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5 Isolation-Proof Items You Can Buy Now And Still Enjoy After The Circuit Breaker

Thoughtful items that can make your home stay more pleasant, while still being useful after Circuit Breaker ends.

We live in a new normal where offices are closed, and stores are shuttered. The current circuit breaker measures mean that we can no longer live the way we were used to, be it jet setting to our next holiday or dine out with our loved ones. But even as we stay home, there are certain purchases that can still give the same experience at any point of time.

#1 Books

Many of us now have extra time on our hands due to social distancing. With this isolation, it is the perfect time to get back to reading. Be it now or in future, the indulgence of a good book will remain the same. It is arguably more enjoyable now that we have the time to properly plough through a book and finish it. While bookstores are still closed, we can always turn to e-books on our phones or Kindles. Or if you prefer a physical book, online bookstores such as Book Depository or Amazon Books are still operating. You can get your books cheaper when you pay with Youtrip, to enjoy its favourable exchange rates for your online shopping.

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#2 Toys

If your child has been coveting a particular toy set for the longest time, there’s no better time than the present to fulfil their wish. Parents are often cautious of purchasing too many toys for various reasons, such as cluttered playrooms or shorter attention spans, and rightfully so too. But this social isolation can be difficult for the kids, as much as it has been for us too. Getting your children their desired toy so they can be entertained during this time, despite being stuck at home throughout their school holidays.

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#3 Kitchen Appliances

When the tough gets tough, the tough turn to baking bread and kneading tapioca pearls. Some of us are cooking or baking our way through this pandemic, clocking in hours in the kitchen. If you foresee this new-found hobby becoming part of your routine going forward, an investment in kitchen appliances can help to pass the time now, and still remains practical in future.

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#4 Online Courses

If you have always wanted to learn a new skill, our housebound conditions are presenting the perfect opportunity to do so now. With a variety of online courses and webinars available, improving yourself and adding in-demands to your arsenal has never been easier. You can tap on your SkillsFuture credits, or explore the multitude of learning platforms such as MasterClass, Coursera or Udemy. The experience of a remote learning journey remains the same during — and after — the circuit breaker. And for those who are willing to fork out fees for online learning, you can save on it by using your YouTrip card for overseas online payments.

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#5 Video Games And Gaming Equipment

With its ability to be enjoyed in isolation, video games are one of the few activities that remained unaffected by the pandemic. We need not be pro video game streamers — who are said to have pandemic-proof jobs living unaltered routines even when the virus hit — to enjoy this interactive form of entertainment. And the immersive experience of playing video games will remain unchanged at any point of time, so if you have been longing for a particular game or an upgrade for your equipment, now could be a great time to go for it.

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With the entire nation in the grip of a pandemic, there is much that we can’t do. But that doesn’t rule out certain hobbies that can be enjoyed regardless of the virus. If you are turning to overseas retailers to fuel these hobbies, you can tap on your Youtrip card for favourable exchange rates. That means cheaper video games, books, toys or even your Masterclass subscription.

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