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Guide To Government Subsidies For Slip-Resistant Tiles, Grab Bars & Ramps Under The HDB Enhancement For Active Seniors (EASE) Programme

Receive up till 95% in subsidised costs for installations to help your elderly family members live more comfortably and safely.

During Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally 2023 Speech, he announced that EASE 2.0 will soon offer seniors an expanded set of fittings. These will include foldable shower seats, as well as widening toilet entrances so that wheelchairs can be brought into the toilet.

This is one part of a wider effort to make lives more comfortable for seniors in their neighbourhoods. Some other measures include revamping streets and linkways frequented by seniors, building more shelters and rest points and more therapeutic gardens, fitness trails, and exercise machines, ensuring barrier-free ramps and raised zebra crossings, and making larger and more colourful block signs.


In order to support an ageing population and allow seniors to continue living comfortably and safely in their HDB flats, government schemes are available for homeowners to tap for improving the user-friendliness of their homes, such as installing grab handles, slip-resistant tiles, and even ramps for wheelchair users.

Under the HDB Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme, homeowners can claim up to 95% of costs for approved works to improve safety and accessibility in their HDB flats. Here is an overview of the scheme, and the eligibility criteria for applying.

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Home Improvements Covered Under HDB EASE

EASE offers three improvements to make the interiors of HDB flats more elderly-friendly. Soon, the EASE programme will be expanded to include more elderly-friendly fittings, such as foldable shower seats and widening toilet entrances for wheelchair entry.

1) Slip-resistant treatment to existing floor tiles of up to 2 bathrooms/toilets

2) Grab bars in toilets which are offered in a set:

1st set: 8 or 10 grab bars for the first toilet and within flat
2nd set: 6 grab bars for second toilet (where technically feasible)

3) Up to a maximum of 5 ramps/accessibility solutions within flat and/or at the main entrance, recommended for wheelchair users:

a) Single-step ramp
b) Portable ramp (for multi-step main entrance)
c) Customised ramp (for 2 to 3 steps main entrance)
d) Customised ramp (for more than 3 steps main entrance)
e) Wheelchair lifter (for multi-steps main entrance)

On the current EASE programme, it usually takes about a day to complete the installation of a full set of EASE improvement works.

Eligibility Criteria To Qualify For HDB EASE Subsidies

To qualify for direct application for EASE, Singaporeans would need to have a family member in the household who is 65 years old and above. Those aged 60 to 64 years old but require assistance for one or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) can also qualify. ADLs refer to self-care activities within the person’s house, which include bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility, and transferring.

However, if you have a member of your family who requires EASE improvements but does not meet the age criteria, you can still apply for EASE, and have your cases assessed on a case-by-case basis. HDB has explained that this ensures the primary objective of benefitting elderly households is met.

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Subsidies Provided Under HDB EASE Programme

Under EASE, the Government pays between 87.5% to 95% of the total cost of the EASE improvement works. The percentage subsidised depends on the type of HDB flat you stay in, with 3-room and smaller flats being subsidised the most and Executive flats subsidised the least.

Here are cost estimates from HDB’s website for EASE packages in various flat sizes.

Full EASE Packages with Single-Step Ramps

Flat Type 1-/ 2-/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
Flat Owner Pays $135 (5%) $202.50 (7.5%) $270 (10%) $337.50 (12.5%)
Government Pays $2,565 (95%) $2,497.50 (92.5%) $2,430 (90%) $2,362.50 (87.5%)


Full EASE Packages with Portable Ramp

Flat Type 1-/ 2-/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
Flat Owner Pays $158.75 (5%) $238.10 (7.5%) $317.50 (10%) $396.90 (12.5%)
Government Pays $3,016.40 (95%) $2,937.05 (92.5%) $2,857.65 (90%) $2,778.30 (87.5%)


Full EASE Packages with Customised Ramp for 2 to 3 steps

Flat Type 1-/ 2-/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
Flat Owner Pays $207.35 (5%) $311 (7.5%) $414.70 (10%) $518.40 (12.5%)
Government Pays $3,939.80 (95%) $3,836.15 (92.5%) $3,732.45 (90%) $3,628.80 (87.5%)


Full EASE Packages with Customised Ramp for more than 3 steps

Flat Type 1-/ 2-/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
Flat Owner Pays $336.95 (5%) $505.40 (7.5%) $673.90 (10%) $842.40 (12.5%)
Government Pays $6,402.20 (95%) $6,233.75 (92.5%) $6,065.25 (90%) $5,896.80 (87.5%)


Full EASE Packages with wheelchair lifter

Flat Type 1-/ 2-/ 3-Room 4-Room 5-Room Executive
Flat Owner Pays $417.95 (5%) $626.90 (7.5%) $835.90 (10%) $1,044.90 (12.5%)
Government Pays $7,941.20 (95%) $7,732.25 (92.5%) $7,523.25 (90%) $7,314.30 (87.5%)


HDB also provides a breakdown of the cost to you for each item provided, as seen below. You can also use HDB’s e-calculator to compute the amount payable for the selected EASE improvements you need.

Items 1-/2-/3- Room (5%) 4-Room (7.5%) 5-Room (10%) Executive (12.5%)
Slip-resistant treatment to existing floor tiles of one bathroom/toilet (up to 2 bathrooms/toilets) $11.85 $17.80 $23.75 $29.70
Installation of 1st set of grab bars within flat* $25.90 $38.85 $51.80 $64.80
Installation of 2nd set of grab bars within flat* $15.10 $22.65 $30.20 $37.80
Single-step ramp (per ramp) $14.00 $21.05 $28.05 $35.10
Portable ramp $37.80 $56.70 $75.60 $94.50
Customised ramp for 2 to 3 steps $86.40 $129.60 $172.80 $216.00
Customised ramp for more than 3 steps $216.00 $324.00 $432.00 $540.00
Wheelchair lifter** $297.00 $445.50 $594.00 $742.50

* You will pay a flat rate on a per-set basis even if the number of grab bars installed on site is fewer than the maximum number of 8 or 10 (depending on type of toilet) for first toilet or 6 for second toilet. The balance grab bars will not be given to you as the grab bars are offered as a set and on a supply and install basis.

** Prices do note include yearly maintenance servicing fee.

Do note that all amounts provided are only estimates, and you will be informed of the final amount payable before the commencement of EASE improvement works. The amount payable is also subjected to GST and will be payable to the contractors when the EASE (Direct Application) works are finished.

Do also note that for the ramps, you will need to engage the contractor or supplier yourself for damages to the ramps, and you would need to remove the ramp at your own cost when selling your HDB flat.

You can also make private arrangements with the EASE contractor for other elderly-friendly works. But, these will not be subsidised. Do note that soon, you will be able to choose from an expanded set of elderly-friend solutions via EASE 2.0.

How To Apply For HDB EASE Subsidies

To submit applications for HDB EASE, you can do so through the EASE (Direct Application e-Service) at HDB InfoWeb or through the Mobile@HDB app.

When submitting the applications, you would need to provide relevant information and documents. These include:

– A Functional Assessment Report (FAR), doctor’s letter/memo or medical report if available

– NRIC or passport number, as well as the Date of Birth of the senior

– Senior’s assistive device and its dimensions (if applicable)

You would need to submit a Functional Assessment Report if the member of the household is qualifying based on being 60-64 years old, but requiring assistance for any Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The FAR must be endorsed by a qualified assessor, such as a Singapore Medical Council fully registered doctor.

You can also contact the HDB Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 if you need help with your application. The line is open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

After receiving the application and relevant documents, the HDB Branch managing your estate will reply to you within seven working days. Then, HDB staff and/or the HDB appointed term contractors will contact you to arrange for a pre-condition survey and/or an installation date. This pre-condition survey is done to explain and fill up the Decision forms for the EASE items you want to install, check the condition of your flat and introduce to you the contractor for your installations.

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