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5 Practical Gifts To Buy For 5 Important People This Christmas

Christmas is a time to spread joy. Try these practicals gifts over the useless junk many people usually buy.

Let’s face it. Most of us give and receive some pretty lousy gifts during Christmas. The act of giving (and receiving) gifts is firmly rooted in our modern-day Christmas culture. People often feel the pressure to spend money to keep up with the celebration, even if the money ends up being spent poorly.

The problem with buying last minute gifts is that you end up making lousy decisions. For this year, we decided to share our Christmas gift list early and to provide our recommendations in advance so that you have enough time to evaluate your options in time for Black Friday this week!

We have classified the gifts based on whom you can buy them for.

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# 1 A Robovac


For: Your Spouse Who Does The Housework


We have not found anyone (yet) who has regretted getting a Robovac. In fact, almost everyone who we met has spoken highly about their Robovacs, regardless of the brand that they bought it from. Your spouse who does housework may not think he or she needs it, but once you get this gadget, we suspect they will be instant converts.

Now if only someone can design a robot that does the ironing, washing of toilets and cleaning of windows as well…

Estimated Cost: $500 – $1,000

# 2 A Great Pair Of Running Shoes


For: Your Husband Who Needs To Pass IPPT


Having been reliant on e-mart credits that can be used to buy “free” sports shoes from the army for many years, your husband may no longer think that he needs a pair of running shoes that actually cost real money.

These days, even a basic pair of running shoes may cost at least $100. It feels a little luxurious to be spending so much on a pair of running shoes, but think of the psychological benefits behind buying a new $150 pair of running shoes.

The very fact that it’s new and looks great may be enough to get your guy off the couch and onto the running tracks. And with a little training to pass your IPPT ($200 (incentive pass), $300 (Silver) and $500 (Gold)), the incentive may well cover the cost of buying the pair of running shoes in the first place, and then some.

Estimated Cost: $100 – $200

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# 3 A Kindle



For: Your Child Who You Want To Encourage To Read

If your kid enjoys reading, you should find all means to encourage him or her to continue cultivating the habit.

All too often, we see kids armed with an iPad in hand to watch their favorite cartoons on YouTube or play their favourite games on the go. It makes us wonder how enriching it could be if they were all just holding onto Kindles instead.

Estimated Cost: $150 – $250

# 4 Capsule Coffee



For: Your Boss

Everyone likes to claim that they are so over capsule coffee. However, the truth is that people are still buying and consuming them in large quantities. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see places like NTUC and Cold Storage offer such a wide variety of coffee capsules for customers’ selection.

And if your boss owns a capsule coffee maker at home or in the office, such a practical gift would surely ensure that he is reminded of you each morning, even as he enjoys his morning espresso, for as long as the capsules last.

Estimated Cost: $12 – $15 per box

#5 Netflix


For: Your Entire Family

Netflix provides tons of wonderful US Drama both past and present. You get to watch these shows on demand, for as many hours as you like.

Some original Netflix drama series such as House Of Cards, Making A Murderer and Narcos are sensational shows. And given a big enough family with parents and siblings, we are pretty confident that you would get your money’s worth for your Netflix subscription.

Estimated Cost: $16.98 per month

What are some other great gifts that you think should be on our list? Share it with us on Facebook.

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