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7 Air Coolers In Singapore From $56 To $300 To Help Beat The Heat

A wallet and environmentally-friendly alternative to air conditioners.

July is recorded to be the hottest month in history across the world, United Nations (UN) scientists confirmed the data at a press conference on July 27. We all felt the overwhelming heat the past month and the heat is expected to get worse with the increasing effects of global warming or ‘global boiling’ as it is now called by scientists.

The increased use of air conditioning plays a big role in the worsening effects of this “global boiling “, as it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. An air cooler however, uses the natural process of evaporation to cool its surroundings, meaning it does not produce harmful greenhouse gases making it a more environmentally-friendly alternative. It is also generally more pocket-friendly, rarely exceeding thousands of dollars unlike air conditioners.  

Some air coolers are also portable and they can provide relief from the heat in various parts of the house or at work. Here are some air coolers you could consider purchasing to cool yourselves down from the heat in Singapore.  

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What You Should Know Before Buying An Air Cooler 

An air cooler uses the natural process of evaporation to cool an area. Just like how humans sweat, the extra heat is dispersed off as gas which provides us with a cooling effect. With the same concept, when hot air is absorbed, there are water pads to cool it and in turn disperse it as cool air.

When buying an air cooler, it is important to know its water capacity, humidity levels, air throw distance. Air throw distance measures how well an air cooler can cool a space. An air cooler with a longer air throw distance can be identified through the angle of its fan blades. A higher angled fan blade can deliver coolness over longer distances and larger areas.

Most importantly, do find out the air cooler functions and its effectiveness in different room sizes. A smaller air cooler in a bigger space may not provide the best cooling effect and instead might create more humidity. This is of the same effect of fans which circulates the same warm air.

How Many Types Of Air Coolers Are There And How Are They Different

Desert Air Coolers

These air coolers are large units which can cool large rooms that are about 300 to 600 square feet. It is also specially designed for places where the temperatures are low, and humidity is high like Singapore. With its larger capacity, it can also run longer than personal units. Desert air coolers provides cool air with internal fans.  

Personal Air Coolers

The most common of air coolers, personal air coolers are easily portable and is designed for cooling smaller to medium sized rooms that are about 150 to 300 square feet. With its compact size, it consumes lesser energy and are generally quieter than desert coolers. This may be because it uses internal blowers instead of fans to provide cool air.

Tower Air Coolers

Vertically designed, tower air coolers push cool air vertically which means that it can cool down areas in shorter times compared to a personal air cooler. It is ideal for medium sized rooms between the sizes of 150 to 300 square feet. With its tall and narrow frame, it is not only generally lightweight, but tower air coolers also take up less space as it can fit into narrow spaces.

#1 Zero One (ZO) Life House Retro Style Portable Air Cooler ($56.16)

Image Credit: ZO Life House

Want an air cooler that is affordable, stylish and functional? ZO Life House is a brand on Shopee which sells a retro style portable air cooler that is both compact and multifunctional. Equipped with a handle, this air cooler can be brought along for any outdoor activities. Its compact size also makes it a suitable desktop appliance at offices or homes. Its retro themed design also makes for a stylish room decoration.

In addition to air cooling, this appliance also offers humidification and circulatory functions. However, its small water tank capacity of 250 millilitres requires frequent water top-ups and limited usage. Moreover, its airflow power would not be as strong compared to larger air coolers making it useful only if you are within a close distance to it. The air cooler can be charged via a USB cable and is controllable via a remote control.   

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
ZO Life House 2020 Retro Style Portable Air Cooler  Water Capacity: 250ml
Airflow volume: NA
Air throw distance: NA

USB charging
Equipped with handle
Retro themed design available in white and green 

$56.16 on Shopee 

#2 Xiaomi Microhoo 3-in 1 Mini Air Cooler ($72.35)

Image Credit:

This mini air cooler takes compact and portable air coolers to another level. Xiaomi’s Microhoo 3-in-1 air cooler can be transported just about anywhere from office desktops to a picnic or beach. If that isn’t convenient enough, this air cooler also acts as a purifier and humidifier as well. Ice can also be added for extra coolness. There is also an added mist feature if there is low humidity. You can also add essential oils to diffuse your space with a nice aroma as well.

However, with compactness comes a smaller water capacity as well. This air cooler comes with a 1 litre water tank capacity which can be used for up to 10 hours, which makes it ideal for use during working hours. It does not need to be plugged in to use, instead it is chargeable via a USB cable taking up about 5W of power making it energy efficient as well.

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
Xiaomi Microhoo 3-in-1 Air Cooler  Water Capacity: 1L
Airflow volume: NA
Air throw distance: NA

USB charging
Touch screen buttons
Low noise
3-in-1 functions 


$72.35 on Shopee 

#3 Maxcool MCI-CF1 Evaporative Air Cooler  ($138)

Image Credit: Maxcool

With its impressive air throw distance, this air cooler is able to cool down medium to large sized indoor and outdoor spaces such as weddings, exhibitions with large tents to your living rooms. Considered as a pioneer product, this bulkier air cooler takes up some space and requires frequent fill ups with its smaller water capacity. However, its powerful and quiet cooling system makes up for it with noise levels at less than 46 decibels. It is controlled by a remote control and is equipped with wheels for easy portability across rooms. 

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
Maxcool Evaporative Air Cooler
Water Capacity: 6L
Airflow volume: 1,500 cubic metres
Air throw distance: 3,500 to 18,000 cubic metres

Three fan speeds
Noise level: 46 decibels
Ice Compartment 

$138 on Shopee 

#4 Cornell CACE3001S Air Cooler  ($179) 

Image Credit: Cornell

If you’re not looking to use an air cooler throughout the night, this will be an ideal choice for you. With its smaller water capacity of eight litres, this tower air cooler is suitable for cooling living room areas and bedrooms.

You can also add in ice cold water into its tank for that extra coolness. Besides cooling, there are also sterilisation functions available and a spray water circulation refrigeration technology for enhance cooling. With its horizontal shape, it does not take up much room as well. You can adjust to your preferred settings via a remote control or its LED touch sensor control panel. Equipped with wheels, it is easily portable. 


Air Cooler   Features   Price 
Cornell Air Cooler with Air Sterilisation Function and Ice Packs
Water Capacity: 8L
Airflow volume:  NA
Air throw distance: 10 square metres

Three speeds and wind modes: normal, natural, sleep 

Doctors aids cartridge for sterilisation  

$179 on Shopee 

#5 Honeywell 15L Air Cooler ($198)

Image Credit: Harvey Norman

Looking for an energy efficient air cooler? This Honeywell air cooler consumes only 80 W of power and includes an automatic off timer to save more energy. Besides acting as an air cooler, this air cooler also includes dehumidification and a fan function. Not only does this serve as an alternative to air conditioners but also to standing fans as well. It’s air throw distance allows cooling in small indoor areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. However, with its powerful air flow and large water capacity, it is sure to cool down rooms quickly.

It is also equipped with side handles and wheels for easy portability from room to room. The functions are controllable through a remote control and its LED control panel.

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
Honeywell 15L Evaporative Air Cooler
Water Capacity: 15L
Airflow volume: 420 cubic metres per hour
Air throw distance: 14 square metres

Three fan speeds
3-in-1 appliance 

$198 on Harvey Norman 

#6 Mistral 25L Detachable Air Cooler With Steriliser ($248)

Image Credit: Mayer

With a whopping 25L water tank capacity, this Mistral Detachable limits the number of times you need to refill it. Moreover, this air cooler is detachable and can be used for other house cleaning uses as well. Equipped with a vortex fan system, it allows for large amounts of air to be circulated around small to medium sized rooms at a distance of 13 metres. It provides great convenience when cleaning with its easily detachable parts, water pump and auto dry air function for its washable cooling pads. Your preferred settings can be adjustable through its remote control and touch buttons.

Not only an air cooler but a steriliser as well, this air cooler provides up to 99.99% plasma sterilisation efficiency which will leave your homes cool and clean. Equipped with wheels, it is also easily movable.

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
Mistral 25L Detachable Air Cooler with Steriliser (MAC2300R)  Water Capacity: 25L
Airflow volume: 1,500 cubic metres
Air throw distance: 13 metres

Dustproof filter and washable cooling pad 

Ice pack
Auto drying function 

Three speeds and modes
Water pump 


EuropAce 4-in-1 15L Evaporative Air Cooler ($288)

Image Credit: EuropAce 

Looking for a jack of all trades? This air cooler acts as a fan, humidifier and an air purifier. This is great for those who are sensitive to the changing weather scene. With its narrow and tall stature, it is ideal for small spaces like bedrooms. Equipped with wheels, it also provides for easy portability. With an air flow distance of 12 metres and an auto 4-directional swing function, you’ll be cool in no time. You can adjust to your preferred settings with a remote control or its LED Touch Control Panel. 

However, this air cooler does not come with an auto-fill function, meaning there is a need to manually refill the cooler through its removable water tank.

Air Cooler   Features   Price 
EuropAce 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler (ECO 2130V)  Water Capacity: 15L
Airflow volume: 1,500 cubic metres
Air throw distance: 12 metres

3 fan speeds 

Twin wind turbine 


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