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6 Of The Worst Christmas Gifts You Can Give And Receive

We appreciate the thoughts behind these gifts more than the gifts themselves.

Once again, Christmas is approaching. Once again, the rush to buy gifts for people you know is setting in. In the midst of the frenzy buying, we like to remind you that not all gifts are created equal, and that there are some that are simply better than others.

Before we start on our list and inevitably offend some readers who see their well thought out gift on the list, let us first say that Christmas is much more than giving and receiving. In fact, the best things in this world cannot be bought with money.

That being said, let us go straight into our 6 worst Christmas gifts to be giving and receiving.

1. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Rocher Source

Here is the thing, there would surely be some of us who would be giving and receiving this. You might even be one of those people.

As a product, there really isn’t anything wrong with the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. It looks good, tastes good and is convenient for sharing. That being said, have you noticed that you (almost) always get serve this chocolate during Christmas parties only?

This leads us to the question of just how good Ferrero Rocher chocolate really are. If it is that good, why do we only see it during the Christmas period? I mean the chocolate isn’t that expensive right?

Here is the thing about Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Through great marketing in earlier years, they are now seen as the gift that falls neatly into the sweet (no pun intended) spot of being a safe, presentable gift that is not seen as being too cheapskate.

At the same time, it also shows that you had no better idea on what to buy and probably grab a box from Watsons right before coming to the party.

2. A T-Shirt

It is not often that someone can go out there and buy a random t-shirt that perfectly fits another person nicely. Unless you are family members or the best friend of the recipient, there are so many things that could possibly go wrong. Wrong size, wrong fit, wrong colour, wrong material and even wrong design.

How often do you receive a t-shirt from someone only to pass it to a sibling or a friend without even wearing it once? That should explain why you shouldn’t be giving someone else a t-shirt either. 

3. Adult Only Gifts


It probably seemed like a really good idea when you saw it at the adult only toyshop. It probably felt like a reasonable idea while you were wrapping it up.

It probably didn’t feel like a bright idea when your recipient opens it in front of their parents and children.

4. A Snow Globe


Till today, we cannot figure out what this is actually for. We doubt we are the only ones wondering. Ornaments like snow globes and figurines look pretty, but they are just another item added into our cleaning list. After years of wiping their dust off, many of us would end up throwing it away.

5. A Puppy


You absolutely should NEVER surprise a child (or adult) with a surprise puppy.

It does not matter how excited a child is whenever he or she plays with your puppy. It does not matter if the person has said they really want a puppy. It does not matter if the person appears to be God’s gift to dogmanity whenever the person is around puppies.

Giving a puppy as a gift is never a good idea. Period.

6. A Gift Card

gift cardsSource

No one minds getting $100 worth of shopping mall gift. However, things would be different if they receive gift card that does not carry much value or from a shop that they don’t frequent.

What are some other really bad gifts that you have received during Christmas? Share this (in the spirit of Christmas) with us on Facebook.

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