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9 Steamboat And BBQ Restaurants You Shouldn’t Be Paying The Full Price For

With minimal effort, you never have to pay full price again when eating steamboat or BBQ.


Dining out in Singapore is no longer something reserved for special occasions. Singapore’s restaurant industry achieved 4.8% year-on-year (YOY) growth in June 2018. Steamboat and BBQ restaurants have benefitted heavily from this meteoric rise in demand.

Fierce competition in the F&B sector has prompted many steamboat and BBQ restaurants to deploy aggressive promotions to attract customers.

With minimal effort, you can save some money to make your meal even more affordable and enjoyable. So here are 9 Steamboat and BBQ restaurants which you shouldn’t be paying the full price for.

# 1 I’m Kim Junior Korean BBQ & Army Stew

Located in Scape, this Korean restaurant primarily caters to budget-conscious diners looking to get their fix of BBQ meats and Korean Army Stew.

With Eatigo, you can make this your dining experience here even cheaper, with discounts of 10%, 15% and 50%. The 50% slots are usually snapped up days in advance. Prices listed on Eatigo exclude service charge and GST.

Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner
Weekday U.P. $14.90+

Eatigo (10%): $13.41

Eatigo (50%): $7.45


U.P. $23.90+

Eatigo (10%): $21.51

Eatigo (50%): $11.95


Weekend U.P. $23.90+

Eatigo (10%): $21.51

Eatigo (50%): $11.95


U.P. $24.90+

Eatigo (10%): $22.41

Eatigo (50%): $12.45


Projected Savings $2 – $15 per pax


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# 2 Korean Fusion BBQ

Located at Dunlop Street, Korean Fusion BBQ is a restaurant which specialises in serving Korean barbecued meats.

With Fave, you can reduce your total bill by as much as 30%. The restaurant strongly recommends diners to make reservations beforehand.  Prices listed on Fave are typically inclusive of service charge and GST.

Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner
Weekday U.P. $21.40

Fave: $16.10

U.P. $27.90

Fave: $20.70

Weekend U.P. $26.30

Fave: $18.40


U.P. $29.60

Fave: $23.10

Projected Savings $5 – $8 per pax


# 3 Goro Goro Steamboat Buffet

Goro Goro Steamboat Buffet is a Korean steamboat buffet restaurant located at Orchard Gateway.

If you use the Eatigo app here, you can enjoy discounts between 10% to 50%.

However, if you want to get a can of Coke and a serving of ice-cream along with your buffet, it makes sense for you to use the Fave app rather than order them ala-carte. After factoring in service charge and GST, this works out to be a top-up of less than $1.

Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner
Weekday U.P. $16.90+

Eatigo (10%): $15.21

Eatigo (50%): $8.45

Fave Coke + Ice Cream Deal: $20.30 nett

U.P. $26.90+

Eatigo (10%): $24.21

Eatigo (50%): $13.45

Fave Coke + Ice Cream Deal: $31.90

Weekend U.P. $26.90+

Eatigo (10%): $24.21

Eatigo (50%): $13.45

Fave Coke + Ice Cream Deal: $31.10

U.P. $28.90+

Eatigo (10%): $26.01

Eatigo (50%): $14.45

Fave Coke + Ice Cream Deal: $35.10

Savings $2 – $15 per pax


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# 4 Yoogane

Yoogane is a Korean restaurant chain which specialises in Chicken Galbi, with five outlets around Singapore.

If you use Eatigo, excluding stews, you can enjoy up to 50% off your total bill, According to Hungrygowhere, the average diner at Yoogane’s Nex outlet spent $23 per pax, so by using Eatigo you could save over $11 per person.

# 5 Steamov

Steamov is a steamboat restaurant located at New Bridge Road. Inspired by the concept of sushi conveyor belt restaurants, the price of your meal is determined by the value of skewers you take off the conveyor belt.

If you have a large appetite, you can consider ordering the mini steamboat hotpot set for 1 person via Fave, which offers you $17 worth of skewers, soup and one canned drink, which usually costs $23.50, at just $13. However, you can only use this deal during weekdays, excluding Friday nights and public holidays.

Estimated Savings: $9.50

# 6 Charcoal Thai

Charcoal Thai is a Thai restaurant which specialises in Mookata and Thai hotpot.

If you are visiting the 321 Clementi Branch, you should use Fave to save money. Even if you don’t get the Mookata Buffets, there are also discounted set meals listed on Fave.

Lunch Buffet Dinner Buffet
Weekday U.P. $24.55

Fave: $12.90 ($2 top-up for Friday to Sunday)

U.P. $28.18

Fave: $16.90 ($2 top-up for Friday to Sunday)

Savings ~$12/pax


# 7 Coca Restaurant

Coca Restaurant is a Thai steamboat restaurant with three branches in Singapore. Using the Eatigo app, you can pay less when dining at its Kallang Leisure Park and Ngee Ann City branches.

Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner
Weekday U.P. $28+

Eatigo (10%): $25.20

Eatigo (30%): $19.60

Eatigo (50%): $14


U.P. $44.80+

Eatigo (10%): $$40.32

Eatigo (30%): $31.36

Eatigo (50%): $22.40

Weekend U.P. $46.80+

Eatigo (10%): $42.12

Eatigo (30%): $32.76

Eatigo (50%): $23.40

Projected Savings $3 – $23


# 8 Suki-ya

Suki-ya is a Japanese restaurant which specialises in Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu with 8 outlets in Singapore.

With Eatigo, you can save up to 50% off the usual price at selected outlets, including Bukit Panjang Plaza, Heartland Mall Kovan, Kallang Wave Mall, Marina Square and Tampines Mall.

Buffet Lunch Buffet Dinner
Weekday U.P. $18.90+

Eatigo (10%): $17.01

Eatigo (30%): $13.23

Eatigo (50%): $9.45

U.P. $24.90+

Eatigo (10%): $22.41

Eatigo (30%): $17.43

Eatigo (50%): $12.45

Weekend U.P. $21.90+

Eatigo (10%): $19.71

Eatigo (30%): $15.33

Eatigo (50%): $10.95

U.P. $27.90+

Eatigo (10%): $25.11

Eatigo (30%): $19.53

Eatigo (50%): $13.95

Projected Savings $2 – $14 per pax


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# 9 iSteamboat (Qoo10)

iSteamboat is a Chinese steamboat restaurant located in Marina Square.

On Qoo10, for a limited time only, you can enjoy its 4-Tier Pagoda Steamboat Buffet for a Group Buy Price 30% cheaper than usual.

Buffet Lunch/Dinner
Weekday U.P. $22.80+

Qoo10: $17.80

Weekend U.P $26.80+

Qoo10: $21.80

Projected Savings $5 per pax


Don’t Starve Your Wallet When Dining Out/ Work Out Your Bill For Your Post-Workout Meal

For this article, we did not include any deals from paid apps or member-exclusive promotions, like credit card deals, so the deals listed are accessible to anyone to enjoy. We also did not include student or senior citizen promotions offered by these restaurants, which may be even cheaper than the prices listed here.

As restaurants change their promotional offers from time to time, the deals listed above may not be the cheapest option. However, with this knowledge at the back of your hand, dining out at your favourite steamboat and BBQ restaurants will no longer be as expensive.

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