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5 “Useful” Things Singaporeans Buy That Are Actually Useless

What “useful” things have you bought before?

Living in one of the most affluent countries in the world, Singaporeans have one of the highest incomes per capita.

A side effect of this affluence is that some of us may be tempted to spend money on frivolous things that may not actually be useful in the long run.

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These products might seem like a good idea in a catalogue, but turn out to be kind of useless when they finally arrive in our homes.

Today, we name (and shame) 5 examples of such products.

#1 USB Light


USB lights are typically cheap and decked in vibrant colours. Its no wonder that they catch our eyes everywhere they are sold – in electronics stores, night markets and pop-up stalls.

Singaporeans who cannot resist cheap ‘deals’ may purchase them as a novelty without actually thinking how useful they’ll end up being.

If you think about it, anything that this USB light can be used for, we can already do using the flashlight feature in our smartphones.

Compared to the convenience of our smartphones, needing to lug around a USB light (and accompanying power bank) feels like a burden in comparison.

#2 Sandwich maker


Sandwiches are convenient snacks if you are frequently on the go. A dedicated sandwich maker promises it will make your life better by allowing you to make the perfect sandwich easily.

However, have you wondered whether a dedicated sandwich maker is the only way to make sandwiches?

Using a normal toaster or pan to make sandwiches can be a much simpler alternative. You save on the cost of a sandwich maker and don’t have to worry about storing and cleaning yet another household appliance.

#3 Electric toothbrush


Advertised as the solution to all your dental problems, these glorified toothbrushes boast a range of capabilities, like a timer to prevent over-brushing and circular bristles that are supposedly superior to ‘normal’ ones.

People who think these toothbrushes are great forget that they are giving up full control of the strength and speed of their brushing. How much are you willing to trust this device with motors with your sensitive gums and teeth?

Also, the possibility that you run out of batteries when you need to quickly wash up and run out of the door seems like another big drawback to us.

#4 Packaged cable subscriptions


How many of us can say we’ve touched our cable television sets more than a few times in the past month?

When signing up for cable subscriptions, we often overestimate how frequently we will use it. When life is so fast-paced, we already struggle to find the time to work, exercise, spend time with friends and family and even sleep, let alone use our cable subscriptions effectively.

In the end, these subscriptions end up being under-utilised and become yet another white elephant.

#5 Bread maker


The thought of making our own bread, using any ingredients we choose and seeing them form in front of our very eyes might seem like a cool idea.

The appeal of bread makers is that we will be able to bake own bread without an oven. That is, until the reality of the bread-making process hits us. The numerous ingredients and intricate steps we would have to follow in order to bake a simple loaf of bread keep many bread makers safely in our cupboards after the first few tries.

Furthermore, most bread makers in the hands of amateurs seldom produce the light and fluffy loaf seen on the packaging.

Perhaps you can think of more items to add to the list. Let us know on our Facebook Page!

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