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Fitness Pass VS Fitness Packages – Guide To Choosing The Right Options For Working Adults

Which is right for the office athlete in you?

If exercise is not yet a part of your life, you’re not alone. Common reasons (or excuses) we usually give ourselves is that we have no time, motivation or the treadmill is monotonous. But there are many options in the market right now and even fitness classes that are just 30 minutes long. Which explains why fitness classes are the new in and adults, young and old alike, are increasingly joining classes rather than hitting the gym.

Companies have jumped on the bandwagon and come up with subscriptions that allow members to try out a host of different classes. How do these fare up with conventional packages offered by studios, and how do you choose between them?

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Fitness Subscriptions

Fitness Subscriptions are akin to gym memberships which alltaows you to go for any classes you like, minus the actual gym. Whether or not you are a fitness enthusiast, a fitness subscription is a great option to gain access to classes from yoga to boxing and even spinning.

There are three fitness subscription providers in Singapore – ClassPassKFIT and ActivPass.

Credits Cost Validity Cost per Class Number of Gyms/Studios
ClassPass 25
(2-5 classes)
59 1 Month $11.80 – $29.50 363
(3-9 classes)
99 $11 – $33
(5-17 classes)
185 $10.88 – $33
(10-30 classes)
315 $10.50 – $31.50
KFIT 10 Classes $129 1 Month $12.90 621
ActivPass From $14


ClassPass offers a monthly subscription, allowing access to 363 member gym and studios which includes popular options like Box Office Fitness, Ground Zero, WeBarre and Yoga Lab, to name a few. Members can choose from various packages based on your needs and you start each month with a set number of credits which you can then use to book classes. Prices are dynamic and every class has a different credit cost. The more popular studios have a higher credit cost, especially if the classes are during prime time or there are very limited slots left.

In the same vein, KFIT runs on a monthly subscription and grants access to a large network of 621 gym and studios islandwide. The monthly subscription is $129 for 10 classes, making each individual class very affordable, if you’re successful in booking them. Though, with 621 partners  and a range of classes per studio, it is more likely that you’d be spoilt for choice than you not being able to find a class to your liking. There is also no commitment required and you can stop your subscription at any time before the next billing cycle.

While also a fitness subscription platform, ActivPass does not charge monthly membership fees. Instead, you can book individual fitness classes (wellness and beauty treatments are also available) any time you wish. The myriad of classes and treatments are also offered at up to 90% discounts. For someone looking for a non-committal relationship, this membership app is your best bet.

Fitness Packages

All fitness studios should have some form of fitness package – some may be 10 class packages or some 20. The price you pay per class goes down when the number of classes you are committing yourself to increases.

For comparison purposes, package prices were selected from some of the most popular studios and for a variety of activities.


Class Pack Cost Validity Cost per Class Cost on Fitness Pass
1 $40 14 Days $40 11 – 15 credits
($23.1 – $35.4)
10 $355 4 Months $35.5
20 $670 6 Months $33.5
30 $945 8 Months $31.5
50 $1,475 8 Months $29.5
LifeSparks Studio
10 $160 3 Months $32 * $30
20 $280 3 Months $28 *
40 $480 3 Months $24 *

*Barre is a specialty class which requires 2 class passes for 1 session


Class Pack Cost Validity Cost per Class Cost on Fitness Pass
Box Office Fitness
1 $38 1 Month $38 8 – 12 credits
($16.8 – $28.32)
5 $170 2 Months $34
10 $320 3 Months $32
20 $600 8 Months $30
30 $840 10 Months $28
50 $1,250 12 Months $25
The Jungle
1 $32 1 Week $32 $32
12 $348 12 Weeks $29
24 $648 24 Weeks $27
36 $900 36 Weeks $25



Class Pack Cost Validity Cost per Class Cost on Fitness Pass
Ground Zero
1 $45 14 Days $45 11-15 credits ($23.1 – $35.4)
5 $200 2 Months $40
10 $380 3 Months $38
20 $688 6 Months $34
50 $1,500 12 Months $30
100 $2,700 18 Months $27
Studio 360 Fitness
1 $28 1 Month $28 $25
5 $100 1 Month $20
10 $180 3 Months $18
20 $320 6 Months $16



Class Pack Cost Validity Cost per Class Cost on Fitness Pass
Yoga Lab
1 $30 1 Month $30 10-11 credits
($21 – $25.96)
10 $250 6 Months $25
20 $420 6 Months $21
50 $870 6 Months $17.40
1 $30 $30 $12.90
5 $140 2 Months $28
15 $375 5 Months $25
25 $500 8 Months $20
Yoga Mala
5 $135 6 Weeks $27 $30
10 $240 3 Months $24
20 $440 6 Months $22
50 $1,000 12 Months $20


Which Is The Right Choice For You?

In the past, one would either have to sign up for trial classes at a nominal fee or even enjoy a free trial for a limited period of time, in order to try an activity and studio out. Following which, it would then be a simple decision of whether to sign up for the studio’s package. The inception of fitness subscriptions has added more difficulty to the choices people have to make with regards to fitness packages.

One great way to get deciding is by first understanding which type of activity suits you and your lifestyle the most. There is no “one size fits all” activity and it makes sense to pick one that you enjoy. You’re much more likely to keep to your new years’ resolution of exercising if you connect with the activity anyway.

These are some other factors that you can take into consideration:

– Your fitness preferences and goals
– How frequent do you want to attend classes
– Do you prefer working out alone or with friends
– Are you more comfortable with just one environment or do you not mind trying out new places
– Would you prefer to pay monthly or a lump-sum
– Length of the commitment period

A fitness pass is for you if you:

– Are just starting out and have no absolute idea what you are interested in
– Enjoy trying out new or a variety of activities
– Like working out together with friends
– Do not want to be tied down to one studio for a fixed period of time
– Prefer paying a monthly subscription

Fitness packages on the other hand are a better option if you:

– Already have an activity or studio that you like
– Want to focus on one activity and improve your skills
– Do not mind exercising alone
– Prefer having just one environment to exercise in

Find The Right Fit

Regardless of what your choice is, you should always do research and compare the costs. There are also alternative workout options which are free and can kickstart your fitness journey.

If you wish, you could also grab a friend or a group of friends to exercise together. It’s always more fun when you’re not doing it alone and motivates you to work harder as you now have to be accountable to someone else.

As long as you’re willing to, there will be an option for you.

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