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Applying For A Credit Card Today? Here’s A Walk-Through Of What We Did To Enjoy An Extra $100 NTUC Vouchers & Bonus Gift Vouchers

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Most financially savvy individuals know that paying with your credit card is the smart thing to do. Aside from the convenience it provides, you also enjoy cash rebates (Standard Chartered Unlimited Card, 1.5% on all spending), air miles (American Express Krisflyer Card, 1.1 KrisFlyer Miles for every $1 spent) and additional perks such as complimentary lounge access (American Express Krisflyer Ascend Card, 4 complimentary access).

In addition to all these, most credit card companies will give you sign-up perks. For example, the Standard Chartered Unlimited gives you a $138 cashback while the American Express Krisflyer Card gives you a bonus 5,000 miles for the first time you charge to it, and an additional 7,500 miles if you charge a total spending of $7,500 over the next three months.

Whether you agree with the use of credit cards or not (and many people do have legitimate reasons for wanting to avoid them), the fact is that consumers are rewarded if they know how to apply and use their credit cards in a smart and responsible way.

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Apply For A Credit Card Today To Get An Additional $100 Voucher

It’s great to receive some sign up perks when you apply for credit cards. But you know what is even better?

Getting even more perks on top of what these credit card companies are already giving!

From now till 31 December 2017, SingSaver is collaborating with DollarsAndSense to give card applicants an additional $100 voucher when readers apply through SingSaver for selected credit cards. These vouchers are given on top of any credit card sign up perks that you are already receiving from the credit card companies.

For the $100 voucher, you can choose from vouchers from NTUC Fairprice, Grab, Lazada and Qoo10.

On top of that, you can also receive an extra $25 gift voucher if you sign up as a referrer and get your friends to apply through your referral code (more on that later).

While getting extra perks are a definite win, there are a few steps and conditions that you need to navigate through. To help you in this, we decided to apply for a credit card ourselves so that we can walk through with you on the steps to take.

#1 Go to the SingSaver X DollarsAndSense Page

Go to the SingSaver X DollarsAndSense landing page to look at the eligible cards on offer.

All further instructions can be found on this landing page. So, if you want to check it out and apply on your own, go ahead.

Otherwise, you can follow our walkthrough.

#2 Decide Which Card(s) You Wish To Apply For

You can choose cards from American Express, Citibank, Standard Chartered and HSBC.

Do note that not all credit cards will qualify you for the $100 gift voucher. From what we observed, American Express and Citibank (new customers only) will reward you with the gift voucher.

As we are an existing Citibank cardholder, and have the Standard Chartered Unlimited and HSBC Revolution Card already, we decided to opt for the American Express KrisFlyer card.

* Update: In an earlier version of the article, we mentioned that when you apply for an American Express Card from now till 20 November, you will also receive an additional $80 Starbucks Gift Card. Please note that this $80 Starbucks Gift Card is only available when you sign up on Amex’s website.

# 3 Get A Referral Code (Optional)

This is an optional step but we highly recommend it because it gives you more perks. You can sign up to be a referrer.

By doing so, you will receive a customised referral code through SMS from SingSaver.

This referral code can be given to your friend(s). If your friend successfully signs up for a card, you and your friend will each get an extra $25 gift voucher. Likewise, if your friend also signs up to be a referrer, and give you his/her referral code, then both of you will also get an extra $25 gift voucher. By doing this, both of you can get up to $50 in gift vouchers each, just by applying for one credit card per person.

If for any reason you can’t convince a friend willing to give you their referral code, you can use ours – 1886420.

But to enjoy the most bang for your buck, we suggest that you swap referral codes with a friend. This way, both of you get more.

# 4 Apply For The Credit Card You Have Selected

Once you have your friend’s referral code ready, proceed to sign up.

Choose the credit card you want. As mentioned earlier, we are choosing the American Express KrisFlyer card. We are also choosing the NTUC Fairprice vouchers, but you can choose the voucher that you are most likely to use.

#5 Complete Application Form At The Credit Card Company’s Website

Once you click apply, you will be directed to the website of the credit card company that you are signing up for.

Complete your application form. Upon the completion of your application form, you will land at the “Thank You” page.

You will get your reference number. Remember your reference number and to take a screenshot of the page. You will need both of these later.

You will also receive an e-mail from the credit card company. Remember to complete your application by uploading the necessary forms. You are usually required to submit a Photo ID and proof of income.

#6 Complete The SingSaver Application Form

Once you have completed the credit card application form, continue on to complete the SingSaver Application form by clicking “Next”.

#7 Fill In Your Details And Submit The Form

Complete the SingSaver form to receive your additional perks. This is an important step for SingSaver to be able to verify with the credit card companies that the application you submitted came from SingSaver.

You will need the following:

  • Referral Code (if you don’t have one, you can use ours 1886420)
  • Screenshot of the “Thank You” page

Click “Submit” – and you are done! SingSaver will e-mail you.

You will be notified for your voucher collection within two months of your card being approved.

Enjoy your vouchers! Sign up today!