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3 Practical Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $30


If you are still scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy for the gift exchange parties this Christmas season this article may be a life saver. We suggest 3 gifts that will be within your reach, both in terms of convenience and budget. You can thank us later.



Remember how most people will say that there is always room for dessert? Since we assume you will no be able to bake and pack a molten lava cake into a beautiful box in time, a box of luxury chocolates will do the job perfectly.

Not only does it take up almost no space in the refrigerator of the gift receiver, it can be stored for a rather long time to be consumed at a later date since he or she will already be consuming large amounts of cake, alcohol and everything else unhealthy in between. It is a perfect combination of sincerity and practicality all into one beautifully crafted box of silky brown goodness.




Every festive season calls for a celebration. With every celebration, a sip or 200 of alcohol will definitely give everyone little boost to enhance everyone’s celebratory mood. Simply drop by a Cold Storage outlet to grab a bottle of sparkling wine or moscato to kick off this Christmas Season. The best part about this gift, from our personal experience, is you will most likely get to taste the contents of bottle you bought some time during your night of celebration.


Gift cards


You can’t possibly be giving Red Packets during Christmas parties as much as you think your mentality of “just take the money and get whatever makes you happy” makes sense.

Our solution: disguise your Red Packet in form of an elegant looking gift card from boutiques such as H&M or Topman which, at times, offer customised Christmas gift cards. Even better, the receiver of the gift card will have no idea how much you invested in the gift until his visit to the boutique.


As cheapskate as we may sound in this article, you will soon see the value in such advice when you receive a strange looking paper weight or a wooden photograph frame for your gift exchange. We are quite sure that you will be wishing he or she had read our article.

Upon receipt of such lousy gifts, note that the value and sincerity of a gift should not be measured in monetary terms.

To end this off, the Dollarsandsense team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Cheers!