with your Shell Escape points:

  • < 150 points: Check with Shell’s staff on-site
  • = 150 points: $5 Fuels voucher or $5 Shell Select voucher
  • = 300 points: $10 Fuels voucher
  • = 1100 points: $40 Fuels voucher

Enjoy More Discounts On Your Fuel Top-Ups

Naturally, you would first want to be using a credit card that gives you the highest possible discount on your Shell Fuel. Currently, this happens to be the HSBC Premier MasterCard (Shell V-Power/ Shell FuelSave 98 only) and the UOB One Card, which give a total discount of up to 21.15% or an upfront discount of 17%.

Credit Card Upfront Discount Cash Rebate Total Savings (Up to)
Premier MasterCard (Shell V-Power/ Shell FuelSave 98 only)
17% 5% 21.15%
UOB One Credit Card 17% 5% 21.15%
Citi Cash Back Card 14% 8% 20.88%
HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card (Shell FuelSave 95 / Shell FuelSave Diesel only) 14% 5% 18.30%
HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card 14% 5% 18.30%
UOB Reserve Card 17% NA 17%

Source: Shell-Credit-Cards

For instance, assuming you top up $100 worth of 98-grade petrol, you could expect to pay a total of $78.85 after offsetting the credit card discounts only.

Gross Fuel Spend Discount Applied Total Savings
Upfront discount on credit card 17% $17
Cashback 5% $4.15

But, when you sign up for Shell GO+, you can enjoy even more savings on your fuel top-ups. On top of the discounts and cashback rewards on selected credit cards, you would also receive one-time welcome offers, such as fuel coupons, and milestone offers, which can be redeemed as a reward on the 1st and 16th of each month.

Using the same example as above, as a new Shell GO+ member, you could expect to pay a total of only $66.50 after deducting all the eligible discounts. That’s an extra $12.35 in savings for a $100 worth of fuel top-up that you get with the Shell GO+.

Gross Fuel Spend Discount Applied Total Savings
Direct discount on credit card 17% $17
Welcome offer: 10% off Fuels voucher 10% $10
Milestone offer: $3 coupon (with a min spend of $70) $3
Cashback (Up to 5% based on nett amount) 5% $3.50

In summary, a $100 worth of fuel top up at Shell using credit card discounts alone would amount to $78.85, saving you $21.15. However, by combining it with the Shell GO+, you only need to pay $66.50 instead, giving you an additional savings of $12.35 for a total savings of $33.50.

Accumulate Shell GO+ Points On All Your Shell Spending To Redeem Attractive Rewards

On top of the discounts, you can also earn Shell GO+ points when you fuel up or spend on any non-fuel products at any Shell station. Here’s a quick overview on the points that you can earn:

Qualifying Purchase At Shell stations or Partners Points Earned
Shell Fuels (applicable to Shell FuelSave Diesel, 95, and 98) 1 Point for every 1 Litre
Shell Fuels (applicable to Shell V-Power) 1.2 Points for every 1 Litre
Shell Select 1 Point for every $5 nett spend
Shell Car Wash 1 Point for every $1 spend
Shell Autoserv
– Shell Helix Express Servicing Package
– Shell Helix Ultra Servicing Package
100 Points for each purchase of mentioned package
Motor Insurance via DirectAsia Up to 3,000 Points, subject to applicable terms and conditions.


You can earn Shell GO+ points on up to five transactions per day, with the Point balance updated within 24 hours from the time of the transaction. These points would be valid for up to two years and cannot be transferred to another member.

Subsequently, you can redeem the points accumulated for rewards via the Shell Asia app. For a full list of the current rewards, check out the redemption catalogue within the app.

Your Choice Of Membership Matters

The Shell GO+ is open to all individuals with a Singapore based mobile number. There are six memberships under the Shell GO+ that cater to the different vehicle segments: Drivers, Riders, Corporate Employees, Taxi Professionals, Bus Professionals, and Private Hires.

However, you can only select one membership type. Therefore, if you own multiple vehicle types (i.e., a motor car and a motor bike), you might want to choose the vehicle that you mainly use as the rewards would be personalised to your membership type.

How To Sign Up For Shell GO+

Start saving more on your fuel expenses by joining the Shell GO+ membership today.

To register for an account, search and download the “Shell Asia” app, which is available both on the App Store and Google Play. Then, simply sign up with your mobile number and create your account. You will be prompted for your consent to receive notifications on the latest offers. If you’re a first-time user, you will also need to indicate your vehicle type for the membership before you’re done.

Source: Shell

For an exclusive time only, new Shell GO+ users will receive 100 welcome bonus points and a complimentary 1kg of SongHe Thai Fragrant Rice (with a minimum spend of $20 on Shell Fuels, while stocks last).

Additionally, new users would receive a 10% off on Shell Fuels (with a minimum spend of $20) and a 10% off Deli by Shell Car Care (with a minimum spend of $10). So, don’t wait; sign up for the Shell GO+ and start saving on your fuel expenses today.