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Interesting demographics facts of Singapore! – Part 2

In part 2, we look at softer side of the nation including changes in the gender spread, and how this may affect how romantic we are as a nation.

Part 1

  1. Population is growing but Singapore residents are shrinking
  2. We are becoming more knowledgeable

Part 2

  1. There are less males for females to choose from!
  2. A nation that gradually does not believe in eternal love

3) There are less males for females to choose from!

Source: Singapore Statistics

From the early years of Singapore’s history, the male population has been above the female population. We can attribute this to the preference of male children by the older generation. Up until 2000, Singapore had about one male for every one female. However, after 2000, the population of males started decreasing.


Since the ratio showed that there are now less guys, would that mean that guys should have an “easier time” in finding a female partner? Or that more women would have to “settle”?

We think that the above statements are hardly the case. Unlike the mindset in the old days, women are a labour resource that can certainly achieve whatever men can achieve. With the empowerment of women in today’s society as well as a higher educated gender, women now, as compared to the past, can survive without any reliance on men. Furthermore, women are more exposed to males from outside of Singapore. Today’s females have more options for male partners even if fewer of them are Singaporeans, so local women’s needs are adequately taken care of, and if anything, local men have to up their game (AKA standards) to compete for local women’s attention.

Our view

If there is any advice that we can provide to the guys, these are a few:

  1. Stop complaining that NS held you back, “suck thumb loh” because it is here to stay
  2. Always upgrade yourself, whether is it through education or practical experience
  3. Procrastination makes you very unattractive, do not do it
  4. Have great financial literacy, you will look smart and attractive once you have your finances all settled – Since you are reading, you are already halfway there ;)

4) A nation that gradually does not believe in eternal love!

Source: Singapore Statistics

Source: Singapore Statistics



It is common to see the population in a developed country to be more inclined toward a successful career first before thinking of getting married or having a family. Adding on, the definition of success for the population would be at a much higher benchmark as compared the population in a less developed country.


It is alarming that, despite a lower amount of Singapore residents in 1980, there are more marriages back then in comparison to recent years. Furthermore, the number of divorces and annulments has a YoY growth rate of 2.9%, while marriages grew at a YoY rate of -0.9% per every 100,000 Singapore residents since 1980 until 2012.

Our view

Being in a developed country increases our quality of lives, but that does come with a cost. We tend to be more inclined to worldly desires than something unquantifiable, such as love. Do not fret; we are not suggesting that you and your spouse have a higher probability of divorcing. Rather we are pointing out that the nation as a whole, gradually does not believe in eternal love.

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