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5 Affordable Places To Travel To For Your Wedding Anniversary

Check out these 5 affordable places for your Wedding Anniversary

Many often brush off the idea of celebrating occasions like Valentine Day with the belief that these occasions are just marketing efforts from companies that want to make money out of them. Not hopping on the bandwagon of celebrating such occasions can indeed help you to save money (we all know how crazily expensive roses can get on Vday) but I always have a strong belief that wedding anniversaries should never be overlooked. While both of you slip into the routine life of working, sending and picking up kids from school, being forced to take care of all the family issues – it is important to spend some time to pull yourselves away from the daily routines to relive the moment that brought both of you together. You wouldn’t want complacency to take over your relationship and let it morph into something way too comfortable that loses its initial sparks.

So how can you have a great and special time celebrating your love yet not burn a hole in your pocket? With proper and careful planning, you can even bring your partner on a short trip! Here are five affordable beautiful places in Asia you can visit with your partner to unwind and enjoy a short lovely break from the mundane daily grind:

1. Bali


Well-known for being the island that has everything and suitable for all kind of couples, it was voted to be the 2nd World’s Best Islands. There are plenty of cafes such as Sisterfields that will satisfy the Hipster couple, a wide array of adventurous activities for the YOLO couple, lots of delicious food (from Nasi Goreng to Pizza) to fill the Foodies couples’ tummies, peaceful greenery and rice fields for the nature-lovers couple, and not forgetting the gorgeous beaches that offer the romantic couple the best view to share with each other.

A stay in the beautiful Bali villa would be an icing on the cake and enhance your entire Bali experience – with less than $150/night, you would be able to enjoy and fully utilise the privacy and services your villa has to offer.

2. Hong Kong

Hong kong 2Source

Foodie couples alert! Well known for its mouth-watering dim sums and jaw-dropping shopping, it can be really affordable to visit Hong Kong. Get some retail therapy, dress your partner up, stop by for dim sums before dropping by Victoria Harbour to watch the impressive Guinness World Record light show for free. Involving more than 40 buildings that are along the harbour, coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights with synchronised music, the ‘Symphony of Lights’ takes place at 8 pm every day and will definitely leave a great memory to both you and your partner. You can further cut down cost by getting your air tickets during Scoot Tuesday Promo.Hoi An, Vietnam

3. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi AnSource

At Hoi An, you can enjoy affordable yummy Vietnamese food by the river or a romantic walk down the well-preserved UNESCO world heritage site that has a lovely fusion of various foreign cultures such as Chinese, Japanese and European. You can also rent a bike for free at certain hotels or at a low charge to tour around the town. What makes it really special is when you visit Hoi An during its full moon festivals. It is an extraordinary sight that cannot be missed. At night, all the old quarters of Hoi An town will switch off their lights, and light up the town with romantic candlelight and multi-coloured lanterns. While couples lock their love locks on bridges in Paris, launch a sky lantern together in Taiwan, you can make a wish with your love one and release a lantern in the river!

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia




For the couples that lean towards historical sights and cultural background, Siem Reap would be a great destination. Ang Kor Wat, the world’s largest religious monument, is definitely a must-go when you travel to Cambodia. Being one of the most important archaeological sites in Asia, Ang Kor Wat has plenty of exciting sights to deliver to culture buffs. Thankfully, this UNESCO site is well conserved, allowing couples to explore the famous temples and magnificent remains of the different capitals that belong to Khmer Empire all the way back from 9th to 15th century. Spice up your wedding anniversary trip with a love in the air experience by taking a hot air balloon!

5. Boracay, Philippines


Situated in the Philippines, Boracay is one of the popular island paradises and a wonderful place to relax in. It is best for those who are way too overwhelmed with the hectic lifestyles and overloading work. Leave your responsibilities behind, sink your feet in the white soft sand, listen to the waves crashing on the beach gently, give your partner a tight hug and just relive the moment of those dating days and how far you have come. You can easily find a hotel that is below $40/night.

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